Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories! It is a cold and rainy Sunday in my part of the world. A good writing day. Rain or not, every day is a good writing day, yes? 🙂 Whatever your plans, or no plans. Whoever may pop over for a visit or not, perhaps you will steal a little time for yourself and write a Six Sentence Story for this week’s new edition. If not complete a Six, perhaps lay the (no! don’t do it, don’t use the word 😆) groundwork for a story or poem or new scene from one of your wips. Do you have a draft laying around that might benefit from this week’s prompt word? Why not check it out? Whatever you do this Sunday, enjoy. Write. Then write a little more. Later, people!

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Return here, link your post Wednesday night through Saturday late…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 😀


Some of my earliest work was in comics. I tend to think in pictures and always like to write scenes possessing the dynamic you find in comics.” – Michael Moorcock

10 thoughts on “Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

  1. Reena Saxena October 28, 2020 / 3:06 pm

    I see expressions and body language when I visualize. It is difficult to translate that into words. Whatever emerges in words is different.

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge October 28, 2020 / 5:08 pm

      I totally identify with you, Reena. It is always different.
      Such is the challenge! To write until words appear that sufficiently describe what is seen by your mind’s eye. Stay the course. The proper grouping of words will one day be there (tapping imaginary feet impatiently), waiting for you to summon them 🙂

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