People Get Ready. It’s a 6.

Like tiny little angel boots, the ranks of raindrops persisted; perfectly synchronized, they charged through the house gutters, their hollow echoes insistent – storm is coming

On the ground an infantry of daffodils defended the west hillside, silent stalwart sentries; to the east forsythia, sweeping arms of yellow, ornamental flower leafs waving – we are ready

A squadron of squirrels could be seen in the safety of the southern quadrant, supplies were plentiful, the littered landscape offering tiny pods of nourishment – restocking, they were prepared

Resonant rumblings overhead alerted the prolific winged creatures, they were the outliers, their duty – to observe and report

Walking in wonder amidst emerging color, life and activity – the umbrella was raised

Arrival imminent – Spring has breached the perimeter


Officially Unofficial, it’s a TToT

The morning has dressed for Winter. Blue sky trimmed with bands of wrinkled white clouds their bellies lined grey, it is the first full day after the official beginning of Winter. That is where I beg to differ. The way I see it? This is the first unofficial first day of Winter’s end. That’s right, lol. Just go ask Clark. He’ll tell you unequivocally, Winter is over. Go ‘head. Dare you 😀

I woke this morning fairly early for a day I could sleep in. Not only Saturday, it’s the Saturday before Christmas and the beginning of a mini-vacation. I don’t have to return to work until next Wednesday. Sweet. A longtime believer in the body knows first, I was pouring my second mug of go-go juice, when I was accosted by a few creative “punks” taunting, “Gee, Denise, no pressure, why not sit and write a spell, huh?, huh?” Floating in a pressure free zone, they knew words tended to coalesce easier, you know, when they don’t have to appear. When they don’t need to perform.

Now what?! Seems I’ve scared them away. No nevermind. Cat’s out of the bag. I’m on alert now! (and no. won’t give in to the notion I’ve “wrecked it somehow”). Since I’m also one to not (intentionally) follow convention, not naturally blend in, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to some folks and to shout out to the Universe my appreciation in this official, unofficial TToT:

Kristi, creator of Thankful Me. Even though we be on holiday hiatus, thank you for bringing us all the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop.

Clark. For the Wakefield Doctrine and providing living proof that commitment and practice produces results.

Zoe. She handed me the baton and challenged me to lead the Six Sentence Story Blog Hop. I’m thankful she did!

Six Sentence Story current (and past and on hiatus) participating writers: Mimi, Paul, Reena, Clark, Deepa, Pat, Dark Netizen, Neel, Rene, D. Avery, Sa, Ira, Deborah Lee, Val, Lisa, Kristi, Dyanne…I know I’m leaving someone out – my apologies! Bottom line: I totally enjoy bringing everyone the writing challenge that is the SSS and so appreciate reading your work. It’s not only an entertaining endeavor, it’s an opportunity to learn, to discover, and to enjoy getting to know people I’d otherwise never know!

Cynthia aka Sageleaf of Intuitive and Spiritual. She is a bright, shining beacon for my people 🙂 Talented and creative, I’m lucky to call her friend.

The Internet/Techonology. See above!

Family. In all its iterations.

For a warm place to live, transportation to take me where I want/need to be.

Health, vitality, opportunity to increase both.

This day…This day, my gift…This day my opportunity…This day, my only day.

Thank you all for giving me a bigger world.





Roll on roads…to nowhere…it’s the Edge

“I know we’ve come a long way. We’re changing day to day… One who will take me for myself. One who will make me do my best…. Now that I’ve lost everything to you. It’s hard to get by on just a smile…. Tell me what’s making you sad, Li. Her eyes like windows, trickling rain…. Miles from no where. Not a soul in sight…. I don’t want to work away. Doing just what they all say…. Longer boats are coming to win us. Hold onto the shore, they’ll be taking the key from the door…. Tables of paper wood, windows of light. And everything emptying into white…. Well, I left my happy home. To see what I could find…. Why, think of everything you’ve got. For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not….”

My ten things of thankful are there. All 10. What? Yes. Yes, there were 11. “Seagulls sing your hearts away…”