Confluence of timeLines and a TToT

Hey, welcome to my blog. I’m Girlie, GirlieOnTheEdge to be precise. And holy shit, is my brain all over the damn place. I had thoughts, an opening for this post, oh about an hour ago. Obviously, I’m not even close to writing those words. Nope.

I had a very, very disturbing incident about 20 minutes ago. Very. For 2 reasons. The second of which I’ll list first. The fact that I forgot! (right here? channel Leo Getz in 1st Lethal…doing his ok thing). I walked into the guest room I am sleeping in while on vacation. Music playing. Instantly, I “recognized” it. It was at once a physical recognition, a body thing. But! Body only as my brain was drawing a blank as to who the vocalist was, the name of the band. I guessed someone else. The band and vocalist were a significant part of my life once upon a time. The signficant that does not leave you, like some of the bands of the 80’s :).  And I guessed wrong. When I found out who was playing I was immediately mortified that I did not instantly identify the band. Holy shit damn. Then! I realized (just as bad) that I had forgotten (what comes first?) that I was in a phase of transition. In fact, had been going through that phase in a very long, unprecedented drive to my homeland yesterday.

You see, the thing I forgot was that returning to the place I was born and lived is to return to a person I hadn’t been in over 20 years, a person who has lived in a diversely different place for a very long time. And so, it clicked. I was experiencing the residual effect of transitioning timeLines. Caught smack dab in the middle. Scary. Sure, it could be I’m losing my memory. I choose to believe it was what happens when you’re caught going from one “place” to another.

The confusion surely came from the confluence of the 2 timelines. Present VA, current RI. And! on top of that, I now remember silently speaking an intention prior to my trip to return to “who” I was when I lived here. Yes, even from a metaphysical perspective, impossible. Nothing like messing with the Cat lol

But let’s not get caught up in my current existential conundrum! It’s Sunday for most folks and I know that I am late but not too late to participate in once Lizzi’s, now Josie’s, Ten Things of Thankful bloghop.

1  Arriving safely in RI.

2  Michael

3  It’s sunny today! Wonderful.

4  That I am able to set aside the self pressure that I should have already taken a shower, etc, etc at 11:41 am. Hey! I’m on vacation! 😀

5  To have this time to spend with family.

6  For all those things that made my trip possible.

7  Reminders that life is now, today.

8  the Wakefield Doctrine. I wore my Doc tee into work on Friday, being casual Friday and all. Only wore it because I was rushing and not many people would be in being the Friday before the long weekend. Not that I was afraid to wear it but I work with all rogers, 1 other clark and 1 scott. Enough said.

9  Clamcakes! I’m going to enjoy this local delicacy before returning to the land of crabcakes 😀

10  Treehouses and retreats. Meeting virtual friends irl. Supplemental road trips.

11.  I am thankful I woke up again. Thankful, I have one more opportunity. The choices are mine today. (yes! I can have 11 Ts! comes under the auspices of the BOSR/SBOR. Find it at SR 35.3, subsection 2. )



  1. Sageleaf · July 2



  2. Sageleaf · July 2

    Now, I’ll go back and read. 😀


  3. Sageleaf · July 2

    Converging timelines…when everything is the same, but it’s so very different. When the child you comes into contact with the adult you. I know this feeling well. Every time I return to my homeland in Colorado.
    But the roadtrip coming up? It’s going to be epic. I’m setting an intention (well, several) and I just can’t wait. Wednesday we leave (already!?). Have our camping permits, reservations, maps…I even bought a cool camp kitchen table today (don’t know if the campgrounds will have any tables).
    So, yeah, thankful for meeting virtual friends irl. FINALLY. And so overdue.
    Thankful for your words here. I miss them when I don’t see them – so much. You just have a wonderful way of stringing words together in the only way that you can. I don’t know what it is, but I relish them. In the same way I really miss seeing Lizzi’s words all the time.
    But, well. Hehe.
    Sending you BIG hugs – virtual for now. And then BIG, REAL ONES very soon!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 2

      It will be epic, I have no doubt. It sounds as if you are well prepared. I would expect nothing less 😀
      It is overdue. I am looking forward to it!
      Your words are always so uplifting Cyndi. Thank you.
      I miss Lizzi too. I am not on the FB much and have not been good about going to everyone’s blogs. In fact, I’m not on the computer much at all it seems. That will have to change!
      Reciprocating the virtual hugs but looking forward to the REAL hugs too 🙂 Safe journeys Calhoun family!


