Hitchin’ a Ride to TToTville

What does Julie Andrews and Vanity Fare have in common? Eggs-actly. In my head only. You surprised? lol At least those of you who know me and are familiar with the Wakefield Doctrine? Go look up “clark” over to the Doctrine. Don’t know that it’s in the urban dictionary yet but it might be. Let me know will ya?

So here’s my deal. (hold up a sec while I mute the keys here…can’t have lapbaby hearing what I got to say….there….done) As I was saying, I ordered and received a new lap top yesterday. Finally, after thinking way too much about it for way too long, I committed. And, if you’d seen me last night, perhaps I should have been (committed) 😀 (Yo, Clark! The tonal was raising hell!)

See, I’ve not been my usual self in that I’ve not kept abreast of technological advances in oh, say, the last 10 years! Not my normal mo for sure but it became my normal mo. It became my routine and therefore gobbled up by the tonal. Try making inroads with that going on my friend. Sheesh. (“tonal”? concept referenced in Carlos Castenada’s first few books about Don Juan). And so I realized that at a certain age in life you either accept that you are a certain age and therefore excuse or otherwise give in to not doing certain things, or engaging in any number of activities. S’all relates to time, no? I suppose I should have studied Einstein’s theories? Would that help me this morning? mmm… Thinking not 🙂

I’m beginning to ramble now and that, my friends is a sure sign to reign it in and get to the point of all these words. It’s Saturday. That means, for me, get a Ten Things of Thankful post up and shared and start reading the other TToT posts offered in friendship and support and general all around let’s all have fun this weekendness. Thanks to Joes Two Shoes we can be linked pretty easily to each other and share each other’s thoughts and goings on for the week or so past. (Josie! I will write you for code so I can put everyone on my post too!)

Ready people? Let’s do this!!!

1   I’m thankful for Zoe over at Uncharted for hosting the Six Sentence Story bloghop for lo these…how many years?? Do I want to know? lol

2   For waking up this morning.

3   Not only for waking up, but waking up to sunshine and significantly calmer winds. The DC Metro area was kinda a mess yesterday as was many other regions. Watch out Northeast today!

4   That we had power yesterday at work. (naah, would rather have gone home!).

5   Hypo-grat right here, numero 5:  last night, while working a little ot (along with about 6 othere people) we had 2 power surges. Guess whose computer fried? Yuppers. So, in a way, if I don’t go into work this weekend for lack of a computer, it won’t be the end of the world because….drumroll please….

6   New laptop.

7   Future thankful:  that I complete the set up of said new laptop, today.

8   the Wakefield Doctrine.

9   the ease with which this post was written today. (could it be the extra caffeine?? 3 mugs ‘o the juice and we good to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

10 Jesus Jones for titling a song “Right here, Right Now” because sometimes the little ear/mind worms that won’t leave us alone can push us along, lead us to living in the right here, right now. In the present. And practically speaking, is there any other place you’d rather be? (no, really guys, think about it. the possibility is in the now, not the then, not the maybe could be. reach out, eyes closed. surprise your self)


  1. Josie Two Shoes · March 3

    I loved this TToT because I could relate so well! Yes, there definitely is an age where you just don’t want to be forced to learn some new things (i.e. technology primarily). It’s not that we can’t, and because we must we will, but we’d really rather not, if that makes any sense. I sympathize with the pain and frustration of setting up a new laptop. Upgrades used to be minor adjustments, but now it’s like a whole new world everytime I get a new phone or computer device. I never do manage to learn ALL the tricks and talents of the old one before it’s on to the new. I am hoping that my Surface (which wasn’t insanely expensive when I got it, but they are now), stays well for several more years, and my iPhone too (fat chance, I know). I’m sending positive energy your way in hopes that all will fall smoothly into place with your new laptop and you’ll be loving it in no time. I often find myself wondering how anybody can function without an Internet access device of some sort. Even the promo games at our grocery store require you to “download the app”.

    Zoe has indeed done a wonderful job of keeping up Six Sentence Stories for a long, long time. I had grown weary and overwhelmed with work, so had archived it, and I was so grateful when she asked if she could pick it up. Under her efforts it has thrived and become a place we all enjoy sharing each week. Zoe is the Best, in so many ways!

