It’s Monday. SFW! (to quote an obscure movie title)

Good evening, morning, afternoon. Wherever and whenever your are, welcome. I am Girlie and this is my place for writing words. Except it’s been quite some time, years in fact, since I’ve posted anything other than a Ten Things of Thankful post ( excellent bloghop created by international traveler Lizzie Lewis, newly administrated by the prolific Josie Two Shoes) or the occaisional Six Sentence Story.

I went to the FB this evening (I try and go at least every other day or two). One of the features I enjoy (no really!) is the “hey! look what you posted this day” (insert year). And so it was that this date last year I posted a Six Sentence Story. It was a Friday. I clicked on the link, read it, thought “yeah, I still like it” and then played the music video. Twice. The second time I turned off the light and turned on my favorite Christmas gift of this year, a very delightful “kalaidescopic light show in glass cube” given me by a co-worker. Imagine it blinking all colorful like 😀 I love it.

Today is a day of birthdays. Famous people. Not famous people. Today, I was given a gift of time. 2.5 hours of time that otherwise would be spent at work. Work closed early today for inclement weather. Gift. So, what to do with this time? We can’t go back in time. We can’t move forward in time. We have only now. In spite of the weather, when I arrived back, where I live, I changed out of my work clothes and into… gym clothes. In no less than 15 minutes I was out the door and headed for the gym. What’s so great about that?

It’s wasn’t about going to the gym or anywhere else for that matter. It was about using time that otherwise would not be mine on a typical work day, and using it to do something…good, of my choosing, beneficial, fun, outside of routine. It was an opportunity to engage the world in time that, only hours previously, did not exist.

It’s a new year. Another day. Another opportunity. Whether it’s filled with blinking lights, safe and secure, filled with work deadlines, editor’s deadlines, chores or children’s activities, it’s still our time, rightWhy not accept the challenge and live outside of the box. 


Even up the Playing Field. Turn that 9 upside down…

Been almost 3 years since Coach, aka Jellyhead, gave Girlie the 411 on contracts and such. And Girlie? Did she wind up getting signed by that other team? Rumor went ’round for months she was spotted on the field hours after midnight (the in-between time when shadows aren’t only shadows). As much as she respected Coach, she needed to find out for herself, who really writes the playbook.

Blizzards anyone? Forgive the cynicism but “bomb cyclone“? Really? There are some mornings I’m not listening to the Ramones or Metallica and instead listen to NPR on my morning commute. Like today. Oh my goodness. So let’s interview a female scientist of the weather/meteorology type and have her explain in her just dramatic enough, incredibly attractive, accented voice, what a jet stream is. Do we not know about the jet stream? Is this new science? Have we not had horrific winter storms ever before? And so she went on to explain about the awful impending bomb cyclone that would ravage our eastern seaboard. No doubt this has been a raging storm, but I so dislike the sensationlism associated with weather events.

Now that you have a sense of my mood this evening, lol, let us try to proceed with writing a 6 Sentence Story, a 6 Sentence anything, something! for inclusion in Zoe’s weekly bloghop, Six Sentence Story. I daresay our hostess is quite snowed in and maybe even working on a snowy 6 of her own. We can hope, can’t we? 🙂

“How the hell can I pitch with the wind screaming like that, let alone so crazylike it winds up hurling the ball way, way left of the plate?

If I told you once I’ve told you 5 million times, it’s all in the curve. You gotta know about the curve, when to use, how to use it, how to control it.. and ya got to have an eye.

Listen, they think you can’t pitch, ya have to make ’em believe you can. This is your last chance anywhere so let’s start again….and remember, too many balks, they’ll boot you like an empty can of chew. The winning or the losing is all about the pitch.”


Ten Things of Thankful, Christmas New Year’s Day Edition

Hey. It’s late…holy shit! 10:30?! Where in the world did this day go? Who am I trying to kid. It’s been here all along. No. No tricky metaphysical mumbo jumbo. No sir. Not from me. Not tonight 😀 Although, if ever there was a night for such things…

See what I tried to do? lol I had every good intention last night but clearly I was on the road to hell. (no, nothing fun, Kathleen’s favorite, the “road to hell is paved with good intentions”). It’s been the “holiday season, whoop-de-do (and dickery dock)” and as such…busy. But holiday or not, Josie Two Shoes has not failed us. As every week for longer than I want to recognize, she hosts this bloghop of bloghops, the Ten Things of Thankful.

OK. Let’s stop talking and open some presents!

1  The wind howling, screaming, challenging me to get up. It is, afterall, a beautiful day.

2  the Wakefield Doctrine. Check out this Doctrine Christmas post from 2013. Excellent.

3  Last Saturday night’s call in call with Clark and Cynthia. What?! We were still talking over an hour after the official end time? lol

4  Speaking of Clark and Cynthia. Thanks Clark for sharing this and thank you Cynthia for the obvious. Excellent 🙂

5  For co-workers who are generous and fun and a pleasure to be around.

6  Music. Especially this time of year.

7  Everyone in the virtual world who writes, creates, shares. Don’t stop.

8  A week ago today, my morning commute. Stopped at a red light I heard the sound of geese. The very large V formation approaches from my right. I lean in to my windshield to look out so as to follow their path as they cross over and above. (ironic they had the green light!). Cool. But wait!  They weren’t finished.  2 other V formations, 2 more skeins of geese flew overhead. It was going to be a good day 😀

9  I am so very thankful for good health, a roof over my head, a secure job, a wonderful vehicle to get me there or anywhere I need or want to go.

