A Birthday TToT Wish…from The Edge

Hello. Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge.¬†It’s a late night edition of Lizzi’s bloghop, the Ten Things of Thankful. And I have 10. Truth be told, I have at least 10 thankfuls daily but for some reason, on a weekly basis, wreaking of writer’s block affliction, I succumb to sitting blandly, white screen of a mind blank, neurons firing nothing to get my fingers to tap a tap tap upon this keyboard. And then, driving this afternoon listening to Metallica’s Hardwired To Self Destruct, the cobwebs disintegrated and I realized damn! I love this CD!

My thankfuls are all Kevin Bacon’d. Where do I begin? Wait! It doesn’t matter ‘cuz of 6 degrees of separation ūüôā So my first TToT that came to mind this afternoon was my Secret Santa at work. ¬†E gave me (among other “secret” fantastic gifts) the new Metallica CD. Most excellent. I love it. This thought, in turn, reminded me, “yeah, I work with a great group of people“. So #2 TToT¬†it is.

Driving, volume of the music such that only a respectable Metallica loving person would still think insufficent, I thought how much I missed listening to “the old stuff”. Gone are the days of dueling guitarists (of the harder variety). I was caught up in the revelry of the revery of reminiscing of my earlier, musical days. Coming in at 3rd & 4th TToT¬†respectively, but not necessarily in order of preference, (depends on my mood) are Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing and Adrian Smith & Dave Murray, respectively.

Earlier in the day, I was in conversation with a person close to me. His dad has dementia and, not unexpectedly, will tell the same story over and over or he’ll suddenly get emotional when talking about his little dog. D and I got to talking about how, maybe because we’re older, we both can get emotional about some of the more simple things, like our dogs, or hearing a particular song. And then I remembered, not for the first time, that today would have been my dad’s 99th birthday. He is a TToT, 5th and only. His muscial gift of sitting down to a piano and simply….playing, is TToT#6. His birthday reminds me of 2 other TToTs: David Bowie and Elvis. Today is their birthday too. Happy Birthday, Gentlemen.

A mere dusting of snow yesterday is a huge 9th TToT! Lo and behold, there is¬†1 TToT remaining to complete the 10.¬†The 10th TToT?¬†…..the gift of another 24 hours. The day that is both first and last. This day.



Little notes got me to the other side of the Edge…

Yesterday.¬† It’s where this¬†post begins and it would have been my Dad’s 95th birthday.¬† Known as “the Major” (he¬†retired from the Army as a¬†Major)¬†to those closest to the family, he was a man of many gifts.¬† The gift box I possess from all that he gave me, is a neverending¬†overflow and there is¬†nary the space here¬†to talk about all of them.¬†

Music is¬†on the top 5 list¬†of most treasured of gifts.¬† I grew up listening to my Dad play piano.¬† Our piano was¬†downstairs in the finished basement of¬†our 1950’s?¬†raised ranch.¬† An old upright, it held all the magic a girl could ever¬†want.¬†¬†As was his habit¬†during the week, the Major would come home from¬†work, loosen the ole tie and settle in for a scotch and water and a few snicky snacks – that’s Kathleen code for cheese and crackers.¬† Very often it was cheese out¬†of a¬†jar.¬† Old English (no silly not the cologne!).¬†¬†Do you know they still make this cheese?!¬†

After reading the paper and relaxing (“chilling”, the kids might say today), my Dad would head down to the basement to¬†play the piano.¬†¬†As soon as he¬†sat down on the¬†chair (part¬†of¬†an old dining room set) he “went away”.¬†¬†Upstairs we (my Mom and I)¬†often sensed where he went by what he was playing.¬† Let me explain:¬† my Dad had a natural¬†gift for playing the piano.¬† By ear as they say.¬† His repetoire often included the classics of his day which is to say the 40’s and 50’s ( I never knew when he slipped in his originals).¬† Sometimes the music was¬†melancholy other times joyful and yet at¬†other times simply playful.¬†

I often would go downstairs to listen and watch.¬† My Dad had a particular look when he was playing that is difficult to describe – slight hunch to the shoulders, eyes appearing to look down at the keyboard but it wasn’t a keyboard he was seeing.¬† You could almost see time suspended.¬† Anyway, I think my Dad really enjoyed¬†having an audience,¬†even¬†an audience of¬†one.¬† (Of course upstairs, putzing around¬†was my Mom,¬†his biggest fan who made the audience two).

I think there were times my Dad longed for the days where he was the entertainment at parties and various functions (military and non-military).  He loved to play piano and loved that people loved that he could sit down and simply play.  Play what he thought they would like, play their requests or simply play what might come to him at that very moment.  I think the only time my Dad was really spontaneous was when he was sitting in front of a piano.

I don’t know when it started, I was pretty young but there was one piece of music¬†my Dad loved to play for me.¬†¬†It didn’t matter if I was downstairs listening beside him,¬†(that was preferred) or¬†whether I was upstairs helping my Mom get dinner ready.¬† He knew I loved hearing it,¬†he loved playing it and to this day I cannot but smile and be thankful for the gift of his special, unique version of the March of the Wooden Soldiers, somtimes¬†called March of the Toy Soldiers.¬†¬†Thank you Dad, I was listening to you play for me all of the day that would have been your 95th birthday.

[Obviously there is no YouTube vid on the planet¬†of¬†your version but let me post a little something¬† for you.¬†¬†Here’s¬†a song gift, me to you… (“Yeah, I do know your version was better LOL”)