Hey! It’s Another Draft… I mean TToT!

Hey! GirlieOnTheEdge here. Welcome. I completed a 6 Sentence Story last night. Finally. Except at the end, I realized I had not employed the cue word. Damn! But guess what, it’s not a bad thing (well, yeah, in a way it is) but rather a thankful contained within this post. That’s right. My 1st of the 10 is that I finished a 6 SS. Doesn’t matter to me (well, yeah, kinda does) that I didn’t publish it. I wrote one start to finish. Not exactly compliant but I wrote words that coalesced, made sense and did not exceed the stipulated sentence count. Go Girlie!

This is late to the tablet, but I am more than thankful, grateful, relieved, astonished that the racing across the residential street to get to a dog on the other side grey and white pitbull was not killed by yours truly. Holy shit damn! my reflexes are still good because it was all instinct, no thought, that found my foot slammed to the break pedal as the dog appeared smack dab in the middle of my bumper to miraculously exit on the right. I thought surely I can’t not hit and kill this dog yet, as I started to slowly engage drive, I caught the dog in my right peripheral vision still running to finally reach the dog of his attraction. I then looked in my rear view mirror to see the dog’s owner also racing across the street to get his dog (hope he looked both ways before running). So you know what? TF #2 and #3.

It goes without saying that each day I awaken is a thankful. The TF for yet another opportunity (and I hope there are many more to come) to try and get it right. No pressure there, eh? lol And so, it will be on my list every time I manage to eek out one of these posts.

Has anyone decided yet you can’t claim TF’s from the future? Clark? Anyone? Hm. I suppose it’s risky but I’ll take a chance. It’s my post after all, right?! TF #5 & #6? I’m going on another roadtrip north. To my homeland for 4th of July week. Always a TF to see my family and friends once again. If all goes well, I will also be meeting a friend and her husband irl (hint!) as they too will be journeying on the road. And the twain shall meet 🙂

Here’s a thankful for ya (but you have to sit through the backstory). I suddenly “realized” why it was that I was always walking “on the wrong side of the hallway”. That’s correct. Folks at work have been admonishing me (for the last year!) when they nearly collide with me rounding corners, for walking on the wrong side of the hallway. Who ever heard of such a thing! Apparently there is. There is a protocol to follow, protocol I apparently was not aware of. This is a first. I had never known there was a right or wrong side of the hallway to walk on until my rogerian coworkers pointed it out to me. The aforementioned TF? There’s actually 2  3. TF#7 I’ve managed to walk on the “right side” in the hallways 🙂 TF#8 is that I finally figured out why I did this, why I walked on the left side of the hallway instead of the right side…because, duh! I was French in a past life! TF#9? Why, that such a thought would cross my mind, even for a nanosecond, as a viable explanation for why I walked on the wrong side of the hallway 🙂 🙂

Hey kids. Here’s a different TF and my #10. Diane Keaton. Yeah, the patron saint of clarklike females. She recieved an AFI lifetime achievement award the other night. That makes me….proud. She stands as beacon to all clarklike females (and you too guys) that we can be successful. We can achieve. We can be….happy.



  1. clarkandthem · June 17, 2017



  2. clarkandthem · June 17, 2017

    Had written a wonderfully insightful comment but it has been taken from all of us.


  3. Josie Two Shoes · June 17, 2017

    Yay, Denise is in the house!! With an awesome post, no less! I had to laugh at your first thankful, not because it was probably frustrating on your point, but rather because I’ve done the same thing… written a great story and been ready to hit the publish button just as I realize it doesn’t have anything to do with the prompt…. or I have the dreaded seven sentences instead of six. I think you should link it up anyway. I suspect our charming Zoe would find it acceptable, and it would be fun to see if anyone said “but where’s the cue word?” After all, it’s an exercise to get us writing, and you did that!

    I join you in relief and thankfulness that you managed to avoid hitting the errant pit bull, or his owner who was making the mad dash after him! Those are heart-stopping moments!

    Waking up each day is a good thing for sure! I love being able to start each day with a clean slate, an opportunity to be more of what I want to be and less of what bogs me down. Sometimes I even succeed. 🙂 The desire is most important and I am puzzled by people who wake up grumpy, what a way to start a new day full of possibilities!

