I’m Just a Girlie…and Thankful at the Edge

Greetings on this howling, sleety Saturday morning. I’m Girlie, your hostess for this post. And, hopefully more frequent, subsequent posts. As a clark, I have the ability (most times!) to push back panic. To step aside and let the blast of whatever emotion threatens to send me off and onto a path of distraction. You see, I have once again found myself, on this 17th day of December, having done nothing – nada – nunca for the upcoming Christmas weekend! In my defense, there was an event that caused the world to turn on its axis (and not in a good way). In spite of that, I am here to give thanks, for there is so much for which to be thankful.

Lizzi’s post was the first TToT I’ve read today. She is the creatoress of this bloghop and imo, an exceptional writer. I am thankful to have met her aquaintence both in the vw and irl.

I am grateful and thankful for the circumstances however, fortuitious?, that led me to my present place of employment. Tack on #3 to this as I’ve recently been touched by the generosity of my co-workers, the inclusion into the community there. It’s a good feeling.

4th day of…Advent calendars. THANK YOU Phyllis. You know you can never stop sending them, right? 😀

5th of bourbon, NOT! Nasty stuff, bleck!! To be part of trying to make another’s life…better.

6th on the MerryGoRound is the mild weather overall so far and excluding the last 3 days and…well…the fact that winter is almost over! I agree with Clark. Once the days start getting longer we are on the road home, baby 😀

7th wonder. I have people like Cyndi and Val and Lisa and Kristi and Zoe, Kerry and Pat who check in on me pretty regularly. When I’ve participated that is 🙂

8th I am thankful for the reminders of how short life can be. The reminders to live in the present. The reminders that to give is to receive. Not just now, during Christmas time, but always.

Nine No, not a certain nephew’s favorite movie that a certain aunt gave to him and his brother 🙂 It is the 2nd to last, but assuredly not least, thankful. My parents. Their lives were all the example I ever needed in order to live a good life.

10. Always a thankful..each day I wake up and do it again. My own groundhog day, it’s the opportunity to get it right, do it better, be...better.




14 thoughts on “I’m Just a Girlie…and Thankful at the Edge

  1. It’s December 17th and tomorrow’s John’s birthday and have I gotten a present for the guy? Nuh uh. I think I’ll do that after I do this comment. So if I haven’t gotten husby a birthday present, you could extrapolate from that, that no, I have a poinsettia (that someone gave to me) to show for my Christmas spirit. LOL. But…I’m more into the New Year’s spirit this year. I’m creating a blog post on that but first…I have to get THAT tree going. LOL.
    In any case, I’m grateful for you!!


  2. Awwwh I hope your world-changing event hasn’t spun everything OFF its axis, and that you still have time to make preparations for Christmas in a way you feel comfortable with. I hate that you have sleet and bad weather, so I wish you snuggly warm cosy wishes of blankets and hot drinks and good books and shutting out the weather.

    I do hope things improve. Sorry I haven’t been better at checking in but I’m glad there are people who have been ❤


    1. The world still revolves 🙂
      Guess what?! The rain/sleet stopped, the sky cleared and the temperatures rose. It was a beautiful day 😀
      Oh, there will be time to grab those blankets, hot drinks and good books….winter is coming…just not today!
      Thanks, Lizzi. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
      No worries young lady 🙂 (I need that emoji for “wink” lol)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Heheh it has a ; then a ) and put them together and you get a 😉 (maybe)

        HOORAY to today being better and beautifuller. One more day and then summer begins to return. SO can’t wait 😀


  3. So in the morning Julie will be trying on a certain snowman jacket….she dresses loads easier than her predecessor….although I suspect it’s gonna be too big….but still Damn cute!!! I’ve been known to start Christmas on the 23rd. My sister doesn’t let me live it down.


    1. Oh yay! I hope it fits her. I was upset I hadn’t gotten it big enough for Skip. I suck at buying dog clothes lol
      Of course she’ll be cute!
      The 23rd, eh? Well, nothing wrong with that…I celebrate New Year’s December 26!
      Hope you are well and enjoying this holiday season 🙂


  4. The snow and ice here certainly put me on pause for a bit as far as getting last minute gifts and getting stuff in the mail. Oh, well, it looks like others are going to be in the same boat and understand. That Merry Go Round is amazing! Life can definitely be short. Even when one knows that day is one day soon going to happen, it can still feel like a surprise, and one just wants to shout, “NO, not yet!” I love your groundhog day motto!


    1. Oh no Pat! Snow and ice. Yeah, no doubt that would put you on pause and for sure you have company lol
      It is! I remember going there when I was a young. I love Merry Go Rounds and since my family lived on the Vineyard (well before I came into the picture), I’d often heard of the Flying Horses 🙂
      Well, we can’t stop trying, can we? 😀


  5. Kristi

    I agree with you so much on #8. As I’ve participated in the #LightTheWorld challenges each day, I’ve felt the joy of service. Giving feels good!


    1. Hi Kristi. Apologies! I am a day late getting to Girlie! lol
      For sure #8 as I have found it validated over and over again. It does feel good 😀
      I’m not familiar with #LightTheWorld. I will check it out 🙂


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