10  This day. The only day.



A few thankfuls and gratefuls at the Edge. It’s a TToT

Hey there. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge’s Sunday edition for the Josie Two Shoes hosted, Ten Things of Thankful bloghop. A beautius day, all sunshiny and such. Not quite as nice as yesterday but I’ll take it! There is no snow on the ground and that in and of itself is worth all 10 thankfuls 😀

Every time I attempt to write a TToT, I remember how, earlier in the week, I’ve told myself “remember that! it would be great for the TToT post“. Because I fully intend each week to post one. More often than not however, I don’t. What is it that gets in the way? What or who is eating my time??

Which brings me to my latest “trick” in my attempt to utilize my time…better. It is the “meditation” on time as an ocean. Fluid. Nonlinear. Each morning I lie flat on the floor to do my version of meditation and to stretch. It is a time to set my intentions for the day. And at the beginning, I simulate slowly, fluidly, the motion of doing the back stroke upon a vast and buoyant ocean. (Only with my arms, elsewhile there might be some knocking on my door wondering what all the noise is about!)

But back to the task at hand. Thankful, grateful and otherwise glad of? Lessee….

1  The lovely Grace Potter. She is mistress of the art of dancing to her own rhythm. Within a rhythm.

the Wakefield Doctrine. Of course.

3  The snow that fell last weekend disappeared last weekend. The snow that fell this past Friday, it disappeared too!

4  For morning rituals and greetings and keeping in touch with people regardless of how much geography lies between us.

5 & 6  It’s blatantly apparent I have not practiced inserting photos into posts or anything else with regards to mastering the art of the edit. The photo on the left is from earlier in the week. I had just parked my car at work. I was looking straight ahead, clear blue sky, left leaning and overarching winter stick branches hanging like a half moon in the foreground. But look, there, in the distance, a little to the right of 12 o’clock in the bare stick trees, there on an upper branch. Look closely. You will see 2 large (they were very large in real life!) birds perched, side by side enjoying the early morning together. In the few minutes I sat in my car watching them, they never moved. In fact, I managed to take several photos of them, got out of my car and still they sat, bird’s eye viewing it all.

To the right of that picture (for no other reason than it’s late! and I can’t figure out how to insert pictures!) is a picture I snapped while driving to the gym last Saturday morning, in the early part of our snow event. Overcast graywhite clouds suspended, tiny snowflakes insistently falling. It felt good to go out “in the weather” 🙂 As much as it begged for me to crawl back under the covers, I embraced the weather and the world.







7  The SBOR/SBOR! because it allows me to publish as is, without 10 thankfuls, and come back! That’s right. Come back later in the day with more thankfuls. Surely, as I venture out into crazylastminutechristmasshoppingpeoplearedrivinglikemaniacs I will have #’s 8, 9 and 10 😀  So. Anyone going to bet on me finishing my Christmas shopping today? 😀




Thankfuls found in Faraway and not so Faraway Places.

Good morning and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Grey sneaks sleepily through the slats in the miniblinds, circumventing the cinnamon sheers and taunts me with the doubt of any sun appearing today. Perhaps the proper setting for this, the first morning in 2 weeks, that has me waking in a different bed. Has me drinking the go-go juice from a different mug, has me sitting in a bed, laptop upon stretched out legs, not in the room of re-direction. Yesterday, I drove 406 miles (in most excellent time!) from R.I. to Northern VA. No. I cannot say I drove home.

Words this morning in the other place lay testament to the fact that, while I ascribe “home is where the heart is” as a truism, I found myself teetering on the precipace of the question: where is home?

Josie continues to provide us with a link to sharing our thankfuls, our lives, our selves with all who would participate, reading or writing or both, a Ten Things of Thankful post. Lizzi Lewis of international fame was the original founderess and to her there will always be thanks. I’m glad I met you Lizzi Lewis, virtually and irl.

The concept is pretty self explanatory. Write a post of thanks. Format those thanks such that there are 10. Why 10? You may have to ask Lizzi 😀 As hops would have it, it has taken on rather unique (such an all purpose word lol) anti-rules. Creative alternatives, if you will. Perhaps you have noticed the use of the SBOR/BOSR otherwise known as the Secret Book of Rules. Specifically Rule 1.3. What is this rule? Why, ask Clark. Like Mikey, he likes knows everything. Or Zoe. She is the keeper of the Rules and can also clue you in on the virgins.

Without further ado….

