Discomfort and the Wakefield Doctrine. TToT Edge Style

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. It’s a snowy/snowing Saturday morning. Wind screams intermittently beyond my 2nd story windows, glazed from Mother Nature’s self expression. What on earth would we do without some form of self expression? Yet, oftentimes “it happens that we live our lives in chains, And we never even know we have the key. See! I couldn’t resist. With the recent passing of yet another musician, storyteller, those lyrics insisted they follow “yet, oftentimes”. Self expression.

Title? Oh yeah. Hm. Discomfort. Well, the thought hit me not long ago that life ….oh no, here it comes again…..“he’s in the best selling show, is there life on Mars?” choices aside, I’ve gone through a coupla layers of “discomfort” in recent years. You might say I’ve traded up and yet I seem to persist in asking the question “how many more times can I trade up“. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!

Title? Oh yeah. the Wakefield Doctrine. Thank God. No, seriously. Especially for we clarks. For us, everything is understanding (clarks think). If we can understand a thing then somehow it will make us….what? feel better? about ourselves? give us the answer to the eternal question(s)? Well, yeah, pretty much. It’s a tool, this Wakefield Doctrine. A life tool like no other. A tool by which I/we can make sense of others’ behavior, our own behavior. It’s a perspective. Couple that with a desire to improve one’s own life and well, shit will start to make sense. Life can be better.

Numero Dos. the TToT.

Numero Tres. That I’ve begun my Spanish lessons. No matter my tutor is 9 😀

Numero Cuatro. Generosity. Awareness. Perspective. When I am not entertaining the tonal, I can totally immerse myself in the joy of experiencing new things regardless of the “big picture”. Like new food! My Bolivian landlordess was cooking up dinner for her family last night. She explained all that she was cooking. It started with how, in her country, eggs are incorporated into dinner, not breakfast. The meal last night was a rice concoction with a little meat mixed in (hamburger I think), sliced sausage of some sort and fried plantain. You put a bunch of rice on a plate, sliced sausage and plantain on the side, then top if off with the fried egg. Carola gave me a small dish of the rice and a piece of plantain to sample. Damn! if it wasn’t tasty!

Numero Cinco. Ability to work remotely.

Numero Seis y Siete. OK. Invoking “Rule 7.35 found under sub-heading Dualities, that allows for the use of 2 Thankfuls when combined in a contextual manner. Obvious or not.” (Refer to Girlie August, 2014 TToT post. We talking legit rule here people. lol) Oh sorry! For anyone new, I refer to the SBOR/BOSR. Go ask Clark or Zoe, or Cynthia.  Combined thankfuls? 1) my sister in law + 2) my “new” car. Numero ocho explains it all.

Numero Ocho. God’s protection. My driving skill. Wednesday night commute from hell. (all 3.5 hrs.)

Numero Nueve. My health, my job, a room. I have a point of origin.

Numero Diez. Este día.

It is all yours. To see, to touch, to embrace. To share.


32 thoughts on “Discomfort and the Wakefield Doctrine. TToT Edge Style

  1. Este día – sí. Me alegre mucho. 🙂
    That Bolivian cuisine sounds DIVINE!
    And funny…I, too, had the commute from hell on Wednesday, but only 1 hour instead of the usual 30 minutes. After that, I have not used my car…not used my car…I did go tele skiing on the hill by my house this morning. That was pretty fun. 😀
    Hope you’re staying warm in all this snow. Because for once, I can honestly say you’re experiencing the same weather. Hehe


    1. 🙂 Very tasty. And this morning! Fresh from the oven, home made empanadas 😀
      Oh, how unfortunate for you! It was awful, wasn’t it?!!
      I parked my car Thursday night and that was it. Stationary until….:)
      Thank you Cyndi. Hope you and John are warm and cuddling with Vinnie and company 🙂
      Hugs to all!


  2. So jealous of your snow. Enjoy it… go sliding…Nice to see you ever so briefliy last evening…Hope the week got better as it went along… enjoy your weekend… and yes, that Clark thing. I am constantly searching for some secret of life that I know I should be able to understand yet at the same time realize it doesnt exist. Does it?


  3. So glad you’re okay and not snow-skidded sideways into a predicament. The breakfast sounds YUMMY, and I’m pleased for you and the Spanish, and the day and each day you have to live and BE.


    1. Thank you, no sideways skidding for me 😀
      Oh it was and get this…10 minutes into the Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Time Call tonight there was a knock on my bedroom door.
      My 9 yr. old tutor is standing with a dinner plate for me! Not only did I have a surprise breakfast but apparently I have a surprise dinner too. Es muy delicioso!
      Jasmine rice, small side dish bowl of very, very, very, did I say very, hot sauce, 2 small pieces of chicken, sliced, steak fry like potatoes and a slice of fried plantain. Generosity abounds:)
      It is a good day. My wish for you Lizzi. Each day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That sounds SO SO YUMMY! I’m glad your landlady and your young tutor are looking after you so well. Muy bueno 🙂

        (soy no hablo Espanol…)

        My wish for both of us. All of us. We clarks need wishes, sometimes 🙂


  4. I was about to say that ‘perspective’ was the most important of things, but then caught myself and (now) realize that it is the acceptance of the existence of perspective (and all that that notion creates) that is the critical element.
    the gift of the Doctrine to me is just that, it’s not me (necessarily) it is the nature, the character of the reality I am in… that my ‘personality’ is the best effort to develop strategies and approaches to dealing with the world, as I experience it. That rather than compare myself to others, others who, by any measure are more successful than I am, I can focus on those who experience the world that I experience and, by identifying with them, gain confidence.


