Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories!
Are we ready?! To engage in storytelling for another week? Of course, we are! We never tire of writing, do we? No secret I’m partial to music, as are most of you. So you know there are times you simply have to listen to that song – the one in F minor. The one that insists on setting the tone of the day; instead of indulging, you sit before a figurative fire pit, zealously throw all of what might come from that indulgence into it. You pick up your “pen”. You gaze into a growing fire as tethers to past and future go up in flame. You are left with a moment, one primed for the seedlings of a story, a poem, a journey ending with the next scene in your serial story, your book. Today, I ask you to throw all you’ve got into the fire, write exactly 6 sentences from the embers of those flames and share them here, ’round the fire pit that is Six Sentence Stories.

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Link up at Wednesday’s post. Link goes live at 6:00 pm through Saturday late…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 😀


Poetry and beauty are always making peace. When you read something beautiful you find coexistence; it breaks walls down.” – Mahmoud Darwish

10 thoughts on “Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

  1. UP September 4, 2022 / 1:22 pm

    Oh the places we could go

    Liked by 1 person

  2. clark September 4, 2022 / 1:44 pm

    Let first say one thing: I totally love this here bloghop here and, want to go on record as being on the bunny slope section of the famous Bell Curve in terms of age (the right-hand side).
    This might explain my inability (or lack of taste/judgement) in pasting the following

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    • GirlieOnTheEdge September 4, 2022 / 2:00 pm

      I love that you love Six Sentence Stories, Clark. I enjoy your Sixes immensely.

      Almost as much as I enjoy the YouTube vids you leave here 🤣🤣🤣
      As if I laughed heartily at such… 😝

      Liked by 1 person

    • GirlieOnTheEdge September 5, 2022 / 10:13 am

      Hi Bear. Awesome you wrote a Six!

      The inlinkz for the hop isn’t available until 6:00 pm Wednesday night my time, Eastern Standard, US.
      If you have difficulty linking the URL to your Six, let me know by comment or e-mail. I will assist.

      Sunday’s post is when I give everyone the prompt word to use. Some folks write a Six right away as you did, then return to my place beginning Wednesday through Saturday to link it. The Six Sentence Blog Hop runs Wed. night to Saturday right before midnight my time.

      Thank you for the follow and I’m excited you are giving Six Sentence Stories a try!

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