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Welcome all, to GirlieOnTheEdge where every Thursday I officially open the virtual door to a room that will fill with stories, adventures and poetry written by folks from around the world. Stories, adventures and poems told in a mere 6 sentences! Six Sentence Stories is such an enjoyable writing challenge that once you’ve written one, you’ll find it difficult not to write another! Passed down through the years from Ms. Josie Two Shoes, I am the current MC. And not only am I the MC, I’m also a Six Sentence Story contributor (don’t ask me how Sy Sperling got into my head tonight 😀) Remember – the doors stay open until next Tuesday so there’s plenty of time to link up a Six. Hope you’ll join us.
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“A successful book is not made of what is in it, but what is left out of it.” 
― Mark Twain

The Real Deal. It’s a 6.

Words lately have been playing hide and seek, teasing me, peeking out from around a corner of my imagination. Before I can reach out and grab them, they disappear! Like errant children outrunning their grandmother in the park, they are immune to the treats offered in hopes of enticing them closer. I sit, a heavier person, waiting for my words…Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge.

“Jersey Mike”, (what we call the new division commander behind his back), who has a not so secret propensity for the obscure, loves the Three Stooges and Benny Hill, and can drink anyone in the precinct under the table, had been on a 2 week rampage striking more than a little fear in the hearts of a few of the new recruits.


Callahan! Inspector Callahan?!”


From my first day as detective in the homicide division, Capt. Burkett looked for any excuse to yell if he needed to see me – didn’t call me on the phone, didn’t walk over to my desk, just stood in the doorway to his “The Office” looking office and screamed my name.


Up until making the switch to homicide, I indulged the occasional jokes, never once cursed my parents for being so lame as to name me after one of their favorite movie characters but this afternoon I was beginning to rethink their anniversary gift.


“Hey, Callahan, just got word the perp who shot Antonio Pagliano last month, yeah, your first collar, walked on a technicality yesterday and in less than 24 hours has found himself a resident of our local morgue. I need you and Biz Markie over there go see what you can dig up, capiche? 


My boss is a good cop, decent detective, and a surprisingly effective leader, but sometimes…sometimes he really gets under my skin.

Yeah, there must be…..

What does this particular clark have that sustains him? Through the years of….name changes, professional/personal controversy, on again off again fans/popularity. To be clear, I’m not a “fan” of Prince, he of no name, however, he has made music I like. A lot. This clip for instance. I really like this clip. Hm. Maybe I am a fan.

Why? What is it about this clip? There are times when a music video, a film, a scene from a film simply “resonates”. It evokes an….emotion, a reaction that is plain and simply, physical. No thinking involved. No “figuring”. It simply is a thing that causes a “reaction”. Hm. Think I just might be a fan of “pure” creativity.

This man, who hails from a musical background, has managed to live in the world of his choosing. The world of the arts. Music, film. Prince appears to have transcended prejudice, fair weather fandom, transitional phases…no doubt his own damn self. You know like us, only on a grander scale.

So one thing led to another, you know how that goes with the Tube.  I got to watching various music vids of Prince’s 2013 tour of Portugal and his 2014 tour of England. The one up there at the top of the post. It was filmed at a show in Manchester, England.(duhyeah Girlie, they can read). His audience adores him! They sing his lyrics, they clap their hands enthusiastically. Prince, his music, is infectious. There is sharing on a grand scale of something undescribable. It’s the same yet completely different. For each person.

Did you know he wrote the song Manic Monday? Silly me! I always thought it was writtne by the Bangles! I didn’t know this. Until today. I never would have guessed that Prince could write such a “girly” song. LOL  Come on, admit it! The man’s got charisma. And musical chops. And a rather consistent penchant for musical hooks.

Prince’s manifestation of his creativity has been pretty damned consistent for well over 2 decades. And I am ridiculoulsy impressed by this. It’s not often an artist can sustain a style, an energy ,over time… as they age. As much as I love, love Metallica there is no mistaking they’re no longer kids. The “edge” is gone. The edge of youth. The energy. Of youth. It’s different now that they’re middle age men.

Time does not necessarily erode creativity but it sure does affect it’s manifestation. Yes! I’m hooked on that word. Whadya want?! I’m a clark and when you get right down to it, our creativity never stops trying to manifest itself. The trick, the key is finding the one thing that keeps it all fresh. Maybe it’s more than one thing. Maybe it’s multiple things.

And then, maybe as Joey laments, “somebody put something in my drink“.