E = I x R. It’s a 6.

Seared and blackened as a 3 inch steak held hostage by a grease fire, Violet was more than done. What a fool, what a stooge….eye lids sticky from the crust of too little sleep, she stumbled from bed, marveling at her own resistance. The signs, like college freshman crashing a week long block party staggering by the roadside, had been there all along. What’s it going to take? Hand trembling, business card grasped between her fingers like the last cigarette in the pack, Violet reached for her phone. I’m ready now.

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories! Who would argue that time spent away – from job, home, people, doesn’t have a benefit. Sometimes it’s all that’s needed to re-calibrate one’s perspective. Now I bet you anticipate me saying taking a little time away from Six Sentence Stories is an exception 😀 Au contraire. There are times when a writing holiday, however manifested, is good. (but don’t let it go too long, lol). There are writers who participate regularly and we love that you do. There are past 6’ers who drop in from time to time and that is always a delight.  There are writers discovering this most excellent of blog hops for the first time, and to you, we encourage you to give it a shot. Writing is a part of us and while skill levels vary, there’s one thing we all aspire to do – improve our writing skills. Participating in Six Sentence Stories is one way to do that. Have a wonderful week and write on 🙂

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Return here, link your post Wednesday night through Saturday late…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 🙂


Stories hold conflict and contrast, highs and lows, life and death, and the human struggle and all kinds of things.” – David Lynch

Edge-Ing Into A Heart Shaped World

Fortitude and Focus. My friends for the day. They must be. They will be. I will court them, courtesy of Chris Isaak. Last week, a friend of mine posted the Wicked Game music vid on FB. It was Chris’s 1990 huge hit single. Yo! David Lynch fans! Remember the movie Wild at Heart?

It also turned out to be the “breakup song” an ex had for me. I know, right?! I never knew that guys had those things – songs for their girlfriends, wanna be girlfriends, and soon to be ex girlfriends.

We’d been in a relationship for almost a year although we knew each other casually from around town for longer than that. I first met him, which is to say talked with him more than “hello”, when I worked in the local office supply store.

“E” was a musician and artist. He would occaisionally stop in for art supplies and such. Very quiet, it never went beyond “hello” and “thank you” (he’s a clark. go figure lol). Until one day. I was wearing a black, button down cardigan sweater. At the left top, where a lapel would be if it had one, I wore an MSG button. Black background, red and white. MSG logo, flying V guitar and all.

On this particular day, “E” looks at me and asks: “what does MSG stand for?” (as if he didn’t already know!). I told him. That seemed to impress him. Or something. I stupidly gushed about Michael being only the best guitar player on the planet, how he’d played with the Scorpions when he was a kid, blah, blah, blah. Man. I am so rambling this morning. Where’s the Focus?!

It’s sunny today. I see it through the closed slats of the blinds. Warming. Bright. It’s there. We’ve all been in a deep freeze this last week so today’s projected temperature here, 41 degrees, will seem like, well, summer! Navigating winter weather – single digit wind chills, snow, slush, the usual winter mess….does require….hey! “fortitude and focus“. So let me find some F&F and get to some TToT thanking!!

1) I am extremely thankful that I made it to work last Monday without incident. On a good day, my commute takes at least an hour, a little more. Last Monday? 3.5 hours. Untreated highways and more snow than was predicted makes for a jammed commute in the DC Metro area. Kristi will tell you! (Fortitude and Focus)

2) Having a job that allows me, on that very same day, to leave earlier than usual in order to arrive safely back home without having to spend the same number of hours on the return journey.

3) Speaking of work on the Monday with the commute from hell – I’m thankful for my co-worker in our VAB office who, knowing I was leaving a little earlier than normal, got me her work as quickly as possible. We both got done what needed to get done for that day. Hurray for cooperation! (Fortitude and Focus)

4) The Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Drive Call In Show. Technically, last week’s show doesn’t qualify for this week’s TToT but I have special dispensation from the Seven Guard Virgins to use it! Cynthia Calhoun of Pictimilitude fame called in. Unofficially, her husband was also in on the call by proxy. They were both driving back from birthday celebration dinners with family. Good call. Fun and informative.

5) Cynthia. Did I mention her? Yeah, up there in #4. This counts as a separate stand alone Ten Things because….Cynthia never fails to generate new insights into this whole personal reality/worldview stuff. And she is great fun! What are Saturday nights for? Fun! (And self-development via interaction with and engaging the world!! for all us clarks lol)

6) Damn, this is difficult. I know during the week there have been things to be grateful for, but where are they hiding? Hey! Wait a minute. Yesterday!!! My team, the New England Patriots (sorry Sandy. honest:) ) won the playoff game!

7) Family and Friends. I have them. And I am grateful.

8) I don’t think this is frivolous….I’m grateful that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is now a little lighter, a little later. Come on Daylight Savings Time!

9) Music. Oh yeah. This is always on my list. I would be lost without it. And maybe lost with it LOL. Let me explain. As you know, my commute is minimum 1 hour+. Last Thursday, almost 3/4 of the way home, I’m traveling on the FFX Co. Parkway. 2 lanes each direction, it’s the “home stretch”. Radio is on. In these last few weeks I’ve a new favorite, set on repeat, in my head, song. Something Different by Godsmack. As I was driving along, singing along, I was hearing certain lyrics as if for the first time. A couple of week ago I was going to write a post featuring this song. Well, I didn’t write it. So of course, on this night, driving, with no writing utensil, no opportunity to use said utensil and no recording device handy, I watched the words, thoughts, sentences of a post pass in and out of my head like the highway signs I’d been passing for the last hour. Right after Something Different came a long time favorite, close to my heart song from one of my favorite bands. The song? Bulls On Parade. Oh man. I was so there. Of course I started “select singing” (certain phrases, words) along. Just prior to the song ending, I glanced at the clock on the radio. 7:07 pm. Nothing unusual about the time. EXCEPT! I couldn’t quite remember driving for the entire length of the song LOL. Let me say, in the spirit of full disclosure that sure, I had my eyes on the road. Stopped at traffic lights. But I “went” somewhere else. LOL Still amazes, frightens and makes me laugh when that happens. Time suspension/cessation. Cool.

10) Another day.

Enjoy this day. It is the only day. As always, thank you for spending a little time at the Edge.

P.S. Completely forgot, didn’t even have, a music vid selected for today. Quick!