It’s Wonderful, Edgy Wonderful

Today I seriously contemplated that maybe I had some grade A form of ADHD of the working adult kind, only without the hyperactivity. I went into work today, Saturday, so that Monday wouldn’t be so screaming busy. Being that the forecast is iffy, I didn’t want to take a chance of going in late Monday because of frozen things falling from the sky and then being caught in a mess o deadlines. The drop dead ones.

Any way, I was paying special attention at how the music in my head was extra hard to stop. Always I have some melody on repeat throughout the day. Sometimes 1 or 2, other times it might be 3 or 4 doing the loopty doo thing in my haid. Lately, it’s been the melody and 1 line from the Ramone’s Pet Semetary. (No. “I don’t want to be buried in a pet cemetary”!)

I had trouble focusing today. The music, from my head, (not a radio or phone), was very distracting. Lately, I’ve been thinking I need to try this meditation thing. For real. Calm the brains – OK, like right there! When I wrote “brains” I immediately thought about the band the Bad Brains.1 Geez, will it ever stop?! Honestly, I hope it never does:)

So what’s we got here tonight? Ah yes. A little Ten Tings of Tankful:

1) My musical “bad brain”. Music never leaves me. It may distract me when it’s playing in my head but otherwise? Lifeblood people. Life. Blood.

2) More followers on Twitter. Even though I don’t know how to “work” the Twitter. I use it to tweet folks blog posts and such. But I don’t understand the process. Really. One day someone should explain it to me:)

3) CyndotaLoca. You all know her as Cynthia Calhoun of Pictimilitude fame. She be a clark of extraordinary proportions. Yes, yes, that is redundant, I know, but she be moving forward. Important for my people. To be mindful of moving forward. Engaging the world….

4. Took a dry run to the new office last Sunday. Only 40 minutes from where I presently live compared to the 1 hr+ I presently drive. I’m mindful that was Sunday traffic, but still. The new commute hopefully will be better shorter.

5) Very thankful we did not get as much snow as the people up North!

6) A little more reading done. I’m about 180 pages into Earth Afire by Orson Scott Card. Gee. At this rate I’ll get through the next 2 books in this trilogy in oh, another 8 months? Thank goodness you can renew books at least 3 times!

7) The BoSR/SBoR. I too (thanks Clark for giving up the Chapter in the Book) will cite Chap. 60 sec 14.5 (2 free Items)

Therefore, I’m allowed to go straight to

10) Another day.

In the spirit of full disclosure (“cuz that’s what I decided 5 minutes ago, that this year was gonna be about“), Johnny M. was in my head today at work too! Why? How? What does it mean? …whoah, wait a darned minute! Who remembers the X-Files episode? It just hit me. It was Home (The Peacocks). Now, instead of thinking of being a kid and hearing it on the radio, I’m thinking of Mulder and Scully and….damn.

1. Spontaneous serendipiocity? Bad Brains was first named Mind Power. They changed the band name to Bad Brains after the Ramone’s song Bad Brain. I never knew that. Until now.