Thank you, Sir Isaac. It’s a 6.

Thursday and Six Sentence Story time! Typically, I don’t write an intro, just kinda get right to it as they say but at this moment, I feel as if a little explanation of my 6 might be helpful? Naa-ah. I laugh at the fact I’m even suggesting that. Writing is art. Art is open to interpretation and honestly, isn’t that part of the fun?


Unprecedented push-back slammed hard, the metal of her resistance sustaining yet another round of damage, a figurative pock mark, another crease.

She’d taxed her body, pushed it’s physical limits, savored the feeling of the adrenaline, aphrodisiac to all which ailed her. Fuel + oxygen + spark = combustion, experienced on a level not seen in recent times. Feeling invigorated and strong, energetic and youthful, body memory flooded, nostalgic, (it was) a lover’s embrace.

It is (now) all out war, a contest of will vs routine, both physical and metaphysical, a challenge to the 3 laws of motion. And the question remains:  F = ma or F = mv?

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