When being late to the party is not rude!

Hello! Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Thanks for waiting up! I realize I’m late for the party but I felt compelled to not let the weekend expire without publishing a Ten Things of Thankful! Mostly because I had a post partially ready for last week’s Ten Things of Thankful and then let it languish outside a roadside cafe somewhere in a distant desert.
(I recently discovered it had made off with an unpublished 6 Sentence Story from several weeks back.)

Josie Two Shoes. She is a writer and our weekly Hostess/Co-odinator of this extraordinary bloghop. Thanks to her, we have a wonderful opportunity to share in the thankful and sometimes not so thankful aspects, events and musings going on in our lives. OK, seems the big hand is…well it’s pointing to a number that says: “get the lead out Girlie!”

First up let’s enter: Movies! And directors and screenwriters, and, well, you get the gist. It occurred to me as I watched part of Hope Floats later this afternoon (never have watched it start to finish) that movies are wonderful for all sorts of reasons – escape, emotional catharis, emotional indulgence, entertainment.

Second runner up: Headphones. Sometimes, ya just need to hear music up close and personal.

Third place: (from the AWOL TToT) I took a walk at lunch on Valentine’s Day. The temperature had gone from the 30’s and low 40’s the day before to a rather balmy 71. While windy with only partial sun, it still felt glorious. I decided, instead of driving to the Post Office to drop my mail, I’d walk. That required crossing Chain Bridge Road. A busy, main road. Don’t know why but I’ve never liked waiting at crosswalks, waiting for the machine to tell me it’s OK to walk.  As I stood there thinking of my sometimes reticence at using crosswalks, a memory blasted into my brain totally out of the blue. Or not, as the irony was not lost on me, it being Valentine’s Day 🙂  I thought to myself – stop being a baby, I’ve walked across the Champs-Élysées! That made me smile. Me, walking in Paris. Thankful for the remembrance of that memory 🙂

FourthThat same evening (the 14th), as I turned off the car engine, having arrived where I live, I heard the geese. For as long as I remember, whenever I hear the honking of geese, I stop. And wait. And look. And watch. It’s a thing. I can’t not do it lol. Anyway, a very low flying group passed overhead. I watched for as long as I could until they were beyond the trees, listening to them sing and talk to each other, giving directions. Then a second, smaller group followed in the most perfectly formed V I have ever scene and it was silent! So silent, I could hear the swoosh sound of the flapping of their wings. The sound of flight. Awesome.

Fifth place: OK, keeping with the geese thing. A couple of days later, getting in from work around the usual time, I spotted 2 geese (where was everybody else?!) flying overhead except they were flying backwards. No not like that lol. They were flying in the opposite direction as the 2 groups flying only a couple of days prior. Did they forget someone? 😀

6th and closing in: The Director’s Chair on El Rey network. Watching Robert Rodriguez interview Guillermo del Toro. Cool.

7th TToT: Robert Rodriguez.

Eighth Thankful: Knowing that this year, 2018, is a year that will prove full of forward motion.

9th Inning:  Finally. I’ve managed to figure out what laptop to order. One last look tomorrow (promise!) and then it’s time (ooh, better whisper so lapbaby doesn’t hear) to place my order.

Tenth: Today. I made it through the day. So far, so good 🙂


  1. Pat B · February 25

    I always look up to see the geese when I hear them honking. It is so fascinating to watch the V formations change slightly as a new goose becomes the leader. I’ve often wondered how they decide which goose is going to take over the spot and how they are able to keep their formation.
    Those tech decisions sometimes take a bit of google searches and review readings, etc. I’m glad you have narrowed down what you want.
    Hope you have a great week ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 26

      It is fascinating and beautiful the geese. I know! Is it a timing thing? Do they have certain cues for switching? 🙂
      It can be mind boggling picking out a new laptop, at least for me lol. I definately run searches and check reviews. It is helpful to look at people’s feedback. I’ve had good luck with Dell in the past so I’m at least confident in the brand I’ve chosen 🙂


  2. Sageleaf · February 26

    You know, I haven’t ever watched Hope Floats. Hmm…lemme just add that to my queue. And the Shape of Water? Ah yes, this, too. I’m glad for the Girlie on the Edge blog and thankful for a TToT post here. 🙂 I need to make it over to Josie’s blog (time!) to thank her for all you folks who get inspired to participate in these. Valentine’s day was nice, wasn’t it? I feel like a wilted sunflower that comes back to life when the sun comes out. I just love the warmer weather and the sunshine. It powers my soul, I swear. 🙂 In any case, I hope you have a wonderful week and here’s to being grateful! ❤