  4. zoe · July 2

    Soooo you also are meeting the sage??? Happy to find you that much geographically closer! Glad you arrived safely despite the obvious glitch in the time continuum…1980s. Have a great vacation!!!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 2

      I am! This is true and one of these trips, I hope you wouldn’t be opposed to me stopping by for the day 🙂
      Yes, I was relieved that other than stop and go, and extremely slow moving traffic, I wasn’t caught on a shut down highway. The 2 accidents along the way had been cleared to the side of the road by the time I was driving through.
      Thanks Zoe! Already, I’ve had a fabulous 1st day. And I never even left the premises 🙂


  5. Josie Two Shoes · July 3

    This was fun to read because I could so easily relate not only to the going home and experiencing a time warp, but also in suddenly finding that a piece of an important memory has gone of wandering on its own for a little while. Never a dull moment when it comes to experiencing the twists and turns of life!

    I am so happy you made it safely home, and along with good company and familiar food, have the luxury of not being tied to a schedule. There is nothing I love more now that I am no longer working than the being able to let my day flow as it happens rather than popping up to rush off to work!

    It sounds like you have an epic meetup planned and I know it is going to be joyous blessing for both of you, we’ll hope to hear a little more about it in your next TToT! I am still trying to work out the balance between pulling back a little on computer time, and still keeping up with friends that are important to me. If only humans came with batteries that could be swapped out for one fresh off the recharger, and would not require sleep. But then there would be no dreams, and sometimes they are the sweetest gift of all!

    Enjoy your vacation to the fullest, treasure the things that spark memories, and make some wonderful new ones in the present day! XOXO


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 4

      No, Wendy, never a dull moment! And we wouldn’t have it any other way if pressed to choose, I’m sure 😀
      It is great, not having a schedule to follow. Believe it or not, I typically have to actively work on letting go of “I should go visit….”, or I really should go…” or “do….”. It’s been very much, with the exception of the Jersey trip tomorrow, a fly by the seat of my pants/shorts trip:)
      I will share for sure:)
      I love your battery idea lol Except, I would incorporate the sleep, then, during non sleep hours…charge me up baby 😀
      Thank you, I will, I am:)


  6. Pat B · July 5

    Being able to enjoy clamcakes and crabcakes sounds like the best of both worlds. I’ve not had the pleasure of eating either one. I have a feeling I’m missing out.
    I’m glad you are having some time to be with family, even though you have experienced some time warping.
    Being able to set aside some self pressure is a good thing, a very good thing.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 5

      Well, haven’t had the clamcakes yet but there’s still time! Oh, you are missing out not having clamcakes, Pat. I’m not a fan of the crabcake so I can’t speak to them 😀
      It is good being with family and I’m kinda through the worst on the time warp stuff lol
      You said it. It’s all good:)
      Good to see you! have a wonderful week!!


  7. dyannedillon · July 5

    I get so SCARED when I can’t come up with something like a song title or artist! Is it some kind of dementia?! Probably not, just a brain that’s overly full of information, so much that stuff leaks out and, unfortunately, it’s important stuff like song titles and artists, leaving me with things like my best friend’s phone number from 1969 and the lyrics to the 6th grade Christmas musical. I hope you’re enjoying your vacation and your flashback to younger days.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 6

      You captured my feelings exactly, Dyanne! 😀
      I am enjoying my vacation. It has been awesome!


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