Door Half Open? or Half Closed? It’s Ten Thankfuls Time

Greetings and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I’d like to thank Lizzi and her last comment here at Girlie for helping me decide today’s video. It’s one I’ve used in a past post and one of my favorite Halestorm songs. So, to Lizzi and her bloghop, Ten Things of Thankful, and to Everyone “out there”, here’s to us….

Several months ago, I agreed to sign up and participate in a 5k walk/run for a local elementary school. A friend of mine’s daughter works there and of course was looking for “volunteers”, good cause, etc, etc. Being a clark and all, this wasn’t on the top of my list of “things to do” on a Saturday morning lol. May I say, now that it’s done, I’m glad I joined in the fun (did I mention I had to be there at 7 am!!!). In spite of my oversleeping, plumbing problems (I fixed temporarily? for my landlordess. not!), no coffee, rain and cold temperatures…yes, I’m glad to have participated. That is TF numero uno.

Lessee….my 2nd item might have been a TF for the last of cold weather but wait! After experiencing a gorgeous 81 degrees here yesterday, Tuesday is supposed to be…like 49. What is up with that?! But it is wonderful to see the grass so green, the flowers and trees blooming. Yeah, it’s nice. Spring is here.

3. Backstory aside, I’m thankful to live with, and have as a landlord, a genuinely kind, pleasant and generous young woman. It gets a tad “hectic” with the 9 yr old sometimes, (she’s also my Spanish tutor and did I mention she was 9? and I’m pretty sure a scott? lol) but hey, it’s all good.

4. You know, I’ve expressed thanks for my job, for employment but I don’t think I’ve actually included my co-workers. Office staff, attorneys, I can honestly say I like them all! Everyone is great and as small as our group is (and getting smaller) I’m greatful to work with such a pleasant, hard working group.

Give me a 5 spot, we’re halfway through! So speaking of this great bunch of people I work with – one of my friends there (who sits next to me) were talking one day with one of the attorneys. When the 3 of us get talking you  never know what topic might be brought up (thanks to “J” of course. I’ll blame it all on her lol). Anyway, come to find out she’s been shooting pool (or is that playing billiards) since she was way young. We traded stories from our past and now! we both are going to (make an attempt to) take it up again….during our lunch hour. Yay!

6. Being overwhelmed by reading material. This is really a combo TF and HTF (hypo-thankful). While I adore the easy availability of copius, seemingly endless amounts of reading material, it has dismayed me lo these many months, that I’ve been unable to do much reading of any of it at all!

7) Gym membership. It’s slow going. Still only making it 3 days a week but I’m hoping by tagging along with my niece to a BodyPump class I can kick (no pun intended) my fitness goals into higher gear.

8! The sky is looking lighter outside my window…is it?…could it…? 🙂

9. the Wakefield Doctrine.

10. Waking up again today. And participating.

Life at one time or other presents challenges. Big, small. Devestating…Somehow, find a way to step out. Out of the room, out of the house, out of your own self and take a chance. A leap of faith. Participate. In the world. Out there. You may be surprised at the benefits a little “forced” participation may provide. 



24 thoughts on “Door Half Open? or Half Closed? It’s Ten Thankfuls Time

  1. valj2750

    A 5K. Boy I am super impressed. Waking up, by 7, fixing plumbing problems and coffee, more impressed. I went for a free fitness evaluation at my gym and apparently, according to Julius, the tattooed body builder who watched me do squats, planks, steps and lunges (which I can feel in my thighs today) I have the fitness level of a 75 year old. I go to the gym 5 times a week and walk other days. But he can “fix” for an extra $500 a month a personal trainer can get me fit. I think I been had. Yay for spring and flowers and sunshine. It came out here just a few moments ago.


    1. Thanks Val but I had to be there by 7! I can’t believe I did it lol.
      I wish I could say I fixed the plumbing problem but alas, will need the attention of someone in the know.
      You have to be careful for sure when you get “evaluations” and even more so for the “fix”. BUT, I will say, if you get with a personal trainor for 1 week or even a few days to get you started, it’s well worth the money. $500/month is crazy!
      It was in and out. Couldn’t make up it’s mind this afternoon. But that’s OK. It only takes a little blue to brighten the day 🙂


  2. 5k — now that is bad ass.
    Anyone who runs period, whether it is just down the mother f*cking driveway is a hero in my book. I can’t lift my legs to save my life and if I could, I don’t want to. I think running is work. I walk though….to the fridge for a beer. I probably have a problem.
    Having a bunch of people you like working with you makes work so much better. I used to love my coworkers. They were great. Made the hum drum of the day go by so much faster and my boss more tolerable.