    1. Agreed. Acceptance of a thing does come first. “Acceptance of the existence of perspective“. It is the starting place.
      It takes practice not to compare oneself to others, not to measure oneself against another, even another who relates themselves to the world in the same way as you.
      Identification is valuable. No, it’s vital. A thing “seen”, automatically felt by the body. A knowing thing.
      What a positive statement! To gain confidence. Seeing the achievements of others who share your world view, who experience the same world as you, should do that. Should fill us with confidence.


  5. All this talk of food really appeals to me – I am sure I could learn anything (including Spanish – which I really should do as we live 90 minutes from the Spanish border) if it was taught through food.


    1. LOL Yes, food is a marvelous motivator!
      You might appreciate the irony of me learning Spanish Margaretha – I took French since first grade. Those who know me, know that since I was very young I’ve thought I must have been French in a past life 🙂 I’ve long wanted to become fluent in the French language.
      Perhaps Spanish will be the gateway. Have to admit though, the French is interfering a little with the Spanish 😀


  6. I would roll around in that cuisine. Anything with eggs is all good in my book — well except for those eggs that are partially ready to be hatched bird eggs…nope…I’ll pass.
    I’d love to learn a second language. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone in Canada speaks French too. We are taught in school but super dooooper basic. All I know is croissant and poutine and kissing…what.


    1. I’m OK with eggs and I could eat one sitting atop a pile of rice. (I love rice) Just not too often 🙂
      Never too late to learn! Look at me lol.
      I believe that. I’ve heard there are many dialects of the language as well. I was told growing up that if you were taught “classic” French that didn’t necessarily mean you could communicate well in Canada depending on what part of Canada you visited.
      Aha! Croissant! Have never eaten another here in the States once I ate the “real deal” in France 😀


  7. Cheers to snow removal indeed. The Hub handled ours today and for that I am truly grateful.
    I am so impressed that you’re learning Spanish. My Zilla is so anxious to learn – been clamoring about it since she was in preschool. Her school starts them fairly early so I’m glad for that. Perhaps I’ll try and learn along with her then. My ultimate goal, however impractical, is to learn Italian.


    1. Mucho nieve blanca! Your Hub no doubt worked a long day today. Unless he had a snow blower!
      It’s slow going but I’m confident the learning will get easier. That’s great they start kids early with a second language.
      I think you should learn Spanish with Zilla! Then you could help each other and you’d always have someone with whom to speak Spanish 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. dyannedillon

    I completely love that your Spanish tutor is 9. Waaaay back before I was married, I used to babysit for a friend’s kids sometimes. Her 4 year old got a Nintendo and was playing Mario Bros. on it. I made him teach me how to play it, then got one for myself (at the tender age of 27 or so). I rocked that game!
    Glad your driving skills got you home safely!


  9. Christine

    Your 9 year old Spanish tutor is doing well so far. You got quite a bit of it in this post! 🙂 I don’t even know what #10 means.
    Oy, 3.5 hour commute. Boo. Glad you arrived to your destination safely, though.
    Numerous Quattro is pretty darn awesome. It would be a boring life indeed if we didn’t try new things.


  10. Kristi

    I’m so sorry about your awful commute, but I had to laugh at the “Carmageddon” headline. We had our own “Carmageddon” experience in Los Angeles, but that word was used to describe road construction, not a blizzard! I think the newscasters here would have to invent an entirely new word if LA ever got snow!


    1. Thanks Kristi. But, being a born and bred New Englander, it’s not like I never experienced such nastiness. But it was pretty darned stressful! It was very little snow, pretty much all ice and no one was prepared.
      Yeah about that “eddon” bit. Apparently, there was a snow storm here in 2010 which was dubbed “Snowmageddon” because it was very bad and people were stuck on highways for many, many hours. An oft used suffix in these parts ever since 🙂
      Los Angeles traffic? I’ve seen pictures, and while I was there as a child, I had no appreciation then for how daunting a task to be driving those highways!
      Let’s hope LA never gets snow!!!


  11. Excellent Spanish. That dish does sound tasty. Eggs are often supper at our house too. In fact my poor daughter was once unable to name the category of a group of foods (breakfast foods) because eggs were included, and we didn’t (at that time) every have them for breakfast.
    Have you shoveled yourself out yet?


    1. Gracias, mi amiga 😀 It was good. Yeah, breakfast for dinner. It’s a nice switch up.
      Yes, and the blockage from snow plows has now been removed and I have passage out into the world LOL
      I’ve rather enjoyed working from home since last Friday 🙂
      How “bout you?
      Be safe out there Sarah!!


  12. Generosity, awareness and perspective – and a lovely Bolivian dinner? That’s a pretty sweet combination.
    But I’ll pass on the snow and the sideways skidding, thank you very much.


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