Even up the Playing Field. Turn that 9 upside down…

Been almost 3 years since Coach, aka Jellyhead, gave Girlie the 411 on contracts and such. And Girlie? Did she wind up getting signed by that other team? Rumor went ’round for months she was spotted on the field hours after midnight (the in-between time when shadows aren’t only shadows). As much as she respected Coach, she needed to find out for herself, who really writes the playbook.

Blizzards anyone? Forgive the cynicism but “bomb cyclone“? Really? There are some mornings I’m not listening to the Ramones or Metallica and instead listen to NPR on my morning commute. Like today. Oh my goodness. So let’s interview a female scientist of the weather/meteorology type and have her explain in her just dramatic enough, incredibly attractive, accented voice, what a jet stream is. Do we not know about the jet stream? Is this new science? Have we not had horrific winter storms ever before? And so she went on to explain about the awful impending bomb cyclone that would ravage our eastern seaboard. No doubt this has been a raging storm, but I so dislike the sensationlism associated with weather events.

Now that you have a sense of my mood this evening, lol, let us try to proceed with writing a 6 Sentence Story, a 6 Sentence anything, something! for inclusion in Zoe’s weekly bloghop, Six Sentence Story. I daresay our hostess is quite snowed in and maybe even working on a snowy 6 of her own. We can hope, can’t we? 🙂

“How the hell can I pitch with the wind screaming like that, let alone so crazylike it winds up hurling the ball way, way left of the plate?

If I told you once I’ve told you 5 million times, it’s all in the curve. You gotta know about the curve, when to use, how to use it, how to control it.. and ya got to have an eye.

Listen, they think you can’t pitch, ya have to make ’em believe you can. This is your last chance anywhere so let’s start again….and remember, too many balks, they’ll boot you like an empty can of chew. The winning or the losing is all about the pitch.”



  1. Deborah Lee · January 5

    Any place you start anew is the right place to start. 🙂


  2. UP · January 5

    Fresh starts are always great!!


  3. Keith's Ramblings · January 5

    A bit of practice and it will be pitch perfect! Nice one.

    Click to read my SSS!


  4. Clark Scottroger · January 5

    and, if all else fails, a giant gob of over-chewed….er chew will really focus their attention on the important details and not the ones that everyone knows matter,


  5. Hope the curve comes through. And yes, it is awful how they sensationalize the weather. South Louisiana is living proof, however, of what happens when they don’t, and it’s sad.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · January 5

      Me too 🙂
      It is. It seems to be relatively easy to send some folks into a panic, others to become overly worried and send others running around (on the highway) like crazy.
      Oh dear. I don’t watch the news. What happened in South Louisiana?


  6. I agree with you totally that I hate these oversensationalised weather events. We have even heard of your cyclone bomb here in Australia. I don’t know a lot about baseball but as I read I couldn’t help but think perhaps if to pitch perfect you have to have an eye – well a cyclone should have one of them.


    • GirlieOnTheEdge · January 6

      In Australia? Well then, that confirms the sensationalism for sure that you heard about our weather there!
      I wonder…sometimes it appears they do, unfortunately.

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