Ludwig Van, Stanley and Alex. Thank You 10 times over.

I have 6 minutes to write this TToT. And it’s all thanks to the PinterestPeople sending me suggested music boards. Yes, this segment, from one of the most well known of my favorite composer’s creations, was suggested. I clicked on it and at once started tapping my foot, then the keys here. Except! Except that I can not disassociate myself from Alex. From the movie, Clockwork Orange. I cannot. And I suppose it’s a shame. But I will never not love it.

Some of the other music pins were well targeted. Emmylou, Joan Armatrading, Sara Bareilles, The Kinks. All well enough, but it’s been awhile since getting pins for the “heavier” types of music I enjoy. Can’t claim to understand the Pinterest world so I’ll consider these suggestions as a gift and be thankful nonetheless.

Btw, I’ve exceeded the 6 minutes mentioned in the opening line. But that’s OK. I had considered not writing a TToT. Was contemplating it’s purpose for me lately. There’s seems to be this phenomenon going on lately, well, for rather quite some time. A reverse osmosis of words, writing, living…faucet barely dripping and I find myself wading into the flood again.

I awakened rather late this morning. 9:22 am to be exact. When have I slept that late during my adult lifetime? That’s right, cannot remember. But hey, no pressure here today. I don’t care. Tomorrow is a holiday from work and so I’m not succombing to the TaskMaster that harangues me about the “things to be done before going back to work“.  So the day is mine. This only day.

I’m up to the last 2 thankfuls. Have I saved the best for last? lol. Naah. It’s not about best, better, less, least. It’s simply about participation. About me writing words that make it out of my head. Last night, I was talking to Clark on the Saturday Night Wakefield Doctrine Drive Call in Show (gasp, out of breath with that one) and talking of the ususal and heard myself utter something like “yeah, I admire you and all the writers out there…I know from experience, the more you do of a thing the better you get at it“. What I didn’t say, was that by not doing a thing, you not only lose the advances made, you regress. Bigtime. Because you know, realize, have to acknowledge, that at one time you were moving forward, excelling at something and by ceasing that forward momentum, and thinking about beginning again, you’ve invited the well imagined, but real deterrant known as, you’ll never be able to do it again, you’ll never “re-learn” what you knew.

The last thankful is a weird one maybe. Ok, yes, weird. But only if you’re not a clark! When I finish posting this, I am going out into the world, into a day of screaming sunshine, blue sky and any possibility possible, much like the day in the video posted.  Little did I know that 2 weeks ago I would time travel lol. 2 weeks ago I was intending to write a TToT post and in that post I was going to counsel clarks to go easy on your selfs. To make errors and be “exposed” is not the worst thing in the world (the one “out there” and your own).  You will hear in this video a mistake of major proportions and yet I had every intention of posting it anyway. Except I didn’t then. But I will now. So let me leave you with a video that hasn’t taken place yet (insert winking emoji here because I don’t know how!!)

Go out into the world today. Enjoy it for what it might be, what it can be, what it needs to be. It’s yours…

See? Perfect example. If I would practice shooting/uploading videos, I’d get better at it 😀



  1. Cynthia · October 9, 2016

    YAY! You gotz a thankful and I’m thankful for YOU!
    Yes, it’s a season of change, no? It’s about this time of year I reevaluate and start kicking in creative overdrive and feel the need to change it up. Last year at this time I was creating a place for all my drawings. It was good while it lasted, but didn’t stick.
    The books? They were great while they lasted and all in the final stages of editing, but…I discovered that writing about paranormal things sends me to dark places in my mind that…I’m not so sure I can visit regularly. Especially in the darker, colder months. Not a bad thing. Live and learn. 🙂
    So a hint on the new project: it’s an echo of pictimilitude but with a way to monetize in the form of feel-good spiritual things and love and compassion and dreams and…and…
    Sigh. So good to see you! I promise to call in soon!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 9, 2016

