Second Chance. It’s a 6.

He stood, silhouette in the doorway, dawn’s first light peeking over treed horizon, early frost nipping grass blades and felt his smile getting sleepy, there were no regrets

From the very first he laid eyes on her he could see the potential lying just beneath the surface, waiting for that right person to come along who could uncover her beauty. Practical, realist to a fault, there was no kidding himself – the journey would be long and probably more work than he should take on, yet without hesitation, he committed himself 100%.

Working her gently at first, he got a better feel for what he was dealing with; as each layer was stripped away, his confidence grew that she was the gem he’d envisioned. Everything he needed could be found in one dented, once white metal cabinet – the tools and implements of his craft; among them, all manor of polishes (wax was for amateurs, so he joked), pads, brushes and his prized buffer.

He knew the day would come they would go their separate ways, and as he watched from the block the crowd of people following her into the building, the driver slowly bringing her through the lane, he had no doubt she would do right by him as he had done right by her.