There goes one more…

He was unassuming, one might say “modest”. I cried today for Jeff Beck. Not before first smiling and reveling in the gift he offered. A tribute popped in my YouTube feed this morning. I decided to watch it. Here’s the link. Beginning at 9:35 in the clip until conclusion of that particular segment at 12:34 minutes… “Niagara Falls, Frankie angel.”

Thank you, Jeff.

So it was in the Beginning. It’s a 6.

Headline from the Washington Post: “Funeral services for Father Luca Domenico Lazarus of St. Damien’s Parish, Annandale, VA were held today at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington, Virginia, Bishop Francis Bainbridge officiating.”

Tomassa “Tommy” Bianchi walked leisurely alongside the portly personage of his excellency Bishop Francis Bainbridge in late morning sunshine as the crowd began to disperse along winding, tree lined gravel paths towards the parking area for Columbia Gardens Cemetery.

Tomassa, good to see you again my son and after so many years; regretfully it is death who reunites us.”

“Likewise, Father Francis, yet I’m now not entirely certain our meeting was unavoidable but more a matter of time – at least that’s what my recent ruminations concluded”.

Face muscles spread overfed cheeks into a warm smile, “you speak to me in puzzles, my boy, men of God are not necessarily adept with the puzzles, perhaps you’ll express yourself more clearly, without ambiguous implication dangling like a piece of sausage over a Rottweiler’s nose –  spit it out Tommy”.

*the two men share a soft chuckle* “So now you express your frustration with me in my early days at seminary, tell me Father – did you know then I’d never complete my studies, because in retrospect, I can’t figure how in hell I ever made it as far as I did.”

“Cause we’ve ended as lovers”. It’s a 6.

…. well, I dare you.

Straight shoulder length chestnut brown hair, tousled and windblown about his head and shoulders by a light ocean breeze, made it difficult to get a clear view of Evan’s face and though dusk was fast approaching, she didn’t need a clear view to know he was dead serious in spite of the playful tone in his voice.

Celine laughed; toes gripping the sand, she turned, spinning ’round like Lita Ford’s little sister and smiling the smile of 10 million suns replied, oh you do, do you?

Like a dangling participle, the end of their relationship was imminent, each knowing the tense would soon change however, this day, they indulged in the spontaneity of a moment, embracing and escaping into the comfort they’d felt with each other from the first time they met.

I’ll have you know, Celine’s voice authoritative, seductive, I’ve sunbathed for years without one, so your little dare.. not so much.

Grinning widely, she reached for the hem of her camisole, lifting it up and over her head as they walked the beach side by side, their sun slipping slowly ‘neath the horizon.

Dreamscape. It’s a 6.

Highway hotel on overpass, skid marks smear the asphalt, careening corners, exit here. Weary worn, heart torn new day done, head on pillow, dreamscape waiting. Endure the pull, repel the push, landscape of living seeks shoreline of a dream. Tumbled, thrashed by roiling waves, soul seeks solitary skiff, safety on solid ground. Melancholy tempest screams defiance, into your arms, lover’s embrace. Zip line o’er reality’s dross, perfection attained, aerial acrobatics… 

All aboard. It’s a 6.

Southwest Chief Train #4 left the Flagstaff depot at 8:38 PM, night’s blanket having completely covered the blazing skyline

Nearing 9:45 PM, like a lullaby sung to an overtired infant, the steady rhythmic sound of the train’s wheels turning on the tracks sent me into a soft slumber.

Dreams, deserting for the farther reaches of my mind, left nothing in their wake but the sighing of my unconscious as peace found its niche

There, against the scrub landscape of anything is possible, the map unfolded, a vein of gold on the ocean’s floor, it couldn’t have been farther from my reach

Yet energy and insistence shone a light on the adventure that lay before me, destiny on reserve

Southwest Chief Train #4, peopled with hope and expectation, sped through the night, destinations yet unknown



Thankful. Grateful. A Ten Things of Thankful.

Practice. Everything is practice, isn’t it? You know, the things we want to do well? Because if we do something well, we feel better about doing it, better about ourselves. The energy that comes from that is infectious? contagious? No, no, that sounds like a cold or a virus. The more appropriate word is inclusive. Today, I practice sharing my thankfuls. Thanks to Kristi and her new Co-Hosts, Clark, Dyanne and Pat, there is a venue for the sharing and it is all inclusive. Thank you guys, for providing the platform. And without further ado, I shall dive into Thankfuls #2 – 10.

….which is to say, yesterday. Yesterday was a most perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky, it’s color a softly shaded blue, a gentle, comforting breeze to offset the sun’s magnificent glow and heat. Perfect.

3.  Listening to my body. When my brain begins to overflow with suggestions, when it begins projecting and trying to figure things out in advance, I try to be mindful so that I immediately cease and desist! so that I can allow my body to guide me. It has not yet failed me 🙂

4.  YouTube! It truly is amazing and wonderful. I have discovered so much “new” music recently. Wonderful.

5.  All the wonderful participants at Six Sentence Stories. It gives me great pleasure to provide another platform, vehicle, for writers to share in their creativity.

6.  the Wakefield Doctrine.

7.  Sappy movies. What a nice escape sometimes 😀

8.  Employment, transportation, sufficient food, a roof over my head.

9.  The hydro massage beds at my gym! The thought of a massage at the end of a good workout is often the only thing that gets me to the gym, lol.

