Even at the Edge, there’s a TToT

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I am your hostess, Girlie. As is my prediliction as a clark, I find myself in “transition”. Self induced. My body’s own reaction to…life. In it’s present form. We, the perenial journeymen (and women!) struggle always to find our way, our place in the world around us. LOL. Now if that doesn’t resonate, you know you’re not a clark 🙂

New readers, I speak of the Wakefield Doctrine, aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers. clarks, do yourself a favor and click on the Doctrine link. No thanks necessary. scotts, rogers? Please do the same. I will not be offended if you come back here and ask me, what for (rogers). I would be doing newcomers a disservice if I did not mention that there are scotts and rogers with a strong secondary clarklike aspect who will also find the Wakefield Doctrine….curious and helpful. Enjoy. All of  you.

I offer today, a 10 Things of Thankful post. In the tradition begun by it’s orginator Lizzi O’Ryan, née Lewis, and now presented under the administration of one Josie Two Shoes, I offer these 10 thankfuls.

1.  Thunderstorms. And the new sense of comfort I feel listening to them.

2.  the Wakefield Doctrine. (goes without saying, but doesn’t hurt to acknowledge)

3. Libraries.

4. Serendipity. While at the local library, I picked up a summer events calendar. Perusing the free upcoming concerts, I noticed this name, Eilen Jewell. I never heard of her until now. I will be going to the show on August 24th 😀

5. Discovering new music.

6. For sunshine after the rain. Here, I can’t help myself lol

7. New post at the Rag, the Secessionist Rag. Yep, the progenitor roger has re-emerged.

8. other clarks.

9. Speaking of! A clark with a wellspring of incredible writing projects, Claire Perez Ekman, has just published A New Season Revisited. Now available in paperback. Congratulations Claire!

10. Today. My only day. A day I began with a very particular schedule in mind and which has been altered tres drastically. The special thanks is my ability to accept and adapt and embrace nonetheless. Embrace people. Embrace.


7 thoughts on “Even at the Edge, there’s a TToT

  1. Love your list of thankfuls and I’m eternally grateful for the Doctrine. 🙂 And finding oneself as a clark – well, THAT is the eternal quest, is it not? lol. I wonder what evolutionary advantage there is to those of us who perpetually are on Life’s Search – I’m always curious about such things. lol.


    1. Thank you Cyndi:)
      It is! And…of course you are! 😀
      We find our advantage, that which enables us to feel comfortable and allows us to flourish and develop and participate in the world.
      And then we share our self discoveries with other clarks so that their journey may be “easier”.


    1. Hi Kristi! I have so much to catch up on. Clark mentioned your change in venue 🙂
      I imagine lightening storms might be incredible in Utah as I picture vast valleys and mountains. A perfect backdrop for a good storm.
      I hope you are settling in well in spite of storms 😀
      Good to “see” you 🙂


  2. Oh, I just love discovering new music. Enjoy the show.

    I loved thunder and the storms that brought it, until my roof started leaking that is. I hope to love them again soon.

    Our days never end the way we think they will. That’s life.


    1. It is a most wonderful thing:) Thanks Kerry! I’m keeping my fingers crossed the weather is good. I think (but not positive) it’s an outdoor show.

      Yeah, that would turn me off to thunderstorms too! I hope your roof is well repaired and that you can once again enjoy a good storm 😀

      Maybe that’s a good thing.

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