Taking the Cake and Other “Misnomers”…TToT

There’s been a deficit, a drought in this sector of the universe, at GirlieOnTheEdge. I might be able to give you an approximate time (as in date) when I noticed the seeds of silence germinating, but that doesn’t matter, does it? That’s right, it doesn’t. In fact, me stopping to go back and find out when the writing stopped would be a huge distraction. A distraction that would prevent me from this moment right now, my brain working unfamiliar muscles, struggling to stretch and expand. Is there really any point in poking around the past? What does it accomplish? How often does rummaging around in the oversized trunks of what no longer is, useful to what is happening now? Yeah, yeah. If we don’t understand, acknowledge, recognize our mistakes we’re destined to repeat them, right? Isn’t that what “they”  say? I’m not convinced.

I took a chance one day and ventured outward. What would my life be like today, if I hadn’t overcome my fear (of exposure) and taken a chance? How small my world would have been. It was life altering, hitting the publish button. Thankfuls. Thankfuls. I have them in abundance. Truly.  Thank you Lizzi. This bloghop is your creation and will be in existence for perpetuity. How does it feel to be part of something immortal? 🙂

Zoe. Clark. Why? Well, you have to go to Clark’s TToT in which he thanks Zoe for a certain video. I love it guys. We should all have such a clock 😀

Air conditioning. Last night, at 10 o’clock, yeah, that’s p.m., it was 89 degrees, with a feel like temp of 99. What planet do I live on again?

This movie even though I haven’t watched it yet…

Encouragement not only for my constant, through time source, but for sources I may not immediately recognize. When I read of other clarks and their exploits, their struggle, their accomplishments, I feel…encouraged. It gives me hope that those things I struggle with are not so uncommon for those who experience the world as a clark. Not all “bread and roses”, ya know?

That work is coming along. Well, more like I’m coming along. I entered a field I knew nothing about. Rather intimidating going from a job where you pretty much knew all there was to know (on the practical level) to one where you have to stumble sometimes through the learning. It’s challenging and I’m in a hurry to “know it all”. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a “student” once again 🙂

Speaking of being a “student to school there“, word over at the Doctrine is that Abigail is taking a course and will be busy her own self. I hope to be joining you Abbie in a classroom near me in the not so distant, already in existence, future 😀

The SBOR/BOSR. Because I’m stuck! I don’t know how to manuever pictures and such that my last item is…..not getting posted because I don’t know how the hell to format stuff. OMG! I sound like an “old” person more and more lol. Suffice it to say, I have much to be thankful for and each day I remind myself of that fact.

I’ve been missing this guy a lot lately. Not that I don’t miss them all.  I’m thankful to have had so many wonderful companions over the years to love me, teach me – Madeline, Jamaal, Harlee, Alex, Zoey….I’ve been truly blessed.

Girl and her Dog











  1. Clark Scottroger · August 13, 2016

    based on a short story by that master of the Golden Age (of Science Fiction), Robert Heinlein, (who was also the master of the ‘time travel paradox’ story)… Predestination is totally a great movie. Every one should see it. (Clever note on the trailer to the movie, Ethan Hawke has a line (in the trailer) that is, in fact, the title of the short story!… give that movie maker a totally shoutout!)


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 13, 2016

      Really? Well, how cool is that?! I don’t think I’ve read nearly enough Heinlein.


  2. ivywalker · August 13, 2016

    I watched Predestination on Clarks recommendation….was not disappointed. A client actually gave me clock… but I had posted it in a blog post and Clark really like it so I’m happy to pass it along


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 13, 2016

      Now that is an endorsement if ever I heard one! If you’ve given it a thumbs up, why it’s got to be good!


      • ivywalker · August 14, 2016

        Well, ummmmm my favorite movie of all time is Santa Claus Conquers the Martians….so maybe not such a great endorsement….


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 14, 2016

          LOL But weren’t those Saturday afternoon sci-fi b movies the best?!! Huh?! 😀


  3. Lizzi · August 14, 2016

    Gratitude has always been and will always be bigger than me, and immortal, and endlessly good for anyone who participates in it as a regular discipline. I think. I hope. And I hope I don’t forget that.

    Glad things are going well with you, and SUPER glad you hit publish, all those (as Clark said 5- 7) years ago xoxox


  4. Cynthia · August 14, 2016

    I seriously, seriously love your style of writing. You and Lizzi have just this way with words like are like…butter with sugar. I don’t know what it is, but it’s so pleasing to read. You *must* be an author! 🙂
    And the songs you like. I don’t think there has been a video yet that you’ve posted that I didn’t like. You could like…curate a radio station. At least in my world. 🙂
    Air conditioning. Haha…so you know my dog Vinny, right? He lives for air conditioning. We went to the beach and we took him camping with us. He was miserable. He let us know the whole time! He didn’t like the water (it was too loud), he didn’t like the sun (he has black fur), he didn’t like the heat (he panted a lot), he didn’t like the bugs (he tried to eat them if they got too close, but he went running from the cockroaches), he didn’t like the campfire (he hid behind my chair), he didn’t like the tent (he drooled all over and then didn’t care to step near it), he didn’t like the potable water from the camp water spicket (he expected his cool mountain water)….hahah. John and I both thought, poor guy…we’re gonna have to go to Maine to the beach next year. Vinny, especially, likes he air conditioned house on his cushy bed.
    Hmm…I think you gave me a blog post idea. 😀


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · August 14, 2016

      Lizzi does have a way. I’m gonna guess she’s the sugar which leaves me, as the butter. I can dig it 😀
      You are my biggest fan Cyndi and I am so appreciative! And I love that you love the music 🙂 Ah, fantasy dream? Run my own radio station? Hm….
      I love reading your posts too. Our styles are different but there’s a fluidity to yours that is so…smooth.

      Oh poor Vinny! He is a couch dog for sure LOL You will need to put him up in an airconditioned room somewhere next time you camp! I bet he wouldn’t complain 😀
      Oh, I hope I gave you a blog post idea. I’ll be on the lookout for one 🙂


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