That’s Exactly What I’m Talkin’ About! In 6 Sentences!

Have I mentioned  what? can’t you see I’m working here….what? I haven’t? er, excuse me…ahem… Hello and welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Today’s offering is a 6 Sentence Thursday Story.

It’s Thursday evening, 9:15 pm Friday and I’ve pulled out my 8×5 yellow legal pad, the baby one ‘cuz I couldn’t get to the big one. (damn! the Lady will live forever!) I was so very tired yesterday/this morning, didn’t get up until 5/4:30. I hadn’t anything in mind for a 6 sentence until right before I had to leave for work. In all honesty, I was sort of making self suggestions based on my mood. Then I grabbed a pen and the aforementioned pad…

T marked the spot, goading, taunting me until I finally gave in and I knew my insides had started to congeal like jello that’s lost it’s bounce, lost it’s cold, just out of the fridge, jiggle. No, no smiles today kids.

T stood tall, mocking me ever louder, its keening now an ear worm rudely, roughly invading the vacuous space within my head and I knew, knew without a doubt, I was in trouble. So insidious this worm, this harbinger of whine, it often goes undetected… by those unaware.

T stands for Tonal and I realized this assault was a particularly bad one. 

Where, where did I leave my broom?!

Happy Friday people! Remember, it’s your choice.


Johnny Winter. Girlie’s First Guitar Crush

“Don’t Panic!”  Really Douglas? (may you rest in peace)  Really? I can leave it “in the lap of the gods” on this “get the fuck out” Friday? What more can we say, eh Freddie? Speaking of studio versions, I prefer the original studio version of In the Lap of the Gods.  Of course. It’s rare when a live version of a song can rival that of the original studio version.  But it can happen.

Wasn’t sure what to write this GTFOF (new blog hop anyone? LOL).  I love the YouTube. Luv, luv, luv it!  Any mood, any song, concert, version of a song…..I could sit here all day and listen til I get it all out of my system. Maybe.

It’s all a maybe, isn’t it?  What happens.  How life turns out.  We can “hope for the best”. NOT!  Let’s face it.  It has nothing to do with hope.  Hope is one of those rogerian cliches that serves us well once in awhile but more often than not lulls us into acquiescence.  It’s about movement.  Forward.  Taking steps deliberately. Maybe not easy ones or the right ones.

Back to Johnny.  My man.  My first guitar crush.  My first concert.  Don’t think I was old enough to drive yet.  My brother begrudgingly? drove me and a friend of mine, who, God knows why, wanted to go with me.  A “cosmo” girl, a roger and my best friend, “B” had heard one of Johnny’s less “blue” songs one day while at my house and liked it. And surprisingly she enjoyed the show. Hey! did I mention that the very first opening act was none other than the Ramones!  Yes, they were famously booed off the stage in Providence. (reference has been made to this particular concert in both book and documentary footage).  And Girlie was there!

So even though today I’d like to “drown in my own tears”, drink a little “cheap tequila” (‘cuz sometimes “life is hard”), I’m just gonna leave it to Johnny. He can always work the magic.