#Ten Things of Thankful, Girlie Style.

Greetings and salutations! I’m Girlie and you have found your way to the Edge – GirlieOnTheEdge. Welcome. This blog has been around a long time. It has grown, evolved, waned, almost disappeared…trying all the while to hone it’s voice. GirlieOnTheEdge began as a way of sharing. Like a ham radio operater, I sent words out into the airwaves hoping someone might pick up on the frequency and discover my words.  Words that always contained a message. Of hope, encouragement, humor (no, really! I wrote some humorful words once upon a time lol).  It was also a voice to share a life tool that to this day totally blows me away in it’s spot on perspective into why people act and do the things they do.  Amazingly helpful to me, how could I not share that with other people. That’s right! I’m talking about the Wakefield Doctrine aka the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers. Numero uno folks. How can it not be?! It has helped me navigate the crazy world of relationships – family, co-workers, friends….

Scrolling through my posts, as time and life wittled the wood of this place, there remained a constant. I would almost always write a 10 Things of Thankful post. As my readers know, it’s a bloghop offered by our recuperating wordsmistress Lizzi Lewis. She of Considerings fame shared a thing that has touched the lives of countless folks. Dos y dos Lizzi 😀

3. A safe return last weekend from my homeland.

4. Having a huge smile on my face when I went in to work after being on vacation. The office was decorated for Christmas! And that always makes me smile.

5. For my family. I am one lucky Girlie.

6. The generosity of friends. Old friends. Lifelong friends.

7. Canines!

8. My health and the wealth in my possession that is not of material or financial form.

9. the Cat.

10. Right here, right now. This day. A gift to me one more time.

Let’s step outside of ourselves today, get out of the way, and look around. Pretty amazing, eh?


it’s time for dinner now…

Sunday, April 27, 2014 7:14 am. It would have been very nice to have “slept in” today. Doin’ the slow stretch as I eased my mind and senses awake  The way you should on an early spring, quiet as a churchmouse, Sunday. Nice indeed. If I were waking up in my “own place”.

A “holy” day. The only day in the week you put on your “Sunday best”. (They’re talking about clothing right?) A go to church, stop by the drugstore on the way back for the Sunday paper, wait around (not in the kitchen) while Sunday breakfast is prepared. Sunday breakfast. The only day of the week that breakfast isn’t self serve. And! And you sit at the table to eat it! Still in your Sunday, church clothes. Most of the time it’s bacon and eggs and toast* or french toast. A most elegant morning meal compared to cereal days of the week.

Not sleeping in today. In fact, I won’t be “sleeping in” until the day I own my own abode. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful daily for the generosity of my nephew. In ways I am able, small gestures, if you will, I try to show that gratitude. Gratitude for the opportunity he’s giving me. To put it all together again. Huh. Again. Let me re-phrase: to put it all together for the last time.

I wake up each day to a job. To aquire sufficent greenbacks to buy a house of my own. Where I can live. For the rest of my days. Where I can “sleep in” if I so desire. Everything needs to be about that. What the hell else is there? I have no children, no child. I threw that one away. (a conversation for the clarks some other time, why we “throw” things away) So fuck this. Fuck all the shit I do. (no, Girlie! don’t do this! why not? some will recognize it for what it is. it’s one of those days. isn’t it the the day after absolution day? don’t I get a free one?)

Today is Sunday. The day of the week you get a free pass. To reflect, re-consider, get off your ass and start it all again. Where going to church can be as simple as singing along with Lyle. I be singing loud today. With Lyle.

*Not to be confused with “breakfast for dinner” during the week. Entirely different bacon and eggs. Entirely:)



…on the edge of tomorrow…

I’m seated in front of my computer, doolin dalton.  Music soothing the storm that’s brewing like cowboy coffee over an open fire.  Turning ever so slightly I look to my right, then to my left and I can see 180 degrees of grey skies, heavy with the threat of rain, “just biding time”.  And I ask myself, “do I want to leave that peaceful life behind?” 

For now I’m curling up with my music blanket all comfy and co-o-zee cruisin’ the “Tube listening to Willie, Lyle, Emmy…. soaking myself in a tub full of “country”.  Melody and harmony gliding over my skin…. slick with nostalgia.   

Anyone who asks the question “is time travel possible” I say yes, yes it is.  Music is the vehicle,  books are the vehicle.  Both are the finest modes of transplantation possible.  Thank God we have them to take us to new and exciting places, to old and treasured landscape(s), to the as yet unexplored…

While drifting to the edge of yesterday, I reminded myself  how much music (the listening of) is not only a necessity in life but an extremely valuable tool.  It can transport me (Jason doesn’t have a corner on the market) to any level/plane of emotion out there.   The proper music/song/composition can motivate and energize, soothe and calm, soften and sadden.  All the “faces” of life are reflected in music.  Some would argue it is an indulgence to rely on music to relive, revive, renew, reinvent.  Does it matter that I disagree? Nah…..If I need a boost there is always “someone” to grab me and kick my butt in gear, if I want to waft away in a quasi state of reflection, well, there is always “someone” to guide me.  If I need to “drown in my own tears”, damn I have plenty of company.  

Oh, alright.  I’ll get out of the tub.  Hand me that towel while……