When Reggae Was the Rhythm of Summer

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Hang on…gotta brush some dust offa these keys…*cough, cough, sneeze*
Back in the day, which is to say late 80’s, summers meant reggae bands playing at the local bars. Not every weekend mind you. No, they’d get booked every coupla weeks. You know, gigs far enough apart to tease us, make us want more. In my neck of the woods, reggae bands were summertime regulars at The Ocean Mist and The Bon Vue Inn. *momentary nostagic revery* Who didn’t get into the rhythm of summertime reggae?

Reggae epitomized summer music. Perhaps because we lived coastal, the beach beckoned us to dance to a slower rhythm (well, except for “third wave” Ska lol). As summer would wind down, maybe late August, we’d start to notice there weren’t as many reggae bands being booked at our favorite hangouts. I suppose they began migrating to warmer climes. Warmer is better, yeah? Oh yeah. Beach? Better, yeah? Oh yeah.  And so I move to my first thankful of this Ten Tings of Thankful Bloghop

I had many a thankful in a mere 48 hours…

2.) Opportunity.

3)  The ability to be totally in the moment.

4)  Self-awareness at just the right moment.

5)  Believing in the unbelievable.

6)  Gestures from the Cat.

7)  the Wakefield Doctrine.

8)  That we are on the cusp of Daylight Saves us Time

9)  Music. Always, music.

10) Waking another day.

One Foot in Front of the Other

Where/When ever you find yourself stuck, gripped or paralyzed, think of your favorite place to be, then put one foot in front of the other…..One. At. A. Time.


33 thoughts on “When Reggae Was the Rhythm of Summer

  1. The video was a great way to share. You look so lovely and at peace on the beach. Being from KS my opportunities for beach time are pretty limited, but oh-the sound of the surf. Is there anything more relaxing? I love to visualize my stress washing out to sea (it is not allowed to come back in with the next wave!). Glad you got to spend some time there. Carry that peace with you!


    1. Thank you May! There is nothing better, no other thing that brings me as much peace as hearing the sound of the surf, smelling the ocean, feeling salt spray on my face…sand beneath my feet. No, I’d say there was nothing more relaxing or stress reducing.
      KS?! Oh my 😦 No beach for you 🙂 I hope you have pictures of oceans and beaches around to help you visualize sending stress out to sea 😀
      I will for as long as I can!!


  2. OMG – you’re GREAT on video!!! Your scottian aspect said, “yeah, DAS RIGHT!” Haha.
    I’m thankful for you! And what an awesome post. That video made my day and I don’t think I could hear that truck at all. LOL
    Dang…I gotta do more vids. They’re just such a pain in the a** to do when you hate being in front of the camera. Hehe.


    1. Thanks so much Cyndi 🙂 You know what it was? I was just so darned happy to be at the beach, I forgot myself! I don’t know, it was right before having to leave and I decided I would try recording a vid. Caught up in the moment lol Hey! That’s scottian for sure! You’re right, the truck sound didn’t come across in the video much but when I was recording? so loud! Anyway, I’m glad it made your day and yes! you should do more vids!!
      See? That’s the key. We clarks do hate being in front of the camera when we’re thinking about it, about doing it. You have to surprise yourself when you’re not looking 🙂


  3. Very nice to meet you – the video is a brilliant idea. I think we may just have a few things in common (apart from our love of music). Did you see the reggae version of Adele’s Hello? I’m into mindfulness too and making most of opportunities that come my way. Do tell me more about the gestures of the cat – we have 3 living on this French farm.


    1. And very nice to meet you Margaretha. Thank you 🙂
      I hadn’t seen it before but I have now. Thanks! I liked it and by checking it out discovered all sorts of reggae artists I’d never heard of. It was nice to go on a sound journey 😀
      Hm…let’s see. I don’t know how well I can explain it…once upon a time ago when I was younger, my path crossed with a most magnificent feline. He was named Aruthur, but surely went by many names 🙂 I can’t remember if it was myself or Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine or the Progenitor roger, who named him but Arthur soon became synonymous with/representative of the universe, power, higher being…ya know?
      When I reference “gestures from the Cat”, I refer to rare moments when I’m able to catch a glimpse of the shade being pulled back on the world for just a split second…being able to see reality from another perspective.


    1. You just made my Monday, Dyanne for giving me that perspective. Drove a couple of hundred miles to that beach but that’s way closer than you would have to go!
      Aw, you’re making me blush now. Thank you 🙂


  4. valj2750

    Ah yes, Sand on the toes and beach music. There’s nothing better. Being in the moment and self awareness just blossom at the seashore.


    1. Ah. Until Margaretha asked me what “Gestures from the Cat” meant, I’ve never had to “explain” lol
      To the answer I gave Margaretha I will add this: …and thereby see myself. From another perspective.

      Read my answer to Margaretha and tack on those last words above. Then come back and tell me you “get it” 🙂

      If not? Hm…then we’ll have to engage in conversation!

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        1. I’m afraid, Lizzi, I don’t own the Old Possum’s Book. I had to look up both it and (that’s right, I’m probably the only person unfamiliar with) Plato’s Cave analogy 😀 In order to understand “gestures” you must first “understand” the Cat. And so I would tell you a true story….

          The Legend begins 34 or so years ago…
          There was a feline. We named him Arthur. We did not own him, he was not our cat. He first showed up at a house Roger and I rented on Treasure Road, in a small, coastal neighborhood in southern RI. Just showed up one day. Rough, tough, a “cat about town”, no stranger to a barroom brawl were he human, you could tell he could hold his own. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that Arthur didn’t invent the term “own it” lol.

          Possessed of an “otherworldly” demeanor, Arthur had a presence about him. Never touchy- feely, he was satisfied simply to be around us, near us. When he’d had enough, he left. We never knew when we would see him next. In a week, a month…there was no pattern. And then we moved. Moved about a half mile away. Still in the same neighborhood, it was nevertheless many streets away. We didn’t know where Arthur lived, where he came from. He was a total mystery. Then one day, out of the blue, he shows up at the new place. Holy shit. Who gave this mangy looking, yellow cat directions?! Who told him we moved?! How did he find us??! It was as if he knew we were there all along. And so we were blessed, once again, with the occaisional visit from the Cat.

          When he was injured (in a ferocious fight, no doubt for massive territory), he showed up at our door. We took him to our Vet who promptly put a cast on his front leg. We attempted, for his own good (we naively thought) to keep him inside to help him recuperate and learn to navigate with a cast on his leg. How silly were we to think he needed our help. He insisted on leaving one day and so we bid him farewell knowing full well we would see him again.

          Over time the myth, the legend of Arthur grew. He became synonymous with power, mystery and that which cannot be explained. He served as conduit to and from and of, that which should not be possible, but is. If we ascribed certain deistic, omnipresent qualities to Arthur, he in no way disappointed 🙂

          And so, “gestures from the Cat” are gifts. Gifts from a place of eternal mystery and power, that reveal a reality, if only for a moment, of what is possible.

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        2. Oooooh it kind of IS like Plato’s cave analogy but way cooler! And I’m gonna find you a copy of that book and send it to you. Arthur sounds like he was an absolute legend and I LOVE his tale 😀 What a wonderful creature ❤


        3. 🙂
          You are so very thoughtful my dear Lizzi!
          Arthur is a legend 😀 I’m glad I shared it with you.
          Did you click on the link? That was one of his better photos (like of only 3 or so in existence! lol)

          Liked by 1 person

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