Snow Blind. It’s a 6.

grey flecked white, silhouette on heart stain red, outside curtained window, swirling snow

storm un-predicted, boughs reluctantly bend, unsuspecting nature’s silence comfort in the air

melting like Salvador into arms of over-sized chair, softness turns to caution turns to tears

scarred life worn, the trunk in a corner, room grown too small, like baby bird outgrowing the nest, 

locked by years missing, fear floats free-falling

key in hand, release

Image result for trunk in attic






18 thoughts on “Snow Blind. It’s a 6.

      • Violet Lentz January 31, 2019 / 7:00 am

        I have already flooded the airwaves this morning, so I will post this afternoon.. Stay tuned. And just an fyi, I just wrote a story with the same name.. Hmm…. great minds.

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  1. UP January 31, 2019 / 8:10 am

    I am always jealous of poets! This is so good! Thanks.

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge January 31, 2019 / 11:47 am

      Thank you, Paul!
      Perhaps you ought to take a stab at it, the poetry thing 😀
      Did that come across as a challenge? lol. Well, alright, challenge it is 🙂


  2. clark January 31, 2019 / 8:36 am

    I’m with Paul, pomes is for gurls

    (Sorry Paul, I know thats not what you meant, but, like they say, you can take the lifeforms out of Y Chromia, but you can’t take the Y Chromia out of the lifeform.)

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        • clark January 31, 2019 / 7:02 pm

          gauntlet toss, you say?
          Well, I didn’t come to this virtual world to be comfortable…
          (Its been my experience, at least here in the ‘sphere, that my comfort zone does nothing for self-improving myself)…. your challenge…state your terms, yo

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          • D. Avery @shiftnshake January 31, 2019 / 7:27 pm

            Oh, gee… Denise sets the terms. Ultimately. But…
            We all know it doesn’t have to rhyme, but it could. Any form? Six “sentences”; some poetic license allowed.

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