Suck it up Buttercup. It’s a 6.

So who’s up for a bit of stream ‘o consciousness? I thought so! 😀 Let her rip, Girlie…

Yo glitter girl, think you’ve got it all going on, what with diamond clips in hair streaked with perpetual rebellion? Oh you can doc walk with the best, seven nation army at your side, but at the end of the day, danger loiters, best remember:  don’t feed the monster. Constant company (invited or not), true they say  –  familiarity breeds contempt. Keep vigil for the tether. Thenceforth embrace it homeslice, dominate it – Elvis don’t lie – it’s now or never. Suck it up Buttercup, no more time to squander.

How many? Let me count the TToTs.

Good Sunday morning and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. I’m feeling thankful posting this, this morning as I know there will be a mad rush this evening by some folks like myself, who have suddenly discovered the weekend is drawing to a close lol. I will always advocate for a 4 day weekend 😀

Kristi, of Thankful Me, posts a link every Friday giving us me plenty of time to share in my thankfuls for the week or heck, the thankfuls in general. It’s an exercise well worth the investment of time and more often than not, when I decide to put “pen” to paper, I’ve already forgotten half the thankfuls I’ve noted during the week. Not a bad dilemma to have though. So, let me see what I can retrieve from the memory banks…

TToT  Weather. This past week (with the exception of 1 day) right up until and including today. Gorgeous. Sun. Sun. Sun.

TToT  A great haircut yesterday.

TToT  Having the house to myself today. Nice.

TToT  I’m extremely grateful to be able to say I have established a walking routine/habit. It’s been 8 weeks of consistency now. While once upon a time I walked every day, I came to realize that over the last year, I gradually stopped being so consistent. Got to watch out for that kind of stuff 😀

TToT  As a continuation of #4, I am thankful that my brain is already prepping myself for a new routine/habit….going to the gym. Again! I somehow got out of the habit of going at least 2x a week lol. It’s now or never.

TToT  Music. Access to it. What in the world would life be like without those who make the music we listen to and love. How would we express ourselves.. comfort ourselves.. energize ourselves.. dance….

TToT  A reliable vehicle, a secure job.

TToT  As a continuation of #7, the opportunity given me by a co-worker’s absence. What’s that you say?! Every year, the woman that works at the desk next to mine goes on vacation for a month (good for her!) The thankful is, while I enjoy her company and conversation, it’s been really nice to have my own little “private” work corner.

TToT  Elvis. Yeah, Elvis. As a result of linking to him up there in #4, the ‘Tube is on auto play. So who doesn’t love Elvis, man? Like a river flows….

TToT  This moment. This day. For however long it lasts….

Hm…wherever did MTV get the idea lol 

It’s Monday. SFW! (to quote an obscure movie title)

Good evening, morning, afternoon. Wherever and whenever your are, welcome. I am Girlie and this is my place for writing words. Except it’s been quite some time, years in fact, since I’ve posted anything other than a Ten Things of Thankful post ( excellent bloghop created by international traveler Lizzie Lewis, newly administrated by the prolific Josie Two Shoes) or the occaisional Six Sentence Story.

I went to the FB this evening (I try and go at least every other day or two). One of the features I enjoy (no really!) is the “hey! look what you posted this day” (insert year). And so it was that this date last year I posted a Six Sentence Story. It was a Friday. I clicked on the link, read it, thought “yeah, I still like it” and then played the music video. Twice. The second time I turned off the light and turned on my favorite Christmas gift of this year, a very delightful “kalaidescopic light show in glass cube” given me by a co-worker. Imagine it blinking all colorful like 😀 I love it.

Today is a day of birthdays. Famous people. Not famous people. Today, I was given a gift of time. 2.5 hours of time that otherwise would be spent at work. Work closed early today for inclement weather. Gift. So, what to do with this time? We can’t go back in time. We can’t move forward in time. We have only now. In spite of the weather, when I arrived back, where I live, I changed out of my work clothes and into… gym clothes. In no less than 15 minutes I was out the door and headed for the gym. What’s so great about that?

It’s wasn’t about going to the gym or anywhere else for that matter. It was about using time that otherwise would not be mine on a typical work day, and using it to do something…good, of my choosing, beneficial, fun, outside of routine. It was an opportunity to engage the world in time that, only hours previously, did not exist.

It’s a new year. Another day. Another opportunity. Whether it’s filled with blinking lights, safe and secure, filled with work deadlines, editor’s deadlines, chores or children’s activities, it’s still our time, rightWhy not accept the challenge and live outside of the box. 

A Birthday TToT Wish…from The Edge

Hello. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. It’s a late night edition of Lizzi’s bloghop, the Ten Things of Thankful. And I have 10. Truth be told, I have at least 10 thankfuls daily but for some reason, on a weekly basis, wreaking of writer’s block affliction, I succumb to sitting blandly, white screen of a mind blank, neurons firing nothing to get my fingers to tap a tap tap upon this keyboard. And then, driving this afternoon listening to Metallica’s Hardwired To Self Destruct, the cobwebs disintegrated and I realized damn! I love this CD!

My thankfuls are all Kevin Bacon’d. Where do I begin? Wait! It doesn’t matter ‘cuz of 6 degrees of separation 🙂 So my first TToT that came to mind this afternoon was my Secret Santa at work.  E gave me (among other “secret” fantastic gifts) the new Metallica CD. Most excellent. I love it. This thought, in turn, reminded me, “yeah, I work with a great group of people“. So #2 TToT it is.

Driving, volume of the music such that only a respectable Metallica loving person would still think insufficent, I thought how much I missed listening to “the old stuff”. Gone are the days of dueling guitarists (of the harder variety). I was caught up in the revelry of the revery of reminiscing of my earlier, musical days. Coming in at 3rd & 4th TToT respectively, but not necessarily in order of preference, (depends on my mood) are Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing and Adrian Smith & Dave Murray, respectively.

Earlier in the day, I was in conversation with a person close to me. His dad has dementia and, not unexpectedly, will tell the same story over and over or he’ll suddenly get emotional when talking about his little dog. D and I got to talking about how, maybe because we’re older, we both can get emotional about some of the more simple things, like our dogs, or hearing a particular song. And then I remembered, not for the first time, that today would have been my dad’s 99th birthday. He is a TToT, 5th and only. His muscial gift of sitting down to a piano and simply….playing, is TToT#6. His birthday reminds me of 2 other TToTs: David Bowie and Elvis. Today is their birthday too. Happy Birthday, Gentlemen.

A mere dusting of snow yesterday is a huge 9th TToT! Lo and behold, there is 1 TToT remaining to complete the 10. The 10th TToT? …..the gift of another 24 hours. The day that is both first and last. This day.