Edging closer to…..

What? The life you’ve been dreaming about for….the last 50 fucking years?  What’s up with that?!  Now that we’ve moved on from the topical shit let’s get back to the real nitty gritty.  My nitty gritty.  Why the hell not?  Am I writing this for a readership.  Hell no!  What readership?!  I don’t see no stinkin’ readership. (sorry, my friends don’t count as “regular readership”.  but keep writing guys ‘cuz I sure need the encouragement).

Where was I in this rambling, rapier rampage of revolt….. Whew!  I’m tired now. That took a lot out of me.  That and having my resident roger* talking to me while I write.  Gee, I guess I am going to have to stop now.  It’s either that or stop the roger in the midst of talking.  Not an easy feat as some of us well know.  (we luv ya but when you have diarrhea of the mouth, as mom used to say, well I have to all but put a fork in my head)

Speaking of being “done”.  Isn’t that something.  Sitting down in a blurry of a hurry with that fleeting scottian edge I spoke of over at the Wakefield Doctrine earlier this morning, I now find myself loosing something.  But am I loosing it or is it being drained?  There is a difference.  Oh..no…I…am….loo..s..in…g  the e…n….er…………………..gy.  H-a-v-e  to get back….u..up.  A song has been thrust into my oratory orafice and destroying my train of thought.(where the hell is the conductor!)  

This video.  Tell me it is not a perfect theme song for rogers? LOL

Now here’s a clarklike take of the Isley’s song in that most memorable Kill Bill series….and a rather appropriate ending for this Girlie today.

* “definition” of these luvable lugs over at the Wakefield Doctrine