GirlieOntheEdge a Road Warrior?

Yes. Yes I am. Kindasorta. I don’t own a gun like Mel’s. (Of course not! Such things are illegal.) But I do own a lovely Stoeger Coach Gun (side by side). Stored safely away, it’s not been out of it’s case for many a year. It did come in handy for snake “problems”. Yes honey. Shoot it again. That’s why there’s 2 shells. (Me to Man after he shot a deadly moccasin. We are not “gun” people. lol)

Road Warrior? Yes. Yes I am. I travel the highways of Northern Virginia. Enough said. My daily commute is long and I can only dream about roads and highways deserted enough to allow for a little hit of nitrous oxide to hasten my journy homeward:) I”m not, repeat I am not implying I would support  an apocalyptic event to rid our nation of overcrowded highways…..

Segue. (This is no place for them!) But it is the perfect one for expressing my initial dismay upon learning of my company’s decision to move the office I presently work in to Maryland.  In an effort to streamline, increase productivity etc., my employer has decided to consolidate 2 offices into one and re-locate us both. In approximately 60-90 days, I and the members of my team will be re-locating somewhere across the Potomac River.

Hey Kristi! Been on the Beltway lately? Not if you can help it right?! Rest of you folks? Go ahead. Google the Capital Beltway. Enough said. Note to self: buy new battery for laptop and/or purchase a pad, i or otherwise and/or htfu and upgrade phone! Yes. Road Warrior I am.

Having bitched about this move, I have to admit I see it as an opportunity. I know, I know. Some might think me crazy. Hell, sometimes I think I ‘m crazy but it’s about movement. Forward. Imo, any forward momentum represents potential. Isn’t that what it’s about? Don’t we owe it to ourselves to drive that road? Navigate what obstacles may come. Just get on the road.

If there’s gas in the tank, drive. Until it’s gone. When the fuel runs out, look around….somewhere there’s a source, a way to refill and replenish those tanks.

Easy? No. But if you’re not traveling this road… you’ll find yourself in the middle of



Floating at the Edge of consciousness..

Man, this is slipping away fast.  Woke up again today.  Thank goodness (I think LOL).  As usual, I meandered into the kitchen to let Zoey out.  I don’t have to wait too long before she reappears at the door, face smiling, feet dancing.  She’s very excited to come back in because typically breakfast is then served up all crunch and crunchy.  But not today.  I decided to go back to bed.  With little protestation, she followed suit.  No, not the normal routine this morning.  Most days, once I get up and make the trek to the kitchen (to let Zo out), I am sufficiently awake to:  feed her; put my coffee on; flip the switch to light the kettle for the SO’s instant, crystalized, they use this stuff in space, morning beverage and turn on the way back machine.  6 a.m.  is a respectable time to start the day, right?

Alright, so I’m back in bed with the full realization that I am not going to slip back into one of those delicious, comfy-cozee slumbers.  No, not me.  Not nowadays.  But I persist in keeping my eyes closed, scrunching up sidesways with the pillows and manage to achieve “half sleep”.  It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t restful.  But that wasn’t the point.  I can see that now.  

The concept of “half sleep” is solid.  There are great benefits and rewards possible if you do it right.  Not fully conscious yet not fully asleep.  An in-between place where anything can happen – where, if one is so inclined, one can try that old standby dream control.  In olden times I would relish this opportunity as a portal to potential creativity.  Today however, it served simply, literally, to deliver a message to my brain that has been screaming at the back door to get in for quite some time now.  I am thinking it was there on the second step of quasi sleep as a result of something I read over on the book of faces.  It was a quote attributed to Mr. Albert Einstein that begins:  “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery…”.  I look no gift horse in the mouth. (note to self:  look up origin of phrase “gift horse in the mouth”).

Meanwhile…the ticker tape in my brain slowly read: “there are only 2 choices, here and there”.  I write this now, attempting to translate this morning’s semi-somnamubulistic events with an “awake” brain.  A brain already polluted by external stimuli.  As oft stated within these pages, I believe in the body, the physical body, being the first to know….anything.  The body then relays signals to the brain and after that?  Ah, then we get to the machinations of the mind.      

 So what was my body really trying to tell me today while I was on the edge of consciousness?  I can honestly say I was caught unawares and thank goodness for it. I can see now, in a hazy, turn the heat down retrospect, that there was much revelation going on inside my cranium.  6:30 a.m. arrived and dropped me at the back porch of my brain where I sat on the second step struggling to remember and memorize the important, salient points that were streaming only 30 minutes previous at the Edge of consciousness.