Who’s That? At the Edge of the Field?!

When we last left our anti-heroine, she was sitting on the bench. Grindin’ on a wad ‘o Grizzly, Girlie looks around and spits. “Yo! Jellyhead! Get the fuck outta my face!” 

“Who you callin’ Jellyhead, bitch? Why, I oughta come over there and clock your sorry punk ass!”

“Whadya waiting for old man? Next year?! *laughing derisively*

Jellyhead glares at our anti-heroine, flames shooting from the top of his head (no, not really, but he looks really, really pissed)

“We gave you a good contract, Girlie. A solid contract. Your people had every chance to negotiate during the season. And you didn’t. Your loss.”

“Tell me something I don’t know, Mr. J. Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Listen, Girlie. I’m gonna tell you like it is. We get a lot a players come through this town. Some are ready made for this game. Others, like your own punk ass self, come in thinkin’ they can fuck with the rules. ‘Fraid you gotta get some perspective. You shoulda known. 3 times to bat. After that, all bets off. End of contract. End of game. You’re a free agent now. You got to leave.”

“Thought I’d hang on the bench. Isn’t that where ya go when ya strike it out? The bench? The fucking bench?”

Jellyhead’s gaze softens, his voice calmer.

“Too many players going through rotation, Girlie. Too many. Can’t have every loser taking up valuable space. A dugout’s only so big. You need to move on. Find something else to occupy your time. You had your chance. You got to make room for the younger players. See? That one? And that one over there….they’re still young. They’ve still got time. You’ve already passed the bottom of the 9th. Go on home.”

“Got no home, coach. I’ve got no home.”

“You better find one. And fast. You don’t want to get picked up by that team do you? “

“What team is that?”

“Get your damn head out of your ass! You know what team I’m talkin’ about. One of the biggest teams around, for, you know, players like you.”

“But I’m not like them! I can’t play on that team! Why, they don’t even play! They sit around, wasting away, ending their careers in the worst possible…not one of ’em has ever hit one out of the park!  Not even at the end.”

“Go on now, Girlie. Go. I’ll put in a word with the big guy for you. Honest, I will. The rest is up to you.”


Timelines and phone calls…all part of the Edge

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to talk to an old friend for a short time on the phone.  Seconds really in the scheme of things.  The miles are very many between us and yet….it was like the time travel stuff in Stephen King’s 2011 novel 11/22/63 when, no matter how long the character spends in 1958,  in present time he’s only gone for 2 minutes.  It was kinda like that.

We talked for about 10 minutes, and yet it might as well have been 10 seconds.  It’s rare but some friendships are like that.  They withstand time, place and events.  A most wonderful gift.  As I was driving home from work last night around 7:30, hoping to catch the end of the New England / Houston game, I happened to look up into the sky.  The moon, suspended like a slate grey Necco wafer, it’s lower circumference a sliver of a white smile, reminded me that “distance” was all in the mind.

It’s good to have reminders of where you “are in life”.  If it’s a good place then it’s important to treasure and nurture all that supports that life, including old friendships.  If the place you find yourself is not where you should be or want to be, then it’s time to “take a stand” (veiled reference to my old friend Don Juan).  Time travel, in this case, is not a practical solution. LOL

For whatever reason, I’ve dubbed today “Take a Stand Tuesday”.  I may not make it to the Edge today, maybe I will.  No, no plans to return to 1958 like Mr. King’s character.  But if I only stand 2 minutes in the place I ought to, that’s OK.  2 minutes in the right place can mean a lifetime somewhere else.

[Last minute pre-publication postscript:  No, this is not a play on the theme of today’s post. I promise!  When I sat down this morning to write this post it really was Tuesday for me.  It felt like Tuesday.  My body convinced my mind that today was, in fact, Tuesday.  So how is it that I found myself one day in the future (if only in my own mind) while the rest of the world was/is here today, Monday?  Could it really be Tuesday and this is my chance to re-write my Monday?  Hm…..better make it count]