Sometimes it’s OK to Break the Rules. It’s a TToT.

Summer’s still hanging around these parts. Came out of the gym this yesterday afternoon around 1:45 into beaming, screaming still summer sunshine and humidity. A bit of a contrast to the fall foliage changing color thing going on. But hey, no complaints. No sir. It may look like you should wear a sweater but I can wait 🙂 [didn’t have to wait long! I needed, but did not wear, a sweater today!!]

I realize I’m a tad really late in posting but time has taken on an entirely new characteristic. It has become evasive. Be that as it may, my first TF is for Josie Two Shoes for her gracious willingness to host this bloghop, the Ten Things of Thankful. Even when she is busy with life and travelling and such, she still provides us the opportunity to link up and share our thankfuls, our gratefuls, our not so ‘fuls each and every week. Thank you J.

TF #2. Ability to think outside the box. Yeah, let’s call it that.
So last Wednesday night driving home from work I was lucky enough to have an experience that got me thinking about stuff. Why yes! thinking of stuff in terms of the Wakefield Doctrine. Another lightbulb going on moment, another affirmation of the Doctrine. (I realized there were way too many words in my describing the experience for a TToT! Whatsay I write about it in a post all by itself!) 

TF#3. I bought myself some flowers for my desk at work this last week. They make me smile everytime I look at them. “Fun-fetti flowers” anyone? 😀 TF#4. I forgot this one! On one of my lunchtime walks recently, I walked by this tree. The bark, or lack thereof, looked really cool, almost surreal…  

TF#5. Possible new coffee shop stop? Sitting on the corner of University and Main, this little shop is within walking distance of my now, not so new office.          TF#6. Decided to enjoy a walk before dark. On my return trip, I spotted this black squirrel on the side of a tree, head pointing towards the ground. Tried to get closer for a better picture but didn’t want to spook him. He was way cooler looking in real life 🙂       

TF#7. New shoes! Always a thankful, eh? 😀

TF#8. I am thankful for the generosity of one of my co-workers. A couple of weeks ago she went apple picking. A few days later she brings into work home made apple crumble pie. Dee-ee-licious! The pie was gone before lunch. Once word went out, poof! Last week she gave me a mason jar of apple butter. Bliss in a jar 🙂

TF#9. YouTube gods! No, lol cuz it’s not really them I’m thankful. It’s for something else…something un-nameable. Youtube gods in this instance because it was through the youtube that I was reminded that there is power all around us, all the time. And sometimes, it tosses us a morsel or two as a reminder. How else do I explain, through no obvious connection from previous youtube searches, the musical suggestion made to me and which I’ve provided for you today. I had long forgotten Stanley, forgotten School Days, hell, forgotten Return to Forever. Forgotten a part of my past. This was my gift. Memories that had tumbled out of my consciousness into the vast repository for all things loved.

TF#10. Each day. Reminders. Glimpses. Moments out of time.


  1. Josie Two Shoes · October 17, 2017

    I smiled to see your post popping in last evening. There is no early or late with TToT, it’s a do it when you can and when the spirit moves you thing. Taking time for a little reflection is such a great exercise amidst the over-business of our lives! I am happy to be able to provide a place for us to share our appreciation for life.

    We are playing the same Fall/Not Fall game here with most days sunny, warm and in the eighties, and the past few nights down to 40… brrr, it was chilly when I got up! Soon it will be too warm for a jacket when I head to town for groceries. My fantasy would be to live in 72 degrees all year around. 🙂

    I will be eager to read more about your Wednesday night experience and the reflections it produced. One of the things I love about life is this “adventure” aspect, never knowing what will occur and how it will affect our lives.

    I love, LOVE that you bought yourself flowers! Why don’t more people do that? These are so colorful and fun, and I know that your co-workers are also smiling when they see them! There is just something magical about flowers and their ability to soothe us.

    Someone bringing in fresh apple crumble pie was a wonderful treat, and I know from experience how quickly such things disappear, leaving smiling faces! Papa Bear loves apple butter too.

    I love squirrels, grew up with them running across the roof above my upstairs bedroom as a child. I’ve never seen a black one though, until this one! My daughter feeds them, there are always chubby squirrels in her neighborhood. 🙂

    A new coffee shop opening close to work would be awesome. And yes, a new pair of shoes is always a wonderful thing. I don’t buy many or often, so when I get a new pair my feet celebrate!

    YouTube is packed full of life memories recorded to music, along with all those helpful how-to videos. How did we ever live without it. I can spend hours getting lost in the songs and artists of my youth, and just for a moment I am that young girl again. I enjoyed the one you shared! You are so right that there is power all around us… and flowing though us, we are all connected to the universe and nothing happens by accident. I believe that.

    I think, especially in these unsettled times, we need to maintain that focus on each day, not just getting through it, but being present in it, and finding the moments of awareness, inspiration, and joy it brings to us. Today I can do something to make the world a nicer place, we all can! I hope the rest of the days in your week bring sweet surprises and moments of awe! XO


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 17, 2017

      Hi Wendy. I almost made it for Sunday lol. You’re right – it’s never too late to share something positive 🙂
      Isn’t it crazy?! We have a cold front now for a couple of days then back to the low 70s. But that won’t last long. I’ll enjoy it though for as many days as we have it. I’m with you! 72 degrees year round would suit me just fine.
      I realized as I began to write about my experience that it was way more difficult than thinking or talking to someone about it. Why is that?!
      I love these flowers! Someone I work with who was out last week stopped by to ask me about them. She asked if they were real! She too thought they were beautiful. I’m going to be very sad when they die. It will be a week tomorrow I believe since I bought them. Hope they make it 2 weeks 😀
      I had never seen black squirrels before either until I moved to this location. Kinda weird but I’ve gotten used to them.
      I’m glad you enjoyed Stanley. I love taking trips down memory lane at the tube too but when Stanley popped up, it just seemed a little freaky. I truly had not thought of that album in decades. You know, now that you mention it, the “how to’s” at youtube are for sure a thankful. I recently searched through some vids there when I had a question about my phone. I learned a lot just watching videos.
      Your last paragraph resonates strongly with me. It is about “being present”. And it really doesn’t take a lot to make the world a nicer place, not in the smaller immediate sense.
      Thank you and the same to you Wendy!


  2. herheadache · October 17, 2017

    Looks like you and I may have had something of the same thought. Flowers.

    I prefer my apples whole and uncooked, but that was a nice treat to have for the office.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · October 17, 2017

      Yes! Here’s to us Kerry 😀
      It’s been a long time since I bought myself flowers but these were screaming my name 🙂
      I eat an apple a day, have for years. When it comes to apples I’m also a huge fan of pie, crumble, fritters and apple butter!

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