      Et pour tu, Cyndi.
      It is. But the “season of change” is perpetual for clarks. It is a part of who we are, the incessant drive to express the creative aspects of ourselves, to externalize what is within. It is always about change, non?
      It does seem to coincide with fall (my favorite season). I suppose for the obvious.
      You are a very busy, creative woman and I have sat back in awe of your accomplishments. It’s ok to try a thing and not have it “stick”. By virtue of the “trying”, you accomplished and learned something. It now is a part of the “larger” you. (damn the ” today lol) Not preaching mind you, merely saying it out loud for my own self to hear and take to heart. And remember.
      Goodness knows a clark doesn’t need anything like their own works to send them to the dark place! We can do that all on our own 😀
      Alas, I find myself missing that which I haven’t read. Maybe one day:)
      I can’t wait to hear about the new project!!
      You’d better call in. Hey! Since Clark and I are practically family 🙂 you should invite us to one of those Saturday dinner things and have a total Saturday Night call in! The more the merrier! Huh? Huh? :D:D


      • Cynthia · October 9, 2016

        Haha…I’ll send you the PDFs if you want. The first one’s all but done. Just wasn’t sure if I’m confident enough to publish. LOL.
        And YOU. My hero. My fellow clark family friend! Hugs to you and I also admire all the things you’ve done and gone done. Hehe.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 10, 2016

          For sure the one you first told me about 🙂
          “Just wasn’t sure if I’m confident enough to publish.” Our people have a most difficult time, don’t we? When I go back to the very first Girlie posts, I cringe. I can’t say that I’m a better writer now because it’s a craft that needs deliberate “learning” but I am not as embarrassed now as I should have been then lol
          Thanks so much Cyndi. I appreciate that. I’m glad that you know, while I haven’t been “around” much, I still think of you and John and Vinnie 🙂
          I’ll be on the lookout for a pdf one day. Enjoy your day off! (I hope you have this Columbus Day off!!)


  2. zoe · October 9, 2016

    Way to go! Love the vid…you are so stinkin cute!!!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 9, 2016

      I’m still trying to figure out why I was already “in” October that day. lol


  3. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me · October 10, 2016

    Great video, as always. And an impressive six-minute TToT spring!
    I fell away from my TToT posts for the second half of the summer and I definitely missed it. The biggest reason was that we were out doing and living and enjoying life together and by the time we got back home on a Sunday evening…pfft. #tired But. I wonder if the busy-ness wasn’t all that prevented me from writing. I was also feeling a bit like “why am I even doing this?” Thanks in great part to the TToT, my overall outlook is much more positive, I appreciate the beautiful moments in life, and I recognize where there are things to be thankful for, even when things are tough. All good. I just started to feel like I was throwing a list of cool things together just to say I did it. Fall is definitely my new start time of year and so as I’ve eased back into writing again, I’ve also found a different way of doing my TToTs perhaps. I dunno.
    But anyway, good to see you and hooray for autumn!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 10, 2016

      Thank you Lisa:) Ah, I intended to complete it in 6 minutes but…went over a few. And then another few lol
      Hey, out living and enjoying life with your family – wonderful! Surely they are the highest priority and no doubt your primary source of thankfuls 🙂
      I have felt the same way for a long time. The whole “why” of it. I’m glad you’ve gotten back into writing. I’ve always enjoyed the reading over at your place. You’ve got that “arm chair easy” way with words 🙂
      It is the time of year for new beginnings. I totally agree.
      Glad you stopped by and I will second that “hooray for autumn!”!!


  4. Pat Brockett · October 13, 2016

    The links to music is nice. I discovered how much I enjoyed Beethoven’s music when I began taking piano lessons in grade school. Emmylou’s music takes me back in time too.
    When I sleep in, I just tell myself I really must have needed that, and usually that is the truth.
    It has been months since I have linked up to TToT. My entry tells a little of the why. It is nice to be back.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 13, 2016

      Yes! Welcome back Pat:D
      Beethoven was always my favorite since I was a little girl. So glad you enjoyed the selections.
      Ah, you really know it when you need it. I think the older we get the more forgiving we are…right? lol
      So nice of you to stop by today 🙂


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