    Waking up in the morning is a great time and place to start being thankful, a wonderful mindset for the day, and for the obvious reasons is preferable to not waking up, though that could be debated from a spiritual perspective. I am glad that your weather has settled down since yesterday, we saw some of that blustering on TV, not nice at all!

    I’ve been at work when the power went out, meaning no elevators, no office lights, and restrooms that were lit by the glow of our phones. The air quickly gets stuffy in a tall building though, and the windows don’t open. But it would have been nice if you could have been released to home. It sounds like the power surge took care of any work plans you might have had anyway. I hope that doesn’t mean more hassles in the coming week and another new piece of equipment to become friends with.

    All the above being said, a new laptop is exciting! Once you learn the tricks and how to make it play nice, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Kind of like me finally switching to WordPress. Why did I wait so long? It’s such a relief!

    I love the Wakefield Doctrine because it helps me make sense to me, and to understand my role. Knowing there are others has made me feel far less like an alien from somewhere far, far away, or that I am somehow flawed.

    Caffeine in the morning is just a must, though mine comes in the form of iced tea, I’ve convinced myself that I must have it to switch on my brain and began to function! A day of going without means a dull headache and an overwhelming desire to take a nap. 🙂

    Living in the rIght here, right now… it takes some time to learn that point of view, and to understand the wisdom of it. If we remain stuck in the past or on the future, we’ve wasted what we truly have… today! I don’t want to settle into bed at night and think “well that was a wasted day.” Make it count for something, even if it’s just giving someone else a reason to smile… and your TToT post today did just that for me! I can visualize the smoke rising from your head as you wrangle with that new laptop! 🙂

    I will email you the HTML code for today’s TToT link up to your gmail address now, if that’s not correct, email me back at jts.2000@yahoo.com. THANKS!

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 3

      Isn’t it awful? Me too! I learn enough to get by and tell myself “I’ll learn all this stuff real soon” until that stuff is the old stuff! 😀 Btw, you do make sense about preferring to not have to bother. But! Think of the alternative. So true we live in a “mechanical” age. Everything is connected to the web, all things going virtual. There are times I wonder if its just too late to catch up! Thank you for the positive energy Josie. Just got back from the gym and was going to look up a few things (is that cheating? lol) before I turn on the new machine. Glad I came here first 🙂

      She has done a wonderful job. I am thankful for you creating the SSS to begin with! I’ve fingers crossed, the hop will do as well under new stewardship as it did under yours and Zoe’s 🙂

      Agreed. If you begin the day with thanks and recognition of the good and positive it kind of works as a bit of armour against the unknown of the day to come. Thanks. I went walking at lunch and what with the stop signs rattling and flagpoles and street lights looking like they were going to bend to the ground, I found myself thinking of the movie Final Destination. Don’t know why but I laughed to myself, as I imagined a metal sign breaking free and slicing me in half. I know that’s not funny but I guess you had to be there (in my head) lol

      Luckily, our office had no problems all day long. It was 45 minutes after closing when we had the surges. Guess it was just time for me to go home. I don’t think I’d like being in a building on an upper floor when the power goes out! It must be very uncomfortable! Luckily we’re on the 1st floor of a 2 story building.

      Not flawed and sure as heck no alien lol although in retrospect we often felt like that on more than one occasion! Indeed, the Doctrine has been extremely useful for my self evolution.

      Um, Josie…you haven’t convinced yourself you need it to swith on the brain. It’s a fact! I swear no matter the form, if you’ve been drinking caffeine in the morning for as long as we have, we simply cannot properly begin the day 😀

      It does take time to learn it. To practice it. To embrace it. It’s very challenging sometimes. But there is not alternative. I’m glad I made you smile. Now that makes my day 🙂
      Let’s hope there will be no more smoke and very little wrangling 😀

      I’ll go check my e-mail and pop in the code. Thank you for sending it.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend Josie!!

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  2. valj2750 · March 3

    When those of us at a certain age realize certain things, do we get to play the age card? I don’t know but I do know lots of people who call me BS on that. My technological knowledge is always incomplete and when I reach an impasse, I freak. I am holding on to my laptop from 2011 because I just don’t want to deal with changing over. I’m pretty impressed you download songs each week to share. Yay for coffee, six sentence stories and sun shining through the window.

