Yes! A Six Sentence Story at the Edge!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Today is Thursday and right on schedule, right on time, is Ivywalker, Hop Hostess of the bloghop we’ve all come to know and love, Six Sentence Stories. (see? right there. I’m practicing the long sentences, over use of punctuation in order to extend the sentence while at the same time remaining true to the context and the spirit of the hop. Whew! I don’t know….whady’a think? Am I ready??

They were a family, this motley crew of misfits.

Oh, not by blood, not in the traditional sense but in another, not lesser sense.

4 in all, 2 looked alike, perhaps “twins”, the other 2 not even close and yet, differing appearances and backgrounds aside, they stuck together, you know – birds of a feather?

They were inseparable, traveling together always, never wandering far from each other, eating, sleeping, playing together…swimming together.

Until one day there were 3 and, not showing any overt signs of distress, they carried on until the next one, the remaining “twin”, disappeared as well.

It was sad and strange and so not right to watch the little family whittled down to 2 and sadder still when the day arrived when there was only one duck remaining who, finding himself without family or friend, wandered off never to be seen again.






15 thoughts on “Yes! A Six Sentence Story at the Edge!

    1. It is. It’s also a true story. They were our next door neighbors’ ducks. Leaving our property one morning, we spotted a lot of white feathers in the bushes near the gate. Not a good sign. We never knew whatever happened to the last one but always hoped he’d found another “family” πŸ™‚


  1. Oh! :’-( We’ve seen this happen, not only with animals but with families of all kinds, one by one they slip away, and it is sad. I always pray that the one remaining will find new friends and family of it’s own kind. A very good story about life.


  2. valj2750

    Glad to see you here, Denise. And then there were . . . . none? I suspect, if this were a children’s book, we’d find the three on a spectacular adventure.


  3. WELCOME BACK DENISE! SO happy to see you here! SSS has missed you! I love the folks who hop in and out… it adds color! I dont like when I find a file of feathers in the yard… eek… but I did have a rooster that went up the road and wintered with our neighbor … all on his own… so maybe that last one went off to seek its fortune!


    1. Good to BE back Zoe! We always need color! Yeah, not a pretty sight. You know, they do that! We’d often see the little family walking up the road and then they’d be walking back at night lol You do wonder where they go πŸ˜€


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