Edging My Way to a 6. Sentence Story that is.

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Funny thing happened on my way to the 6, you know, the weekly hop hosted by our good friend zoe aka IvyWalker. Well, yesterday, every good intention in place for getting a rough draft down, I found myself struggling. Nothing remotely inspirational was coming to mind. It had been a gorgeously sunny, immitation summer, bluest sky day and early evening was beckoning in its dusklike beauty. So I went for a walk. As I was nearing the end of my little outing, a few straggling lines crawled into view. I texted them to my self thinking “yeah, not bad. could work. think I’ve got something cool here”.

And so, as I sat down tonight (Wednesday) and began typing those sentences it hits me…“nothing. I got nothing! totally sucks.”  So what’s a Girlie to do? Frankly, it was late, I was tired and thinking I’d just not write yet another post. On a whim, I opened last week’s unfinished, partial post draft. Know what? This week’s cue word was in the 6 sentences draft post I’d written last week! Ironic, eh? Well, what say we take a gander at what I intended for last week’s 6 Sentence Story, shall we?

“Liz… oh, my God, something’s wrong!
What are you talking about Anna? Nothing’s wrong sweetie, everyone’s been seated, Father O’Brien is waiting in the vestibule, the music is set and cued, you’re just feeling some last minutes jitters.
As soon as Liam gets here, we’ll get this show on the road.
Come on Anna, sit down, you look like you’ve just seen 20 ghosts, you’d never know I spent an hour on your makeup!
Sit down girl, you’re shaking like a leaf…”

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24 thoughts on “Edging My Way to a 6. Sentence Story that is.

  1. FRIST??? YAHOO LET’S HAVE A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR MULTIPURPOSE POSTING!!!!! You havent lost your touch. It may take a while but you still put out quality stuff!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yeah, it’s a rarity for me but I couldn’t believe the cue word was in there lol.
      Glad you still like it. I love the colors but was wondering if snowcapped mountains might be “out of season” 🙂
      Sounds like here! We’ve been low 90’s the last 2 days. Won’t complain about the sunshine but…a tad warm for this time of year.
      Still… NO COMPLAINTS!


  2. How cool it is that this wonderful story was right there and waiting for you to polish it off and post it for this week’s “cue”, and you didn’t even plan it that way! I always love cliffhangers, of course now I want to know what happened, what she sensed that had her so upset. I suppose I’ll just have to imagine my own ending!


    1. It is serendipitous to be sure. No! I could not have planned that one if I tried 😀
      A bit of a cliffhanger I suppose, which is a good thing! There is a reason but I cannot tell you lol
      It’s actually a modified snippet from the beginning of a story (potentially novella) I had more or less (less as it turns out) begun writing last year. Time to get off my you know what and write it!

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    1. Thanks Clark. Yes, I’m certain there is a cool Latin phrase:)
      Hey! Thanks too for making me go back and read the ending. There! in the last line…the cue word for last week’s 6!
      Damn. Coulda published the same 6, 2 consecutive weeks lol


  3. Love it. Well done. I’m detecting some Sister Margaret Ryan undertones – just a little and what fun! VERY compelling and very awesome! Love the mysterious flair. 🙂


    1. Thank you Sageleaf. While I’m flattered by the reference, I can safely say that the heroine in Annaliese’s Dream is not a nun 🙂
      I hope I am able to write a very mysterious and awesome novella or whatever it turns out to be 😀


  4. You have shown that you have got what it takes to be a writer by thinking outside the square and improvising. As in this case with nothing in your mind to write you amuse us with such an excellent result.


  5. valj2750

    Did she sense Liam was never coming? Great six sentence story, Girlie and I particularly enjoyed reading about your process.


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