Believe if you dare! It’s a 6.

Only 2 weeks until Halloween!


Clarissa carefully put her notebook in it’s special hiding place, the only one of her books she kept secret and locked away from the prying eyes of her older brothers.


No way would she chance any of them finding it, reading it and then making fun of her until she cried.


It was Christmas 4 years ago, when Clarissa was 7, that she’d awakened a little after midnight, went to her bedroom window, stood on tip toes to look out and up into the twinkling star night, and saw Santa Clause being pulled across the sky in his sleigh by his reindeer.


Sadly, no one in her family had believed the young girl, not one of them and so she kept her thoughts of that magical night to herself and as she grew older she developed a certain flexibility that allowed her to consider that anything is possible, we have only to be open to the idea of it; no requirements other than to believe.


It may not be the proper holiday for proving the impossible is possible but that was no deterrent to Clarissa, besides, she knew her family well enough that they would think it was either trick or treat, and she had no doubt they were going to be surprised….

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