It’s all about Tense, Right? Writing, Not Writing and the TToT

Hey! Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge’s Blog! It’s a beautiful Friday. In fact, it is a perfect beach day! 90+ temperature, screaming ass sunshine and little to less than zero, breeze. A standstill, summer afternoon. All fine and dandy if you live near a beach.

Girlie no longer lives near the beach. She finds herself once again a resident within the nation’s capital beltway, more specifically Northern Virginia. Presently, she sits upon her bed eagerly awaiting the possibility of the day. The 18″, light gray stand fan oscillates air that otherwise would be a tad on the stifling side. She sits, ancient lapbaby resting confortably on her upper thighs. Her jean clad legs stretch straight out at an almost 90 degree angle, left foot crossed over the right foot, red polish still bright upon toes deprived of beach sand. Sitting cattycorner against 2 pale, buttercup yellow walls, she waits for the thankfuls. Let’s wait with her, shall we?

1 …do we have a number 1? We do and a couple more. Not in any particular order, priority and/or preference, our 1st thankful is for this day (well, yeah, this one’s a priority lol). For the waking up to another opportunity and the fact that it is a stellar weather day, and that, my friends, is the cream cheese frosting on top of the carrot cake.

2 the move. Office move that is. All is packed and the transition is in motion. And so the timelines be shifting. They don’t have to of course, but Girlie, she’s about recognizing the opportunities that always surround us but for our own myopia or plain old stinking resistance to change. Or…fear.

3 vacations! Huge thankfuls for time away from normal environs. Don’t we become dulled by routine after awhile? Of course! And so, somebody invented the “Vacation“.

how do 3 clarks react when contemplating taking a selfie of all 3 of them together? There is another like picture in which the 3 clarks are pointing their cameras at the mirror to take said “selfie”. lol (see below)
Great thinking Clark! 😀

5 the Wakefield Doctrine. Go back to #4 🙂

6 meeting Cyndi, Cynthia, Sageleaf and all incarnations of this amazing clarklike female.

7 sucessful selfies

8 (going to “steal” from Clark. That’s right. Going to post this today, Friday, and leave at least 2 spots for the weekend thankfuls. There’s going to be some.

9   Wendy’s TToT post this week. As hostess of this, the bloghop that Lizzi built, Wendy’s posts are example of why the TToT is so successful. It is not only about each of us recognizing and acknowledging those things, people, places, etc that we give thanks for each week, it is about seeing reflections in another’s thankfuls and realizing how much we have in common.

10 My #10? Why, it’s for today. I’m thankful I got done a whole lot of “stuff” I needed to do before noon. Went to the gym. Enjoyed a little “lounge” time then headed into the new office to set up my desk. Hopefully, when I arrive in the morning our IT guy will have connected my computer and scanner and I’ll be ready to work. New beginnings…



  1. zoe · July 21

    LOVE! ADORE EVEN! THOSE SELFIES!!! Love even more that you are writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 21

      Thanks! What clarks, eh? lol
      Oh, thank you zoe. It means so much to hear your write that.
      I know you know about the struggle it is sometimes.


  2. mimi · July 22

    A list that left me smiling. Enjoy the weekend!


  3. 15andmeowing · July 22

    Great list of thankfuls. Memento was an amazing movie, really makes one think.


  4. Josie Two Shoes · July 22

    I was delighted to see your post pop in yesterday, I always smile when TToT friends check in, it tells me they’ve made it through another week undefeated! Your intro was lovely, I could easily visualize you sitting there with laptop, awaiting inspiration. I’ve never lived near the beach, but I love it so much that I think if I once did I would miss it ever after. I am glad that you are able to be thankful for the beautiful day even without beach sand for your toes!

    Moving…change…transition, we are taught to fear those words, and yet they are so often initiating something new and good in our lives. The possibilities that come with change are immense and exciting, and I wish you well in this new life adventure!

    Vacations, I live for them, and even moreso when I was working. A break to get away from routine and just experience and “be” is so refreshing! I know you had a wonderful time meeting up with friends for the first time “in real life” I’ve had the opportunity to meet a couple of my online friends and it was wonderful in both instances.

    The “three Clarks” selfie is ingenious and funny and I loved it! And of course it requires an understanding of the Wakefield Doctrine to fully appreciate it! 🙂 Selfies are fun, truly they have enhanced our abiity to capture and share moments of our lives with people in such a great way! Even those folks who feel compelled to take and share at least 30 new ones a month make me smile, I suppose that’s not too different from an old lady that takes many photos of her inside and outside cats to share with friends and family! 🙂

    Clark’s “reserved spots” on his TToT list are great, and it’s fun to come back the next week and see if he came up with something to add. I’ll be checking back on yours too, have a wonderful week ahead!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 23

      Thank you so much Wendy for your encouragement each time I post. I love reading your comments because I never know what nugget of wisdom I will discover!
      True. For so many people, the idea of change, the “different”, is frightening but I am more understanding of when that happens, when I am around folks going through transitions, thanks to the Doctrine. I try and pay attention to how rogers adapt and incorporate “change”. All a learning experience. clarks have an easier time of it. Adaptation is natural for us:)
      Leave it to Clark to suggest we stand in front of the mirror lol. It was a fun and enjoyable meet up. I feel very thankful to have such friends and family.


  5. Clark Scottroger · July 22

    Good TToT. Organized and yet, still fun. (No, that is not an inferred criticism of our rogerian brethren.)
    It was most excellent to meet Cynthia and John (and Vinny). Looking forward to updates tomorrow in your Items 9 and 10


  6. Sageleaf · July 23

    Looking forward to those updates, too. It was WONDERFUL meeting you! The voice behind all the Wakefield call-ins. The voice that greeted me the first time I ever called in….
    Glad – SO GLAD – you’re writing again. Please, please keep going. We all love, love, love your words. Good luck with the office transition. And you take a fabulous selfie. HAHA. Sending you big hugs! xoxo


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 23

      I will be completing #10 very soon!
      The first time you called in…fortuitous, non?
      Well, I’m going to give it my best shot to be more consistent.
      And you take a fabulous selfie as well! lol
      Hugs back my friend! Have a most excellent week!!


  7. herheadache · July 23

    Mmm, I love cream cheese icing.


  8. Pat B · July 26

    Loved the intro to your list of ten. It is so descriptive.
    Good for you to recognize the opportunities and forge forward and for having had some vacations too before settling into your new office.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · July 26

      Thank you Pat. It is a skill I hope to develop if I ever get backing to writing on a regular basis 😀
      I’m so glad I took vacation. Transitioning in a new building can be stressful, challenging at times. But I’m sure we’ll all work out the rough spots in due time:)


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