Life is Momentary. Thank you Mr. Vaughan.

Good morning. Welcome. This is GirlieOnTheEdge. I am your hostess, Girlie. During my briefest of dabbles in classical guitar, I did play Albéniz. But not this one, one of my favorites. I am able to say that of many, many activities… “during my brief…..I…..“. Now, some of you may be thinking “oh no, here she goes…better leave now before it’s too late!”  And then you would miss it. Miss the part where I give thanks for all that I have lived, accomplished. That the “outcome” of my 57 years on the planet has not produced the life once envisioned. What of it? Cry me a river? Of course not. That would be…why that would be awful. In the true sense of the word. And if some of you think the tonal has commandeered my keyboard, well, that may be so. The tonal is a formidable foe fo’ sure. But I daresay only a few folks I know (yo Clark!, Roger!) can relate to the war that is often waged by the tonal. Godspeed you say? Yes, thank you. Hey! That reminds me of a gravestone in the cemetary in which I often walk at lunchtime. It reads “Goodspeed“. Typo? LOL Perhaps. The no paragraph thing? Hoping to lose the tonal ‘cuz somewhere along the way recently, I lost the will to dispense with it’s insidious trickery. What you say? Why yes, yes, let’s list those 10 thankfuls that made this week’s list: One. Gifts from the Cat. The gift of walking through a most pleasant cemetary at lunchtime came directly from the Cat via, the gift of a timeline change. Kudos to the most powerful feline evva. Two. Waking up again today. Three. I’m thankful for all the circumstances and conditions for which I am not subject. Life is good. Four. Lisa at the Meaning of Me. Yeah you, Lisa! I appreciate you stopping by last week and reading and commenting. I enjoy reading your posts and it’s a shame I’ve neglected you and everyone else I’ve come to know in V-Land. And your blog theme, your “new” look? Still makes me smile. And if you smile, that makes you feel better. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Visiting, reading, engaging the world, feeling better… Write that children’s books series Lisa. It will be great 🙂 Five. Speaking of enjoyable writers, dare I say that I’m never not impressed by one Lizzi Lewis (No, Clark, I know. No relation) She has a gift for description, for creating lovely pictures with her words. Six. Metallica. When once (and I thought forever) I would feel nothing but a good feeling hearing Metallica, for the first time ever, I barely escaped keeping tears at bay during last night’s commute. A thankful? Sure. Because of the implications for this clark. A challenge from the tonal. Seven. Surely, not the movie for it was disturbing. Eight. Little headsets. While I still firmly believe the only way to listen to music is through a stereo system, I’ve recently decided that listening to music through the headset that came with my phone could be just what the dr. ordered. Surely as the sun shines, there is some music that should only be listened to through headphones. Absent my powerful, Marantz receiver, turntable and CD player, not to mention the round disc things that go with them, I still have access to the healing power that is music. A headset makes it a little more “personal”. A little more intimate….the kind of intimacy we should all be lucky enough to share with another human. Nine. the Wakefield Doctrine. Ten, 10. The 1980’s…

I guess the tracks you lay are your own“. That being said, let’s go out into the day and step deeply…



18 thoughts on “Life is Momentary. Thank you Mr. Vaughan.

  1. I would love to play an instrument with such skill and passion. That was lovely. And your list of ten was impressively varied! Spice of life!


  2. Happy…Saturday? Man…vacation not only messes with your head in terms of calendar, but also with routine. Haven’t been able to write much. But I’m thankful for you. 🙂 🙂


    1. 😀 That is the purpose of a vacation! LOL Mess with routine, trick you into seeing, feeling, doing differently. Well, at least that’s what I hope to get out of a vacation 🙂
      Don’t worry. You’ll get back to your writing soon enough, I’m sure.
      Aw, thank you. And I’m thankful for you too Cyndi. Missed you on the call last night. Maybe next week 😀
      Enjoy your vacation


    1. Without doubt Kristi! I agree. If we are open to it….if we have the capacity and or willingness to look at those detours for the positive.
      To not be blinded by our own selves is often the challenge.


  3. I took Classical Guitar in college after taking “regular” guitar in high school (ya know…is it folk guitar? I can’t remember!). Anyways, I once aspired to play like the girl in the video – it’s so beautiful, incredible and almost haunting.
    But then I didn’t stick with it. For whatever reason. But it would be SO COOL to play like that. But, I think if I can get better at playing whatever chord for campfires, I’ll be happy. LOL.
    Happy Saturday! A week late…but I promise I have good reasons! 😉


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