Discomfort and the Wakefield Doctrine. TToT Edge Style

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. It’s a snowy/snowing Saturday morning. Wind screams intermittently beyond my 2nd story windows, glazed from Mother Nature’s self expression. What on earth would we do without some form of self expression? Yet, oftentimes “it happens that we live our lives in chains, And we never even know we have the key. See! I couldn’t resist. With the recent passing of yet another musician, storyteller, those lyrics insisted they follow “yet, oftentimes”. Self expression.

Title? Oh yeah. Hm. Discomfort. Well, the thought hit me not long ago that life ….oh no, here it comes again…..“he’s in the best selling show, is there life on Mars?” choices aside, I’ve gone through a coupla layers of “discomfort” in recent years. You might say I’ve traded up and yet I seem to persist in asking the question “how many more times can I trade up“. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids!

Title? Oh yeah. the Wakefield Doctrine. Thank God. No, seriously. Especially for we clarks. For us, everything is understanding (clarks think). If we can understand a thing then somehow it will make us….what? feel better? about ourselves? give us the answer to the eternal question(s)? Well, yeah, pretty much. It’s a tool, this Wakefield Doctrine. A life tool like no other. A tool by which I/we can make sense of others’ behavior, our own behavior. It’s a perspective. Couple that with a desire to improve one’s own life and well, shit will start to make sense. Life can be better.

Numero Dos. the TToT.

Numero Tres. That I’ve begun my Spanish lessons. No matter my tutor is 9 😀

Numero Cuatro. Generosity. Awareness. Perspective. When I am not entertaining the tonal, I can totally immerse myself in the joy of experiencing new things regardless of the “big picture”. Like new food! My Bolivian landlordess was cooking up dinner for her family last night. She explained all that she was cooking. It started with how, in her country, eggs are incorporated into dinner, not breakfast. The meal last night was a rice concoction with a little meat mixed in (hamburger I think), sliced sausage of some sort and fried plantain. You put a bunch of rice on a plate, sliced sausage and plantain on the side, then top if off with the fried egg. Carola gave me a small dish of the rice and a piece of plantain to sample. Damn! if it wasn’t tasty!

Numero Cinco. Ability to work remotely.

Numero Seis y Siete. OK. Invoking “Rule 7.35 found under sub-heading Dualities, that allows for the use of 2 Thankfuls when combined in a contextual manner. Obvious or not.” (Refer to Girlie August, 2014 TToT post. We talking legit rule here people. lol) Oh sorry! For anyone new, I refer to the SBOR/BOSR. Go ask Clark or Zoe, or Cynthia.  Combined thankfuls? 1) my sister in law + 2) my “new” car. Numero ocho explains it all.

Numero Ocho. God’s protection. My driving skill. Wednesday night commute from hell. (all 3.5 hrs.)

Numero Nueve. My health, my job, a room. I have a point of origin.

Numero Diez. Este día.

It is all yours. To see, to touch, to embrace. To share.

Dancing On The Edge-Line

Thanks fristly to Dave, Bud & Marty. Breadline is one of my favorite Megadeath songs. The other one? Symphony of Destruction. (duh) That 2nd one? Makes me smile every time. So wide I used to laugh. Speaking of laughter, be sure to be on the lookout over at the Doctrine. Clark will surely write about “pre-emptive denigration”. Yes, it will be horrifically enlightening as to the workings within a clark’s personal reality.

Hey! Whatsay I make youtube my 2nd thankful. Makes sense to me. A virtual corn’ocopia of time capsul-ettes. What a freakin’ genius idea!! Music is always a thankful. Thinking back on the week….commuting music. Used to be if I heard Metallica on the radio, on the way to work, I could be assured of a good day. Hearing this on Friday’s return commute? Hm. In my unconsciousassignsignificancetosongsandlyricseventsmoments, “what’s that mean?” lol?

Me. Yeah. Can’t believe I’m writing this but what the fuck. The reason me? I had the idea to write a blog a long time ago. Surely, a huge personal challenge.The journey has been spotty, fraught with “life events”, maturing. In spite of not writing much any more, the jewel bestowed up me was that it put me in touch with many individuals with whom I would never have had the opportunity to “meet”. Through them, my world has gotten bigger, brighter. And it makes me feel good. You guys. You know who you are and I say “thank you“.

Faith. The ability to believe. In anything. Number 4.

5. Another day. Today. This day. Now. Whatever is outside the door. It’s mine to make of it what I will. To see the things I can’t see… to do, without doing.

Halfway to the “finish line”. This is a weekend bloghop, oui? As it turns out, I have special dispensation from the Guard Virgins (especially from the newest one) to return tomorrow to share in my next 5 things of thankful.

Look whose back?! I said I’d return today with 5 thankfuls – the balance of 10.

6) B.B. King. More specifically this album. Thank you B.B. Thank you. I read yesterday that B.B. is in hospice care at his home. He is most definitely a thankful. His music is part of the tapestry of my life.

7) Reminders. Not the ones to pick up milk or the dry cleaning. The reminders that surround us every day should we dare, deign or care to look. No, make that see. There is no second act, no second chance. This is it people. Let me tell you from experience, fuck it up and well, if you think life was a challenge before…..

8) the Wakefield Doctrine. Holy shit damn. Really. Every young clark on the planet needs to know the Doctrine. Now.

9) Beautiful weekend weather!

10) AUTOPILOT. Hm. Is this really a thankful? There are times when I’m glad my body functions on autopilot. But then….it can be pretty scary after the fact LOL Do you ever find yourself driving in your car with one destination in mind but then realize you’re on the road going in another direction because, well, you go that way so often? I think there’s a life lesson in this somewhere….now where’s that damn map?……

What are you waiting for? Get out there. It’s all yours…..