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 26

      It’s not a bad movie. Light, a little sad but I like it. I am very curious about the Shape of Water. Listened to an interview with Doug Jones, the actor playing the “monster”. It was very interesting. You can catch the transcript at NPR. Apparently, he has an extensive resume playing creatures 🙂
      Thank you, Cyndi. I always enjoy when you stop by 🙂
      Those few warm days have come and gone. Now I look forward to days in the 60’s lol.
      Here’s to being grateful!! You have a wonderful week too 😀


  3. Josie Two Shoes · February 27

    One is really never late to a TToT party until late Tuesday night, and even then I’ve been known to “unlock the door” to let a straggler in. 🙂 It’s all about the inner urging to focus on gratitude, and you have done that wonderfully here! I have more half-finished posts than I care to admit, and I laughed when I read that one of yours made off with an SSS Story! I’m glad you came to join us this week, I’m glad I made it back too!

    I’d never really thought about what a gift movies are to us, like books they have the ability to take us away from our sometimes mundane lives and transport us to other places, experiences and emotions. Going to the movies is still a treat at 64, especially when the theater has those wonderful recliners!

    Headphones are great, not only for the wearer, but for those in the vicinity! Papa Bear sometimes uses them for the phone or tv if he is watching or listening to something “noisy” (by my definition) because he knows how much I like peaceful background sounds. You are right that headphones make the experience much more personal!

    I loved your walk to the PO on Valentine’s Day and crossing the road that brought back sweet memories. It’s wonderful how sometimes they just pop up at the right moment to let you enjoy them all over again!

    I love to stop and watch geese too, we see them often during their migrations here. Their perfect alignment and sense of direction never ceases to amaze me, I suspect our society could learn from them. I had to smile at the two returning, maybe they opted out this season. 🙂

    Although I’ve lived in New Mexico and Texas for almost 35 years, I wasn’t familiar with Robert Rodriguez (yes, I live in my own little bubble), so I had to go and read about him and his work, and was definitely impressed! I love and admire people who are living their dream.

    Buying a new laptop is a big decision! I hope you end up loving the one you’ve chosen. I’m excited that you will be putting it to work for SSS! 🙂

    Making it through the day… yup, that in itself is a pretty big blessing. The odds of making it through today and tomorrow are pretty good too! I hope the rest of your week is blessed. Thank you for joining us at TToT! ❤

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · February 27

      Egaads! It’s Tuesday night! I have not read everyone’s posts yet!! I’m really glad you leave the door open until Tuesday night. Sometimes the weekend get away from you and before you know it…it’s Tuesday. Glad you made it too 😀
      Oh my gosh it’s been so long since I’ve been to the movie theater but I know I’ll never out grow it. I used to love going to the Saturday matinees as a kid.
      Ah, they do come in handy when one person wants some quiet time. Nice compromise. And you get to stay in the same room 🙂
      You make me laugh about the geese opting out.
      I’ve always wanted to visit New Mexico! He’s written and directed some great movies. Me too. Must be a wonderful feeling.
      Guess what?! I ordered the new laptop tonight. I’m glad I waited another day. I went over specs and whatnot and decided to go with another one in the same series but with more memory and harddrive. Figure for a little more in price it would be worth it. Yes, I will be putting it to work for SSS 🙂
      Thank you Josie. Have a wonderful week your own self! I always feel good participating 🙂

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  4. valj2750 · February 28

    Glad you made it to the party.


  5. Dyanne Dillon · March 5

    Late to the party? Try two weeks late! I was completely AWOL last week.
    Please tell me you loved The Shape of Water! I have seen it twice. It is magical. The score is perfection, as are the sets. And I’m a little in love with the creature, too. Confession time: when I first heart Guillermo del Toro’s name on NPR before the movie came out, I kept thinking they were talking about Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel. True story, much as I hate to admit it….

    Liked by 1 person

    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 6

      You are never late to the party:D
      I haven’t seen it yet but it looks fabulous. Now I really want to see it 🙂
      Aha! My true story…I had to go look up that Guillermo lol


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