A few thankfuls and gratefuls at the Edge. It’s a TToT

Hey there. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge’s Sunday edition for the Josie Two Shoes hosted, Ten Things of Thankful bloghop. A beautius day, all sunshiny and such. Not quite as nice as yesterday but I’ll take it! There is no snow on the ground and that in and of itself is worth all 10 thankfuls 😀

Every time I attempt to write a TToT, I remember how, earlier in the week, I’ve told myself “remember that! it would be great for the TToT post“. Because I fully intend each week to post one. More often than not however, I don’t. What is it that gets in the way? What or who is eating my time??

Which brings me to my latest “trick” in my attempt to utilize my time…better. It is the “meditation” on time as an ocean. Fluid. Nonlinear. Each morning I lie flat on the floor to do my version of meditation and to stretch. It is a time to set my intentions for the day. And at the beginning, I simulate slowly, fluidly, the motion of doing the back stroke upon a vast and buoyant ocean. (Only with my arms, elsewhile there might be some knocking on my door wondering what all the noise is about!)

But back to the task at hand. Thankful, grateful and otherwise glad of? Lessee….

1  The lovely Grace Potter. She is mistress of the art of dancing to her own rhythm. Within a rhythm.

the Wakefield Doctrine. Of course.

3  The snow that fell last weekend disappeared last weekend. The snow that fell this past Friday, it disappeared too!

4  For morning rituals and greetings and keeping in touch with people regardless of how much geography lies between us.

5 & 6  It’s blatantly apparent I have not practiced inserting photos into posts or anything else with regards to mastering the art of the edit. The photo on the left is from earlier in the week. I had just parked my car at work. I was looking straight ahead, clear blue sky, left leaning and overarching winter stick branches hanging like a half moon in the foreground. But look, there, in the distance, a little to the right of 12 o’clock in the bare stick trees, there on an upper branch. Look closely. You will see 2 large (they were very large in real life!) birds perched, side by side enjoying the early morning together. In the few minutes I sat in my car watching them, they never moved. In fact, I managed to take several photos of them, got out of my car and still they sat, bird’s eye viewing it all.

To the right of that picture (for no other reason than it’s late! and I can’t figure out how to insert pictures!) is a picture I snapped while driving to the gym last Saturday morning, in the early part of our snow event. Overcast graywhite clouds suspended, tiny snowflakes insistently falling. It felt good to go out “in the weather” 🙂 As much as it begged for me to crawl back under the covers, I embraced the weather and the world.







7  The SBOR/SBOR! because it allows me to publish as is, without 10 thankfuls, and come back! That’s right. Come back later in the day with more thankfuls. Surely, as I venture out into crazylastminutechristmasshoppingpeoplearedrivinglikemaniacs I will have #’s 8, 9 and 10 😀  So. Anyone going to bet on me finishing my Christmas shopping today? 😀





  1. Kristi · December 17

    It’s always seems a bit magical to see birds or other wildlife in the city (or the wilderness, for that matter.)


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 17

      It does! I was so surprised that they never moved. I’ve never seen 2 birds just sit on a branch like they did 🙂


  2. Clark Scottroger · December 18

    still trying to find the birds in the tree, are you sure it wasn’t, like a garbage bag, say, half-full (of some really light stuff, including, maybe some half-eaten croissants that could have been caught in the opening of the bag that had been snagged by the branches and, well, most people think that half-eaten croissants look exactly like the beak of a large bird….
    could it have been that? It would not invalidate the Item (although might require some documentation, per SR 3.12)


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 18

      They are there. Once you see them you will not be able to unsee them 🙂
      You do make me smile as I remember an incident when we moved to Florida. It was a very long drive and we arrived extremely hungry,tired and very late at night. Don’t ask me why (it was windy as all get out and I think we heard noises outside), but at some time around midnight we opened the side door and looked out into the night. We both saw something moving in the grass. It was white-ish/gray in color. It was moving and we didn’t know what it could be, this was Florida after all! As only imagination can accomplish, we managed to frighten ourselves into thinking it was some sort of small, wild animal and hurridly closed the door!
      Morning light revealed a plastic shopping bag hung up on a fallen branch. The power of suggestion, non? 😀

      Thanks for the reference however to SR 3.12!


  3. messymimi · December 20

    A list to make me smile. Time waits for no one, thus i carry a small note pad and write things down. Otherwise they are gone.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 20

      Glad you enjoyed Mimi 🙂 It sure doesn’t! Good for you having a small notepad. Me? tons of sticky notes and pieces of paper in every compartment of my purse lol


  4. Sageleaf · December 21

    Hey there, friend! Sorry I didn’t see this post immediately. John’s birthday was last weekend – had a potluck on Saturday evening and all that socializin’ made me a veritiable (but welcome state of) zombie on Sunday. lol.
    I realized that if you click on your photos in this post, you can see it much bigger and those two birds are so big, indeed! Such incredible creatures they are! I love studying birds (insofar as imagining their awesomeness and ability to fly anywhere at anytime – what an ability!).
    Glad for the Girlie on the Edge blog, too. That’s one of my gratitudes. 🙂
    And the cup of tea I’m sipping. And the Linkin Park music courtesy of the video you posted here. All good. Life is good, non? While it presents true challenges, there is always the good side, too. I hope you’re having a great holiday season. You staying in VA? Going to RI? FL? LOL.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · December 23

      Hello! Wonderful weekend birthday celebration activities. Happy Birthday again to John! No worries, you are never late to my party Ms. Sageleaf 🙂
      Thank you! Please tell Clark there really are 2 large birds sitting side by side lol Unfortunately, my non skill with camera and computer prevented me from providing a better, clearer photo 😀
      When I was younger (and still to this day) and asked in school: “what animal would you like to be?“, I’d always answer “bird” and pretty much for the reasons you state!
      Thanks Cyndi. And yes, there is always the good side. May we always see and find it.
      In VA for these holidays, yes 🙂
      Pehaps we’ll talk tonight? Unless you have familial and holiday duties in which case maybe next week!
      Take care my friend and enjoy this time of year. Be happy and healthy and ever present in the moment.


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