Feeling Minnesota. It’s a 6.

“You claim to be a master of self control, proficient to near perfection. Control is one of your outstanding attributes, is it not?”

Well yes, I suppose I’ve always considered myself capable of control under most any circumstance; always perform well under pressure.

“And yet, you do not see the conflict, do not see control as antithesis of the goal?

So, what, you’re telling me to surrender, to relinquish control?

“If you wish to be free.”

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How Do You Say “Carpe Diem” in EdgeSpeak?

Pay attention kids! Just because this film is one of the best on the planet and next to Pulp Fiction, one of my most favorite movies is beside the point. If, when you look at how long this vid is and starting thinking “mmm…kinda too long, got to get going…”, fast forward the clip to 3:20. Start if from there. And listen. Closely.

It’s shit like this, in movies like this, coming from characters….like these that hits you. Hits you hard. Intense? I think so. If you have the stomach, look at your life. See it. And remember all the times you didn’t act.

When Retrospect holds up the biggest damned, mf’ing magnifying glass and shoves it in your face, you better be prepared to act. Because it’s true. One day you’re just too fucking old.

Right now, at 5:44 am I should be farther along in my “morning prep”. I took a moment to reply to comments left at my post on Sunday. I need to thank Christine. Something in her comment swirled around in my brain like a 2 flavor combo soft serve and made me realize – this weekend I did not act. I hesitated. I waited. And for that, I lost out. Big time. Thank you again Christine for being an inspiration today (and making me late for work LOL).

If you do nothing today, stop and pay attention. Grab the big mirror and make sure what you’re looking at is you. Who you want to be. Where you want to be. ‘Cuz one day….