On a Long and Dusty Highway. It’s a 6.

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Not sure if this is a work in progress or not, but Trina and Dusty came around this past weekend and well, I decided to listen in a little, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard from them…

Rain covered the early morning like a thin gauze veil; while Mother Nature had stretched a grey and somber canvass, she generously allowed for a burst of daffodil yellow, a taste of cherry blossom pink here, a dollop of dogwood white there, it was, after all, Spring. All fluffed up with nowhere to go, the wind interjected, howling disapproval screaming, bring it on baby, bring it on, as I pulled the blankets closer until they covered my head.

After months of selling me on the idea, I agreed to co-author a book with Dusty who quickly and quite enthusiastically proclaimed the two of us as next generation Niven & Pournelle, new and improved Child & Preston, reinvented King & Straub, updated version of the Brothers freaking Grimm.

As I lay under cover of blanket and day, it hit me – I couldn’t pinpoint the moment at which our friendship crossed the street from acquaintance to friend, not that it mattered, it had already felt as if Dusty and I had been friends for ever, old souls he was fond of saying, nowadays, old souls destined to be the next writing sensation. Such pondering (self indulgence, a more apt description) was sufficient motivation to get my body out of bed, grab my laptop and the Mongoose, Coffee Coffee, here I come.

A quick ride down Leucadia Blvd, left onto Coast Highway 101, and in no time I’ll be sitting at my favorite table by my favorite window, 16oz Hammerhead Au-Lait in hand, waiting, waiting for thoughts to type words for famished fingers to devour.

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