Coat of Arms. It’s a 6.

Diminutive in stature, spirit enormous, Maximus of Riding took stock of the surroundings within moments of stepping outside his manor, well understanding it fell upon him to defend the family within; no foe shall breach it’s boundaries nor penetrate it’s walls as long as he draws breath.

His bravery and exploits were known from one end of the small kingdom to the other, neighboring landowners aware and in awe of his esteemed reputation, his loyalty and allegiance to those he loved, his primary purpose.

It was a decisive day early in the year of ’21, in the skirmish with the Dane, when battle colors of the Fawn and the Grey flew furiously, Maximus emerging victorious, thus giving birth to the legends.

As told, the morning had broken with skies adorned in the colors of the season, clear and piercing, air briskly chilled and infused with aromas to arouse the senses; he was vigilant.

*sound of door opening, then closing*  “Hey, was beginning to wonder if you two got lost on the walk, Max might have great stamina but he’s still a little dog.”

*with a smile to her voice”*  “We had a little diversion on the way back – met the new neighbors and their dog; standing beside Max, it was like looking at David and Goliath!”

From There to Here. It’s a 6.

…Dawn, the glow of sunrise reminded me I hadn’t gone to bed yet; I wiped the grit perpetually glued to the inside corners of my eyes.

Where would I find the drive, the energy, to power through the inevitable challenge already leaving tracks in the dust, a life disappearing?

The question, clawing at my brain for months, left me circling ’round the same spot on the what to do map. I’ll know it when the time comes, but will I?

Badweather friends, doubt and fear, the great pretenders, skulked through my subconscious waiting for an invite to the party.

To their dismay, the strains of a familiar melody began to stream from Alexa’s mouth; smiling, I poured another coffee, no, nothing else matters..

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Ten million maybe more. A TToT.

Hey everyone, welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. As I began typing, the sun broke through just a little bit more. Step aside dark sky… Began, as in finish later. I’m beginning to insure the first thankful I list is, well, the most important one…Yesterday, my niece’s 2 boys had a soccer and baseball game, respectively. Older one, soccer. (“You coming to my game tomorrow, Aunt Denise?” I was asked Friday night. “Yes“, I replied). Except! the younger one’s baseball game was scheduled at the same time. 10:00 am. Damn. Went to 14 year old’s soccer game. Ended in a tie. “J” scored the only goal. Yay! Now it’s on to 9 year old’s baseball game, stat! Arrived for the last 10 or 15 minutes of his game. There was my little scott, on the pitcher’s mound. I was standing along side their dugout, excellent view of the field, pitcher’s mound in particular. I wasn’t there 5 minutes when “B”‘s dad, who’s the coach, called over to him to give him some pointers. “B” turned to look at his dad, then he spotted me. And smiled. Eyes infected with a close lipped smile so wide it made my heart ache. Perfect. His dad turned around and asked me, “Did he see you?”  “Yup” was my answer. He saw me. And absolutely made my day 🙂 Tell me how that can not be TToT #1.

TToT  YouTube. I began this morning looking for a particular song. Autoplay was on.  Viewing history be damned! How in the world did they know? Wicked Game??  I couldn’t have programmed a better playlist.

TToT  Nightwalking. The spelling? My homage to Nightswimming. The song that began my YouTube search this a.m. 🙂

TToT #4, #5, #6 – the whys for TToT #3

(what are they talking about?…)

TToT  Bread and butter. Simultaneously, a hypo-grat lol

TToT  The sound of the wind howling.

TToT  Lord Byron’s “She Walks in Beauty”.

TToT  Today. This glorious sunny, windy fall day. It can’t get better than this very moment..


Darkness on the Edge and Other Places. Darn right it’s a TToT!

I had intended to post a Ten Things of Thankful post this weekend. Thank you Clark for a great TToT and for reminding us of the origins of this hop. Seeing as this is the last week the TToT will be hosted by Josie, how could I even think of not posting!  Thanks to Lizzi for bringing it to us 🙂 Many thanks to Kristi for being the new administratrix, curator, overseer. We are in wonderfully capable hands 🙂

It’s 8:48 pm. Just got off the phone with Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine. He’s been hosting a call in show, the Wakefield Doctrine Saturday Night Call in Show for…a long time! Good convo. Had a little bit of everything, talked about writing, flash fiction, raccoons, rogers, Ted radio talk.