    Yes, we can and should definitely be thankful for upcoming events! Anticipation is joyful and that alone is reason to be thankful. Going home to visit family is the best. I wish mine lived closer. Meeting up with a friend along the way is frosting on the cake!

    Walking on the left side of the hall is a bad habit of mine as well, even though I know we are supposed to “stay right”. I have nearly collided with disgruntled people at corners on more than one occasion. I’ve always attributed it to my left-hander mentality, but I like your explanation better, so I’m going with that one from now on! 🙂

    I like your nod to Diane Keaton and her achievement award. Clarklike females can be happy? YES WE CAN, and knowing that is such a great feeling! Thank you for joining us, have a blessed week ahead!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 18, 2017

      Thank you Josie! And thank you so much for the encouragement. I had not considered linking up if I didn’t utilize the cue word 🙂
      I finally saw the light. I realized after falling asleep while only having written half on Thursday night that heck, I can finish it Friday and still post it. Because you are absolutely right. It is all about just getting something down on “paper”. Writing something. I have reminded myself, to no avail, that I should write something every day. It doesn’t have to be published. Just write.
      I know! I’ve never been a “grumpy” person in the morning. Ever. Such a waste!

      I will never tire of returning “home”. No matter how long it’s been since I last lived there, it will always be home 🙂 I hope your family doesn’t live a crazy far distance. That is the worst because as much as the good intentions are there, sometimes it seems as if visits to and from are few and far between.

      The first time someone said that to me, I thought it was “cute”. But then it kept happening and I realized, hey! they’re serious! lol
      Glad I’m not the only one afflicted 😀

      🙂 🙂 We can. Thank you again Josie and you have a fabulous week as well!!


  4. Pat B · June 17, 2017

    Oh, what a near miss! I’m glad you didn’t hit the dog or it’s owner.
    Isn’t it interesting to discover “why” you do something that is different from the way others do it?


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 18, 2017

      It was! It was the most awful split second.
      It is interesting. Hadn’t really thought I was doing anything “wrong” lol. But it’s nice to know I’m not the only person walking on the wrong side 🙂


  5. zoe · June 17, 2017

    Do what I told Val to do when she thought she used the wrong key word as well, go ahead and Link it up …the word being “link” you’ve used it already…. no one cares if you use the cue or not!!!


  6. Sageleaf · June 18, 2017

    We *really* need to get our itinerary down pat, don’t we? 😉
    I’m thankful for your thankfuls and THANKFUL that I have another post to read from you. 🙂 I anxiously await your beautiful words.
    Glad that doggie, your car, and the doggie’s owner were okay. Glad for trips back to hometowns. Hehe. How long has it been since you were able to visit?
    And, thankful for our friendship. I am just so dang THANKFUL! 😀
    Sending you hugs and can’t wait to meet up!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 18, 2017

      It’s amazing how quickly time is going. I have tons of stuff to do before I leave for me trip so I imagine you guys have even more!
      Thank you Cyndi. Always 🙂
      Oh, man. It was the worst experience.
      I was to RI last year so it hasn’t been that long. It will be good to be back 😀
      Me too! and me too!


  7. dyannedillon · June 19, 2017

    Denise! Oh, man, when something goes wrong with a SSS, it is SO painful! I wrote a brilliant one once that went *poof* and disappeared forever. I was devastated. I had a dog run out to chase my car the other day when my dad and I were wandering around the country. I slammed on the brakes and was sure I got him, but car chasers are sly. Maybe instead of being French in another life, you were a salmon? Have a fun, safe trip to RI!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 21, 2017

      You said it sister! The disappearing thing totally sucks!! No doubt you were 😦
      That might even be scarier – a dog chasing the car. Glad you avoided any carnage.
      Hm…I’m thinking I like being French better than being a fish lol although I am a Pisces *yuck yuck* 😀
      Thank you Dyanne 🙂


  8. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me · June 21, 2017

    I love that you did a SSS without the actual prompt. I’ve done it. I just save it for another time. But GO YOU for writing a whole one!
    Future thankfuls? I say they totally count. Secret Book of Rules and all…


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · June 21, 2017

      I honestly forgot! I had not thought I was going to be writing what I did and then, being tired completely forgot about the prompt!
      Thanks. I saw that as my own little personal victory since writing has become *GASP* a past time for me. Except I don’t want it to be that.
      Yeah, thank goodness for the Book! 😀


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