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 3

      Dammit, Val! Yes! lol. I’m guilty of that stuff too. Cognitively, I know it’s not as difficult as I make it, but sometimes, it can be overwhelming. I hear you about keeping the old stuff. Hard to let go sometimes 🙂
      Oh yeah. A world without coffee is a messed up world. Here here to six sentence stories sunshine and daylight savings time in 8 more days!

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  3. May · March 3

    Yeah, the “those of us of a certain age” rang a bit too true to me as well. As part of my resolutions this year I included fighting the urge to give into that thinking—–mixed results so far. Hope you getting calmer, warmer weather this week.

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 3

      Stay strong! 🙂 It is difficult to keep from settling into that frame of mind.
      Thank you! Today was sunny and a bit warmer. I’m very grateful for no snow!!!


  4. Sageleaf · March 3

    New laptop? What fun. 🙂 As for the learning part – was looking at what you posted and some of the comments, hehe – and it can get overwhelming to keep up with it all. But, I have discovered the term multipotentialite. I’m sort of addicted to learning. 🤣 Haha. So yeah, I like my gadgets although they DO cost an arm and a leg to keep up with, so I usually give an elbow or something and leave it at that. Now, anytime I can get these things for a deal, well, I’m ALLLLL over that.
    In other news, I probably won’t have a chance to call in tonight: John’s leaving for South Cackalack tomorrow to do his own version of the personal retreat. He’s goin’ to the beach. 🙂 It’ll be me, Vinny, Ralphie and Pepe for the next four or five days. Haha. I’m thinking of having a party for all four legged creatures. HA!
    Glad for the sunshine and glad you’re doing all right after that nor’easter. Yikes! I saw an article that said they’re now like hurricanes. 😳 I saw Clark’s pics and was like, WHOA!
    I hope you’re having a great weekend. And shhh…I know your birthday is this month…when is Clark’s again? Hehe.

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 3

      Yes! Well, sort of, sometimes lol. It can get overwhelming but I believe that to be more from my attitude going into it. Multipotentialite. Good one 🙂 Deals are good when you can get them!!
      To the beach! What a wonderful place for John to go for some R&R and R 😀 Imo, the beach is the most perfect place.
      You and the 4 leggeds will get in some extra bonding time 🙂 Par-tay! Yes!
      It was quite a day but but there were coastal towns with so much flooding. Heartbreaking.
      It is! Clark’s is next Tuesday, the 6th. 🙂


  5. Please remember that old is at least 10 years older than whatever age you are, and no one can learn all the technology, it changes way too fast.

    Thanks for the ten things, you made me smile!

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 10

      Hi Mimi! Then tack on those 10 years to my age this very moment! I swear I replied to your comment but aack! it looks like I did not!
      No, only children can lol

      You are most welcome. Smiling is good 🙂


  6. Clark Scottroger · March 4

    New computers are enjoyable… like being young and getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend. You think you know what you want from them and, though not totally confident you believe in your abilities. Then they get mad at something that should have made them happy, or worse, they totally fail to respond to your surest thing. What the hell. The past was good. This is not.

    (Yeah, clever with the age reversal thing, no?)

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  7. 15andmeowing · March 4

    Nice list of thankfuls. Good luck with the new computer set up 🙂

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  8. MindOverMeta · March 5

    My earworms are normally of really annoying songs. Why can’t I get one which I don’t mind going round it my head?! 🙂

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 5

      Most of the time they are for me too lol.
      (Maybe put a few favorite songs on repeat until you can’t stand it anymore. Perhaps you can replace the annoying ones with preferred songs😁)


  9. Kristi · March 7

    I think age is a funny thing. I agree that it can be used to give one permission to not do things, but I also find it gives me the freedom to try new things. I think I’m just more confident in what I want to do, or not do. 🙂

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 7

      Confidence surely comes with age. An advantage to getting older for sure 🙂 and I think, we evenutally begin to see that “things” aren’t all that scary afterall 😀


  10. herheadache · March 10

    How’s the new laptop working out for you this week?

    Thanks for those songs. I needed the energy boost. I really must figure out that violin part at the start of the last one.

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge · March 10

      Funny you should ask Kerry 😀 I’d like to say great! but I have not used it that much. Got an e-mail about registering a product and I’m having a dee-dilly of a time. Either it’s me or the process is a tad more complicated than needs be lol

      You are very welcome. I know you know how crucial music is to boosting energy and mood. Well, you’re always up for a challenge, right? 🙂 🙂

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