Don’t know about you and where you live but here, in the DC area? Gorgeous weather lately. Warm, sunny, n-i-c-e. Cool, huh Kristi? About time, eh? lol Hey Kristi! Guess who Alexa cued up just now? Oh yea, our favorite band and an oldie but goodie. Of course, Fade to Black. Never too old. Never.

I feel like just writing but I realize there is protocol to follow and so without further delay and/or rambling, my thankfuls are as follows:

  1. Metallica! At this moment, because it’s playing right now, the instrumental in Fade to Black.
  2. The 1980’s. The music. The heavy, glorious metal and the fact that life for me was all about bands and musicians. I was fortunate my circle of friends were musicians. Life revolved around music. It was good.
  3. A visit to my hair stylist. Nothing better to lift your spirits (if you are of the female persuasion) than getting a haircut and highlights on a beautiful Saturday morning.
  4. House sitting. So this house sitting gig comes with Alexa in the kitchen. Luckily for me, my niece and nephew in law have good taste in music…that’s right. They dig 80’s metal. Alexa’s got all the right stations cued. I can sit and write this post to Motley Crue, Cinderella, the aforementioned Metallica, Skid Row… 😀
  5. My car.
  6. The love of driving.
  7. I am thankful for getting a damned hold of myself after my first night house sitting. I know I have company in my almost phobia/fear of dolls. The big ones. The ones that are 3′ or taller. With faces. Damned straight. No good. None of ’em! My first night, Thursday, it was late, I went to the lowest level, the family room, to get something. Wtf! Youngest nephew had left his oversized, stuffed Superman doll laying across the sofa cushions. Painted face and all. I’m sleeping up on the 4th level. Not a huge house but still, 4 levels. No carpeting on the stairs. See where I’m going with this? lol The bed faces the door which of course, duh, opens to the hallway. The stairs are to the right past a bedroom and the upstairs bathroom. I could not stop my imagination. What if I looked over and saw Superman standing in the doorway? No. Not a great night sleep lol
  8. Thankful I remembered Superman was a positive role model. If he decided to walk up 3 flights of stairs to see me in the middle of the dark night, why, surely that was a good thing. Right?
  9. Positive examples of practice. Positive examples of people developing their craft. New writers showing up at Six Sentence Stories. Hey Marti! Deepa! See you next round! And old friends. Good to see you May 🙂
  10. I am thankful each day gifted. What can I gift in return…. 

Soundtrack of My Life?

Up early today. Like every day. “Needed” to hear Doolin Dalton and Desperado from the album of the same name. The Eagles for those of you who do not know. 2nd album, 1973. It occurred to me that there simply would not be time enough to play the soundtrack of my life. At my funeral. And besides, there’s the dilemma of deciding whether to compile the list entirely myself or invite people I know to contribute. To the playlist. You know, when the time comes.

“Girlie feelin’ low today?” you wondering? Naah. A little solumn perhaps. A bit serious. Maybe it’s that time of year. For awhile now, pretty soon after waking up, they’ll be a song playing in my head. Before I turn on the computer, before checking the weather on the TV. Out of the pre-dawn silent, stretchings I will hear either the melody or lyrics or both, to a song. A new song. An old one and frankly, at times, a song from who knows where!

Earlier this week, I was surprised to wake to the internal strains of Quicksand Jesus. Damn! Tell me Glenn I don’t really know the gestalt of that one. LOL What is it. How is it, that more times than not, it’s simply easier to express myself through music? Sure. It’s personal. Totally subjective. Listening to “sad” songs may not be because I’m sad. “Metal” songs are not angry for me. They put a smile on my face.

As a clark, I find the medium of music an absolute necessity. It is the lifeblood. clarks relate to the world from the intellectual, the rational realm. Somewhere along the line, through no conscious choice of our own, the emotional, non-rational was deemed “a red-headed step child” (apologies to you guys. really!)

In the absence of music, either someone else’s or my own, how would I express myself? Writing? There’s that. Solitary. Of the mind. Music. Listening. Of the body. Luckily both are about feelingHere’s to a most excellent weekend for everyone.