X Marks the Spot. It’s a 6.

Turmoil continued to haunt the waking hours, until this night. He came in a dream, the one I loved, the one who loved me perfectly in return.

Out of the corner of dreamscape eye, standing upon a perch too high, I spotted the dark figure, moving slowly, deliberately; self-aware.

Crying out in irrepressible joy, happiness bursting the frayed threads holding my heart; I ran down wooden stairs, throwing myself on him, hugging the miracle, each of us in and of, a moment sufficient.

Moment released, he continued on, I returned to my perch on high; then, as if illuminated  within a crystal ball, the answer was shown me, as he stopped to sit – the spot marked with an X.

His purpose achieved, timeless love having crossed over from somewhere not here, he walked on until I woke to the light…

(Who says the dead don’t speak to us, don’t help us, heal us? There are those who say it is we who help our own selves, through our dreams; that it is our own selves coming out of the dark corners to illuminate that which our waking selves can’t or refuse to see. In this New Year of 2020 may you find enlightenment, encouragement, achievement on/in whatever plane you find it and remember, X will always mark the spot.)