TF 1. I am most thankful for travel in both directions that went smoothly, quickly, without incident or a speeding ticket! (yesterday’s return trip. record time. record)

TF 2. A lovely Thanksgiving that involved a new food! (well, prepared in a new way to me) I love acorn squash but never did more than cut it in half (clean out the guts), slap a hunk of butter and wad of honey in each half and bake it. Classic, simple taste. But! My sister-in-law prepares it wa-ay better! She stands each squash upright, cuts off their top (wait a minute, I appear to be using somewhat violent descriptive terms lol) and fills them with all sorts of goodness involving apples, pecans and something gooey.

TF 3. The effort of blue sky to sweep the post dawn greyness aside. The battle has yet to reveal a winner. (there it is again! maybe I need to talk to the subconscious)
Post script: full on sun at this very moment 8:21 am. Good start to day!

TF 4. Helping to decorate the treehouse for Christmas. Phyllis’s treehouse 🙂

TF 5. Dogs.

TF 6. I am thankful for the ability to take a step back (slowly sometimes) and suss out/work through emotional reaction to see the biger picture – to turn the volume down, utilize the tracking option, to gain a clearer view of the screen.

TF 7. Sharing this holiday favorite with someone I love.

TF 8. Friendships that transcend time and distance.

TF 9. Sharing in the discovery of new (to me) places (pic below? Ender’s Island).

TF 10. Always, another opportunity to live, share, discover, engage and otherwise participate in the conversation that is life.

Travel, Trials, Revelations. It’s a 6 Sentence Story.

Shawn Colvin sings to me, her voice velvety sweet,  a steady drip out of the earbuds into my head. I have Clark to thank initially for sending me this link. Then Kerry “commented” at my TToT. Her link was sufficient to send me on a discovery journey of an artist I was well aware of at the beginning of her career. While I had a friend who was a huge fan of Ms. Colvin back in the day, I simply did not listen to her music on purpose. Until now.

Life. It is about the journey, is it not? Past, present, blended like a vanilla and chocolate soft serve. (don’t believe the guy at the counter…jimmies are not mandatory).

So, it’s all of a Wednesday evening and I sit once again trying my hand at writing a Six Sentence Story. While the link is live now, tomorrow (unless it is already Thursday where you live) begins the official start of  our hostess Zoe’s bloghop. What say we tap out some words for Ms. Zoe. 6 sentences. That’s it. How simple. (no, no I did not say easy lol) But it is fun, so why don’t you try one your own self! This week’s cue word: MATE.

Carried by the years, buoyed by the knowing, the sharing, they stood all salty, crusted like aged barnacles, time puddling around them.

Elements, experience, travel, trials and tribulations, the stuff of which life is made reflected in their gaze, markers of the passage towards the inevitable, if one were so arrogant as to assume it was somewhere distant on the horizon.

Momma, momma I’m comin’ home…hush now don’t you cry, wipe away the teardrop from your eye” are the echoes of sound waves smashing like atoms, bending time.

Matter conforming to the curve of space time or vice versa? Special indeed, who were you really, Albert?

You made the concept of time travel real and for that, I’m going to need a little more mate….

No. No Cannibalism at the TToT Today.

Good morning. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I almost, almost used words from a dustified partial draft, languishing backstage for another Ten Things of Thankful that never went live. Like walking a salvage yard, I couldn’t find the right year, right model for the parts I needed. No never mind. The yard is huge. Huge. I’ll keep walking…

I sit in the room of re-direction. (how much for a #1? cool. throw it in the wagon). Only I’m not alone. Scratching the inside of my cranium for a shred of creativity, I am distracted by another person. Sitting at his table, monitor front and center, his creative energies fully engaged, I hear his words tapped into life with each successive keystroke, his musical selection overdubbing any tracks I might think to lay down. But it’s Oh-kay.

This is at once a thankful, the room of re-direction, but the distractions of another person fully engaged in creative expression at the cost of mine? Should be an anti-thanks, non? But it’s not. It is appears as #2 on the thanks’ometer. I am thankful I call this person friend, mentor, family.

Thank you Josie for hosting this bloghop. It is one of 2 bloghops that have served as life support for my creative self  lo these fleeting years. TT #3? Why the hostess of the other life support system, Zoe who links us weekly to Six Sentence Story Thursday. I ain’t ready to pull the plug ladies. Not yet.

Hey, lookee here! It’s 7:13 pm the same day and guess what? No time to finish. (not again!) I have to leave shortly to ride shot gun with Clark while he drives through Wakefield hosting the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call In. A perfect #4 while #5 is the Wakefield Doctrine.

Guess what? It’s Sunday morning so I can now say I am thankful that Cynthia called in last night and filled us in on her recent adventures. She is a busy woman with many creative projects in various forms of development. I am thankful to know her. And so, #6.

I do not write the thanks in any particular order and so must not overlook thanks for an uneventful (as in safe!) and rather quick drive to RI a week ago yesterday. My expectations were to be driving for much longer because of holiday travel. It was not so. A pleasant 7 hour trip. Thankful #7 🙂 Does a wish for the same on my return trip count as a thankful, lol?

#8. The weather has been great. A tad cold but it is winter in the northeast afterall.

#9. Time spent with my sister-in-law carrying on our tradition of decorating the tree house for Christmas 😀

#10. Always for the day, this day. My only day.