Soundtrack of My Life?

Up early today. Like every day. “Needed” to hear Doolin Dalton and Desperado from the album of the same name. The Eagles for those of you who do not know. 2nd album, 1973. It occurred to me that there simply would not be time enough to play the soundtrack of my life. At my funeral. And besides, there’s the dilemma of deciding whether to compile the list entirely myself or invite people I know to contribute. To the playlist. You know, when the time comes.

“Girlie feelin’ low today?” you wondering? Naah. A little solumn perhaps. A bit serious. Maybe it’s that time of year. For awhile now, pretty soon after waking up, they’ll be a song playing in my head. Before I turn on the computer, before checking the weather on the TV. Out of the pre-dawn silent, stretchings I will hear either the melody or lyrics or both, to a song. A new song. An old one and frankly, at times, a song from who knows where!

Earlier this week, I was surprised to wake to the internal strains of Quicksand Jesus. Damn! Tell me Glenn I don’t really know the gestalt of that one. LOL What is it. How is it, that more times than not, it’s simply easier to express myself through music? Sure. It’s personal. Totally subjective. Listening to “sad” songs may not be because I’m sad. “Metal” songs are not angry for me. They put a smile on my face.

As a clark, I find the medium of music an absolute necessity. It is the lifeblood. clarks relate to the world from the intellectual, the rational realm. Somewhere along the line, through no conscious choice of our own, the emotional, non-rational was deemed “a red-headed step child” (apologies to you guys. really!)

In the absence of music, either someone else’s or my own, how would I express myself? Writing? There’s that. Solitary. Of the mind. Music. Listening. Of the body. Luckily both are about feelingHere’s to a most excellent weekend for everyone.


Reciprocity. Yes! There is a recipe.

Wow! Long time since I changed my blog theme. LOL In the old days you had to pretty much put it together for yourself. Last time I had to figure out how to get the code right just to install the Feedjit! I am liking the advance in technology. Easy.

Me? I’m still with the free versions from WordPress. Much to choose from and until I become more knowledgable about HTML and such, I won’t  be building any websites too soon. In fact, I was thinking of a topic that a lot of folks out here have been batting around off and on for…a long time. And that’s the idea of leaving this blogging thing. Just putting it on the ground and walking away. What an excellent exercise!

To be honest, I’ve not fully invested in thinking about the ramifications of shutting down GirlieOnTheEdge. Not really. I’ve been touting this horn for going on 5 years come October. It’s been a process as they say. Ups, downs, practice, not practice, fun, challenging. That’s it. It is a challenge. And the challenge is still sufficiently present that I cannot yet throw this thing down on the ground. In fact, quite the opposite.

GirlieOnTheEdge requires, demands, insists that I pay more attention. That I find words and write them. Out here. For people to see. But not just any ole words. They must be meaningful. Helpful. Amusing. Insightful. Educational. Entertaining. Illuminating. Inspiring. Uninhibited. Truthful.

But there is one more part of this thing. Reciprocity. Life is about that ya know? It should be anyway. I only need ponder for a moment life before blogging. No, not a bad life. Yet, once I took that first step into space, everything changed. Little by little, slowly, I emerged from a world of more or less finite components and stepped out and into an arena filled with endless possibility and opportunity.

I have met an awful lot of people via this medium. More than in real life! That almost sounds impossible but it’s not. I’ve met people who share their lives unselfishly. Who offer their creativity, their art, their compassion, themselves, to anyone. For anyone. To enjoy, learn from, commiserate with, find comfort.

Reciprocity. It’s a good thing. Sounds like a great name for a brand:) It makes an excellent adjective….and it’s a thing to be worked at, practiced until it’s a normal part of living. Life. It is reciprocal.