Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories! We’re halfway through National Poetry Month. Today’s quote came by way they often do – beginning point A, hanging a right somewhere around Q, doubling back to M… 🙂
The quote is from a young, female poet. What struck me about her was her age and her popularity. At 28, she is a wonderful reminder of the opportunity afforded our youth. The internet, with all its plentitudinous (it’s in Clark’s dictionary) platforms, offers everyone a unique opportunity to share our creative selves, literally, with the world. In turn, we’re gifted stories and poetry, art and music. All life’s necessities. Please share some of your necessities and join in the next edition of Six Sentence Stories.

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Come back here on Thursday, link your post…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 🙂


The thing about writing is I can’t tell if it’s healing or destroying.” – Rupi Kaur

9 thoughts on “Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

  1. Susan Zutautas April 19, 2020 / 11:01 am

    Great prompt! This will work very nicely into my series 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday, Denise! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • GirlieOnTheEdge April 19, 2020 / 11:12 am

      Glad you like it and that it will work for Pete’s story. Looking forward to next installment 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Rhen Laird April 19, 2020 / 8:37 pm

    Hmmm, this prompt could go a lotta ways 🙂 I’m considering doing a continuation of my last 2…unless you think it would be too hard for readers to stay with. And you’ve given us another great quotation–you’re an endless bounty! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • GirlieOnTheEdge April 20, 2020 / 12:33 am

      Someone once told me …trust the readers. I say write what comes and if that is a continuation, readers will find their way 🙂


      • Rhen Laird April 20, 2020 / 1:46 am

        You are a wise woman, and I’ll trust your advice–with much gratitude ❤

        Liked by 2 people

  3. Susan Zutautas April 22, 2020 / 2:39 pm

    Appologies but I’m posting mine for this week a little early. Hope that’s okay. I will, when I can, come back and link it up the proper way.

    Liked by 1 person

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