Hello all. It’s me, Girlie. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and another 6 Sentence Story. Thanks to Miss Zoe over at Uncharted land, I was able to link up to her infamous bloghop. So, without further ado, I bid adieu.

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It was an awfully bitter cold, windy as hell middle of winter half day, my shoes were soaked like sponges at the bottom of an almost but not quite emptied cleaning bucket.

Shivering from toe to nose, I continued walking, the slush no longer felt as my feet were no longer of the living.

Exposure is what they called it. I’ll tell you what I call it – I call it damned stupidity!

I looked over at my new friend, my new buddy, my soon to be ex-friend, ex-buddy for pulling a stunt like she did, driving right by a gas station not 5 miles back and did she stop???!

Which is why we are walking in mind numbing cold, slush and snow anxious to get to that very same gas station knowing, for a short time, we will be warm and dry… until we trudge out again, gas can in tow.

20 thoughts on “Winterwonderland…not!

  1. You did a wonderful job of pulling us into the emotions of your character, feeling the cold and misery and frustration. I’ve taken those long cold walks before, once for miles on a dark winter night, and it’s definitely not fun at all. It’s bad enough if it happens because of a vehicle breakdown or some such, but worse if it’s because someone wasn’t thinking. Great story!

    <a href=" Two Shoes ~ Six Sentence Stories


    1. Thank you Wendy. Tis the season in the mid-atlantic so it didn’t take a great stretch lol
      Oh, man. That must have been awful!
      You got that right. When lack of foresight or like you say, someone just wasn’t thinking, that’s when frustration goes off the charts 😀

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  2. Sounds like a typical winter day! 😀 HAHA. Glad to see you here with a new post. You’ve been posting more frequently – I LOVE IT!! Glad you’re in the blogosphere stretching that writing muscle. And what a fun little story. I imagined it was you, then maybe it wasn’t you and then maybe it was…but whatever the case may be…it’s COLD and I can’t wait for spring. 😉 Though…I am trying to be present and enjoy winter for what it is…hard as that may be sometimes. 😉


    1. Good morning Cynthia! Thanks for stopping by the 6:) I’ve been trying to post more. Got a TToT up about 1/2 hour ago. Trying to get back to a more consistent writing thing. Fun. It’s about fun right? lol I marvel at how much I can edit 6 sentences and still find things after the fact!
      I know exactly what you mean. While we should all not rush time by wishing for spring, it’s difficult sometimes not to! Especially, the extra cold days. Today is rainy, overcast here but thanks to you 😀 I will try to embrace what is today.


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