    1. It was a hilly course and tough but….run? No. I am so not that person lol. I walked it. I don’t like running, can’t really do it more than that driveway you mentioned 🙂 And yeah, running is work!
      It makes all the difference in the world – liking your co-workers. I’ve been very lucky in that regard.
      Thanks for stopping by today Kimberly!


    1. Thank you Kristi! That means a lot coming from you since you actually run 🙂 As I told Kimberly, I walked the course. I tried running once in my somewhat younger years but I just don’t seem to have the stamina.
      You know, it’s not bad, is it? I’m trying to get the attendance thing down, then work more at specific workouts. Those are still hit or miss at the moment 😀


    1. LOL No Dyanne. I’m not a runner. I walked and had a tremendous amount of company. I’d say more than half walked.
      Yeah, what is up with that?! Got up this morning to beautiful sunshine but 38 degrees! And windy as hell.
      Who knows what’s up with Mother Nature these days. Guess, she wants to keep us on our toes 😀


      1. dyannedillon

        I got my hair cut and styled, then went to help take soccer pictures for the Y. 40 mph wind gusts and my hair looked like it had been combed with an egg beater when I was done.


  3. Making it to the gym three times a week is still pretty amazing, but this is coming from someone who only thinks about going.
    Sometimes, as hard as it is in the moment, getting up early ends up feeling exhilarating once you do it. That I can attest to.


  4. Bright skies and a 5K — sounds like the beginning (or ending) of a great week. And as to the 5K and gym, I’ve worked out pretty regularly for the last three decades. I say that because now, it’s increasingly hard for me to get on the bike, lace up the shoes, show up for the class. But once there it does make my mind and body feel better. You’ll be hooked (or maybe not) but regardless it’s worth the effort. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


    1. Hm…I’m thinking the end! It was fun for sure.
      See, that’s the key – getting there because you are so right Jamie. Once I’m there at the gym and put myself through the workout, I feel 100% better.
      LOL We should ignore the whispers and keep telling ourselves it is worth the effort! We’re worth it 🙂


  5. I haven’t made it to the gym in three weeks or so. Very sad. Doubt it will be this week either, seeing as how it’s spring break.

    Good for you, doing the 5K!!!!!! (Doing it on all my comments this week, thanks to Clark.) Even though the weather may stink, it’s too early in the morning, and it’s very uncomfortable, I have never heard one person say she regretted doing one!!!!

    It is a rare, marvelous thing to have a workplace full of people you enjoy. I’m glad you have one.

    Yeah, the downturn in the weather is disappointing, but I’m thankful we weren’t included in the places that received snow!!!


    1. Well, kinda sad. Every time I read your TToT though, I think “my God! where does the woman get her energy” lol
      It may be my first and last 5k. We’ll see. My biggest goal is to write a program (gym) for myself that I can simply default to. Right now, I’m at the mercy of my own whims which is not good, trust me 😀

      Yes, I feel extremely luck to work somewhere, where everyone gets along.

      I’m with you Christine! Snow in April! I know it happens. Just glad it didn’t happen here. Or at your house 😀


  6. I felt happy vibes reading your post 🙂 Really loved your closing quote – bc of my illness (MDD) I hadn’t really gotten out of the house in months until last Friday and it made a HUGE difference in how I was feeling!
    Thanks for sharing your thankfuls ❤ Hope this week is a great one!


    1. Oh my gosh! I’m sorry Abby. I’ve never gone 2 days without checking in at Girlie!!! It’s been crazy and as in the Almira serial, we know “there’s always more to the story” 😀

      Good for you! It so does make a difference getting out. I’m glad you’re feeling better 🙂
      It is a thing I sometimes have to force myself to do. I know that if I can get myself “out there” and interact with the world, at minimum I get a balancing of perspective if you will.

      Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you liked my post 🙂

      Have an excellent rest of the week!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. You know, I’m glad to work with some pretty awesome people, too…though it takes up a lot of my time. LOL Striving to find the balance. I’m thankful for that. 🙂
    And neat about your 9 year old tutor. Hehe…a scott, eh? Scott kids are interesting. And as a clark, they’re fun because they don’t yet have that intensity of an adult scott – which can be refreshing but sometimes too much. Hehe. One thing’s for sure: you’ll get some Spanish in. If a scott has something to do with it.
    Hope you’ve been well! Sending hugs!


    1. It always seems to be a challenge, finding the balance but you know what? Isn’t that a good thing! It shows how active you are in the world. You are participating large scale Cyndi 😀 And making a difference.
      What you say??!! “they don’t yet have that intensity of an adult scott“. No señora no es cierto! (sorry, used Google Translate!). At least not with this one lol She is muy intense 😀 But you make me ponder how she will be as an adult 🙂
      Good to “see” you Cyndi. Be well mi amiga 🙂 Return hugs always!


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