“Are You Not Entertained”. It’s a 6.

As we learned in last week’s Six, Jaya, Seven and Ryan, found themselves settled in the town of McKinney, Texas. In search of safety and other survivors of the event now known as the “zombie apocalypse”, our trio of unlikely heroes, find themselves facing their most dangerous challenge to date. The original, small band of survivors introduced in the first chapter in this serial, “Zombies and puppies“, left the group one by one to strike out on their own in search of more survivors in the aftermath of a virus that turned the majority of the planet’s population into raving, flesh eating zombies aka “rabids”.  A woman, a very special dog and a man may now hold the key to humankind’s survival. Let’s pick up where we left off in last week’s Six, where Ryan, waiting in the park for Jaya and Seven, is ambushed by a mob of rabids who’d been laying in wait in the surrounding woods…
(**links provided for last week’s Six and for “Zombies and puppies“)


Binoculars focused, my heart dropped 50 floors staring in disbelief at the scene unfolding before me; impotent, I watched in horrified disbelief as the mob of lurching rabids, putrefied bodily fluids oozing from their facial orifices, formed a haphazard circle around Ryan, effectively cutting off any means of escape while their grotesque screeches, carried by a light northwest breeze, sound like the singular wail of a banshee. 

Seven, agitated; aware of what was happening less than a mile away, grabbed my arm, tugging, trying to draw my attention away from the impending melee and, failing an immediate response, increased the pressure – puppy teeth are very sharp! My brain understood we needed to leave immediately if we wanted to survive, my body resisted.

I was transfixed – there was something not right about what I was witnessing – flesh eating zombies, rabids, had charged Ryan, but had not viciously attacked him, had not gluttonously ravaged his flesh until he collapsed, writhing in agony until transmutation took place, I felt a prickling as the hair on the back of neck began to rise. 

Inspiration Park was 2.5 miles from Hgwy 75 in McKinney and 2.5 miles in the opposite direction, from camp, its entrance giving way to a sprawling flat oval of grassy terrain sprinkled with leaf trees and oaks and bushes typically found in the flora of northeast Texas; there were picnic tables, grills, a volley ball net, and a playground growing out of a huge patch of sand and wood chips – the entire central common area providing ingress and egress to a multitude of hiking trails throughout the woods forming the park’s perimeter. 

Lowering the binoculars (Seven had persuaded me time was of the essence), my left eye caught sight of movement as a tall, upright figure emerged from the shadows of the tree line; like a gladiator defiantly entering an ancient Roman coliseum, he walked towards Ryan; as he got closer, my blood ran cold watching in disbelief as the line of undead began to part.

Tell It To Me Again Thursday

That’s right. Need to hear it again. Why am I doing this? Ah. Yes. Now I remember…..

Lessee. Yesterday was a 12.5 hour, no lunch, work day. But! I completed my portion of the “project” and was outta there at precisely 7:30 pm. 2 consecutive evenings arriving back at the apartment at 8:45. No worries. I’m still young. LOL  At least mentally. Chronologically, that’s another story. Which I’ve already talked about long time back.

What else is new? Dum…dee……..dum. Can’t say. Nothing really translatable. Published the 2nd post over at tube tops, tattoos and TimeLines last week. Yeah. Went over great. Seems I’m really back at square one in more ways than one! (What?! there’s no longer an option to leave comments? Note to self: adjust settings to allow for comments) Not quite “spinning my wheels”, I’m nonetheless, shall we say, “finding my way”. And what’s wrong with that?” (Violet asked Mary in response to an emphatic statement in the 1946 movie. obscure reference? for some.)

There’s got to be a good reason for a person to spend time here, at Girlie, reading these words. I must impart some nugget of new information, I ought to relate a current conquest, or in the least share an emotional moment.  I hate to disappoint. Yes, that is a characteristic of clarks. We often say that we hate to disappoint. More often than not, we mean it. Let me tell you clarks again today, do not disappoint your own selfs. Begin there. You, of the 3, must start at the beginning. You are the beginning.

I am anxiously looking at the loud ticking clock on the wall. It’s reading 5:32 am. I’m late! So much to do before I leave. There’s so much yet I realize I’d pretty much have to….not go to bed in order to do it all! You know what would help? A machine, a computer to read my thoughts, “hear” the conversation taking place in my head that could automatically translate it all into comprehendable, creative expression in the form of a post! Yeah. That would help.

What can I say but thank you. If you’re still reading. Have a wonderful day. And don’t mind the person who might be telling you something….again. It is afterall,  tell it to me again Thursday.

Don’t forget about the fabulous Wakfield Doctrine sponsored, be there or be a geomteric figure Friday Night Vid Chat. Among the notables in attendance: Lizzi of Considerings fame; Linda of elleroy was here, Clark of the Wakfield Doctrine, zoe at rewritten; Michelle of Getting Literal, always late to the party Kristi over at Finding Ninee.…yeah, that’s it. Write it down. It’s a Google Hangout thing, look for it or contact any one of these folks for an invite. See you there. Starr.

I face the edge of the ring….

It’s 6:46 am.  There’s a fireball suspended above the horizon, barely halfway to it’s destination.  It is truly magnificent in it’s orangeness (courtesy of dissipating fog) I daresay clarity is arriving quickly today. 

The question:  am I up for a clear day or a day veiled sufficiently by the haze of self protection.  Or rather, intentional and directed self-deception.  A day sufficiently coated in panoramic movie magic.  Magic enough to carry me to the edge of where I need to be.  In order to be victorious.

Cryptic.  Vague.  You are surprised by this?!  I be a clarklike female and this is how I have begun my day.  “Father, forgive me, it has been 11 days since my last post and this is all / what I have…..”

The other day I decided to sit and write.  It felt good, felt “right”.  Like many of you, I didn’t want to “force it” and was surprised when, after having picked an “odd” little music vid, the words just started to write themselves.  Then, a slight interruption in my atmosphere and suddenly I found myself deleting instead of saving!  So much for that post. LOL  Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  How convenient.  Maybe, my body decided it wasn’t the right time to write those particular words that particular day….. Ee-ew! Did I really just write that?!  Readers, disregard last sentence.  

Yes, I know, there should be a theme.  Always with the theme….theme to the blog, theme to the post, theme….there’s a recent post over at the Wakefield Doctrine (yes, I am always sending you over there –  because it’s in my nature to want to help – being a clark and all) wherein there is talk about the writing styles of clarks, scotts and rogers respectively.  What is it that differentiates their style(s)?  Obviously, it derives from how they view the world.  There it is.  The secret to the universe, buried here within this vagary postette.  “You’re welcome:)” 

OK, I just decided this very moment that today shall be proclaimed Turbid Thursday.   I further proclaim today’s theme:  face the immediacy of life as it stands today with a will strong enough to carry me to the place where the possibilty of one more day hangs suspended over the horizon….