10.  Today. This day and the will to remember to live… in the moment.

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“You don’t need no baggage, You just get on board”

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Go ahead, start the vid. Adjust volume to low….My last post was a TToT. As are most of them going back several months. Well, it feels like several months. Last post had to do with getting back to basics. In the early days of GirlieOnTheEdge, all titles contained some form of the word “edge”. Believe you me, it soon became a challenge to use “edge” differently in each and every post lol.

I stopped for 2 reasons. No.1) See 1st paragraph. No. 2) Someone told me I needed to write more “catchy” titles. Titles that would “grab” peoples attention. Me, I thought using a form of my blog name in each and every post title would be unique and fun. Sure.

I’m back this week to participate a little more conventionally in what has become the only blog hop in which I participate. Lizzi’s brainchild. Without further ado:

1) Thanks be for a beautiful day today. But not thankful that I wasnt’t able to locate a self service car wash. Surely I’m not the only person in Northern VA who wants to find one of these? I want to wash my car my own damn self! Then I’ll know it will really be clean! Having said that, I am thankful for at least getting the heavy dirt off and! leaving the car wash with radio antenna intact.

2) I’m thankful for having been invited to share Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and day after Christmas with my niece, her husband and 2 little boys. A giant holiday sleepover! I’m further thankful that my niece’s niece who is my great niece wanted to Tango with her Aunt C Christmas afternoon.  I was sitting next to C on the couch when the call connected. I gave C a quick wave and Merry Christmas and let the 2 of them do the show and tell about Aunt C’s gift. Then I heard M say “Aunt C, would you put Aunt D on?” C passed me the i pad and there was my great niece smiling away with multi colored, blinking “teeth”. Courtesy of yours truly:) I was ever so happy she was wearing the rainbow, blinking teeth and was excited to show me:) Such cool shit for kids nowadays.

3) I am thankful to be able to use time off at the holidays without having to sacrifice too much leave to the Use it or Loose it gods. The challenge? To use the time wisely.

4) I’m thankful my sister was surrounded by family Christmas Day. She lost her husband suddenly in October. Not a happy holiday season this year.

5) I’m thankful to have persevered in looking for and finding a florist to deliver the exact arrangement (the receptacle part anyway) to my sister in law several states away. I saw a picture in a Telflora ad many weeks ago and knew that was the “one”. Around the 16th or 17th of December I used my lunch to drive to a local florist. “I can just wire it from there. How hard can this be?” An entire hour later, late back from lunch there were to be no flowers delivered to my sister in law on December 20. Long story short, the florist I went to couldn’t find a local florist near my sister in law’s town to deliver. More importantly, they didn’t carry the piece I had selected. It was suggested I consider a more popular arrangement. If I could find a florist to deliver that is! You can’t tell me there were no local florists in R.I. to make this delivery. Friday morning, the 19th I googled florists in the town bordering where my S-I-L lives. I found only one, wrote the name and number down, arrived at work early enough to call and…. Hurray! Not only did they know the piece I was talking about, they had it in stock. Chris was pleasant, professional and courteous. He assured me they could make a next day delivery, if someone was there to accept. It was important I send this arrangement and no other. I’ve learned not to give up.

6) I’m thankful to hear that folks I’ve come to know in the blogosphere enjoyed a pleasant Christmas and holiday season. Not everyone is fortunate to celebrate as they may wish or share in a way of their choosing.

7)  Always, I am thankful  for another day to try it again. Thankful for one more chance.

8) I’m thankful for the Wakefield Doctrine and the blogosphere for introducing me to other clarks. Seems I’m odd woman out (no! not because I’m a clark lol) but because the other clarks I’ve come to meet have/ have had clarks for friends. I’ve never had clarklike friends. Until now. Pretty cool.

9) I’m thankful not to be bound by convention when it comes to eating. I grew up where we sat at the table (either kitchen or dining room if a holiday) for the evening meal. With the exception of the occaisional “breakfast for dinner”, we had “dinner” type foods. Being an adult means being able to eat ice cream for “dinner” or cereal all day long if I feel like it. Nice.

10) A warm place to sleep, a job I do well, and a vehicle to get me to there.



Excuse me. The Edgetre’d forgot to bring me cake

If you read my last post you know that I went on a job interview last Tuesday.  Even though armed with the Wakefield Doctrine (the life tool of choice), I still gave, in my opinion, a too clarklike interview.  Damn!  I always think of the best questions after the fact!  No, I don’t think that’s the reason I sit here not having had any cake this weekend.  But I was ready.  Had spoon in hand.  Just in case.

The lesson.  In each “life event” I try to see the lesson.  If I can decipher the thing to be learned, if I can apply/employ/facilitate whatever it was that was shown to me, then I will have taken another step forward.  No, I didn’t get the job.  Yes, I wanted it.  Hell, I was already living the life that it came with, in my head (what a clark lol).  At the end of the day and when disappointment had waned, I reminded myself of the importance of moving forward – in the here and now (that one’s also for you clarks).  Little steps and large share the same stage.   We have lessons shown to us more times than not.  The trick is to see them, understand them, embrace them.  

Now what I have is the image of pie in my head.  Sure.  Why not.  There’s some sort of historical reference to pies in the sky, isn’t there…  Hm.  I do like pie.  And you can also eat pie with a spoon.  Especially if accompanied by ice cream.  Hey!  Will pie and ice cream now become the new symbol of/reward for accomplishment?  Wishes fulfilled?  Goals achieved?  LOL

At the end of the rainbow… there will be pie?