No. No Cannibalism at the TToT Today.

Good morning. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I almost, almost used words from a dustified partial draft, languishing backstage for another Ten Things of Thankful that never went live. Like walking a salvage yard, I couldn’t find the right year, right model for the parts I needed. No never mind. The yard is huge. Huge. I’ll keep walking…

I sit in the room of re-direction. (how much for a #1? cool. throw it in the wagon). Only I’m not alone. Scratching the inside of my cranium for a shred of creativity, I am distracted by another person. Sitting at his table, monitor front and center, his creative energies fully engaged, I hear his words tapped into life with each successive keystroke, his musical selection overdubbing any tracks I might think to lay down. But it’s Oh-kay.

This is at once a thankful, the room of re-direction, but the distractions of another person fully engaged in creative expression at the cost of mine? Should be an anti-thanks, non? But it’s not. It is appears as #2 on the thanks’ometer. I am thankful I call this person friend, mentor, family.

Thank you Josie for hosting this bloghop. It is one of 2 bloghops that have served as life support for my creative self  lo these fleeting years. TT #3? Why the hostess of the other life support system, Zoe who links us weekly to Six Sentence Story Thursday. I ain’t ready to pull the plug ladies. Not yet.

Hey, lookee here! It’s 7:13 pm the same day and guess what? No time to finish. (not again!) I have to leave shortly to ride shot gun with Clark while he drives through Wakefield hosting the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call In. A perfect #4 while #5 is the Wakefield Doctrine.

Guess what? It’s Sunday morning so I can now say I am thankful that Cynthia called in last night and filled us in on her recent adventures. She is a busy woman with many creative projects in various forms of development. I am thankful to know her. And so, #6.

I do not write the thanks in any particular order and so must not overlook thanks for an uneventful (as in safe!) and rather quick drive to RI a week ago yesterday. My expectations were to be driving for much longer because of holiday travel. It was not so. A pleasant 7 hour trip. Thankful #7 🙂 Does a wish for the same on my return trip count as a thankful, lol?

#8. The weather has been great. A tad cold but it is winter in the northeast afterall.

#9. Time spent with my sister-in-law carrying on our tradition of decorating the tree house for Christmas 😀

#10. Always for the day, this day. My only day.


  1. 15andmeowing · November 26

    Nice list of thankfuls. I hope your return trip goes well.Have a nice week!


  2. herheadache · November 27


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 28

      Thank you Kerry ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • herheadache · November 29

        I wanted to share it. It is a beautiful song. It has helped me deal with losing the memory of what colours look like.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 29

          I’m so glad that you did. Music is always there when no one else is.
          It’s funny how you find your way to listening to an artist, especially one who has been around for a whole lot of years. Clark sent me the link to Shawn Colvin and Allison Kruase performing the Boxer. Excellent rendtion. I recognized both musicians from back in the day (my I remember when lol). I never listened to either of them back then but I had a friend who was a huge fan of Shawn Colvin. I think now after your share, I will be listening to her alot 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

        • herheadache · November 29

          She has written some beautiful music, but I must say, my favourite was when she guest starred on The Simpsons.


        • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 30

          Is there anyone of note that has not “appeared” on the Simpsons? LOL How cool 😀

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  3. Pat B · November 28

    Your writing style is so much like another Clark here in this group of TToT bloggers. I do believe there is a connection. 🙂
    Our normal six-hour driving trip to our son’s place was eight hours going and coming due to the heavy traffic, but it all worked out.
    I love your expression, “the room of redirection.” That would work great for me since it isn’t too uncommon for me to go into a room and wonder why I’d decided to go there.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · November 28

      That’s not too awful bad, 2 hrs. I’m glad your trip went well also. I don’t mind heavy traffic as long as it keeps moving at a good clip.
      We all need a little of it time and again, don’t we? 😉


  4. Sageleaf · December 2

    Enjoyed your list and thank you, THANK YOU for the shout-out. ❤ #gratitude
    Ah, I'm sorry I didn't see this right when it came out. But I am here and so love your posts. And great Shawn Colvin pick by the way. 🙂
    I hope you had safe travels back home. I can't believe it was thanksgiving a week ago and now we're on the roller coaster toward more holidays and…2018 in 29 days! WOWZA!
    So an end-of-year-thanks is in order: for Girlie on the Edge, for the Doctrine (the call ins are fun!), also for employment, for life's little things that make me smile, and bigger things that make me smile.
    And do you have pics of the decorated tree house!? I would *love* to see it!! Are you gonna go back to RI for Christmas?!? DO TELL!


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 3

      Hi Cyndi! Thank you so much. No worries. You get to it when you get to it 😀 Your continued support and encouragement means the world to me.
      I did have safe travels back and count me in – I too am in utter disbelief, panic that the year is almost over!!!
      Yes, I believe I do have pictures of the decorated treehouse lol I will have to come back and post.
      Here’s to both the bigger and little things in life that make us smile 🙂


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