GirlieOnTheEdge Reissues the Ruling: “What’s Done is Done”

Doc Marten BootsReally? Are you absolutely certain of that? Is that why today is such a “rage against the machine” Monday? Resplendent with volume, decibel and energy?  I speak of course of things I intend to line my day.  At the moment however, I sit in semi-darkness, the needle on my caffeine juiced mug hovering at the red line.  Almost empty…

Who says you can’t do anything about the “typical” Monday?  For example, if I were to insist doing just a little extra on the physical exercise front and you know, grunt a little while forcing those last couple of reps, I could potentially set the stage for a very good day=D

Blood pumping, oxygen to the brain, mind alert: check.  Now here’s the tricky part. Does the clothing or the music come first?  Is how I present myself to the world today, this Machine Monday, determined by intent or reaction? If I focus my intent on deliberately insisting I achieve a particular goal, is that not the first step in achieving that goal?  Is it really about supporting accoutrements? How much of any day is simple habitual response to our immediate environment?

Circle back to the concept of energy.  A real thing.  A “not real” thing.  Don Juan Matus would say that “energy that is not being redeployed, is as useless as not having any energy at all.”  And so I would intentionally put on the Docs.  What better symbol than wearing a boot that screams I mean business? LOL

I don’t need to quote a specific source to support the premise life is energy.  We, the universe, are made up of energy fields.  It is no surprise then that the flow of this energy is tantamount to a sense of well being.  It’s not an Eastern religion thing or ancient Mayan thing or mystical European thing. It simply is.  And “all that it is, is what it is.”

Since it’s the first day of the typical “week” for many of us, I challenge you to take a moment today.  The earlier the better.  Stop. Reflect.  Ask yourself: have my actions been infused with energy, with intent?  Has there been anything deliberate in what I have done. Or is today moving along in an easy going, comfortable habitual and safe series of behaviors?

There’s nothing wrong with easygoing and safe.  Trust me, recently I would revel if all was easygoing and safe.  But haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if you changed the EQ?  What might happen if you tweaked the dial on your perception of the world around you just a tad.

Machine Monday question:  Have you engaged the world today?  Sometimes it really can go to 11. Turn it up…

Edging like a roger till I’m in like flint…

Hey clarks!  roger up!  If you want to get ahead, start cultivating your rogerian aspect pronto!  Emotion, man.  It’s all about emotion.  Get hungry for….emotion!  (“of course we do….no, we don’t have ice water running through our veins….damn straight we feel…..”)

Ideally, for clarks to interact successfully with rogers, we clarks need to be aware of, and be able to easily identify, the cues given off by rogers and act accordingly.  No thinking about it, as in “how do I react to that! or “should I ask that question now?”  Instead, feel the appropriate response.  It’s not simply reacting to a roger, and it’s more than simple identification with the roger.  If you are a clark, you must transcend from listening as a clark to feeling as a roger.

Interfacing (to use a somewhat modern term) with rogers is about being in a place emotionally that generates within your own (damn) self, questions.  What kind of questions?  Questions the roger(s), can relate to on an emotional level.  Questions that will engage the two of you in the commerce of emotional currency.  Trust me, you’ll know when you’ve  had this exchange of emotional currency.

 The Wakefield Doctrine tells us that clarks think, scotts act and rogers?  They feel.  So go for it!  Do it!  Try using emotion as the catalyst for (the) action.  How clarks utilize emotion is what creates (the) energy.  And isn’t that what it’s all about for we like people?  Energy?  So, clarks – ask yourself today:  “can I use the energy that results from seeing the world through a roger’s eyes, from engaging the world as a roger?”.  

Here’s my Monday challenge for all you clarks:  Try tapping into your rogerian aspect and walk through the world today as a roger would.  A world where feelings are the name of the game,  and emotional currency is king.    

James Brown played baseball…briefly on the Edge

Believe it.  The “godfather of soul” played semi-professional baseball.  His life was hard, his determination fierce.  He was a man with a mission.  James Brown a scott?  Well, we will leave that to the folks over at the Wakefield Doctrine to comment on that one. LOL. 

I don’t know that it was all that common for performers at the time of Mr. Brown’s up and coming to have 2 of  every type of musician/performer in their band – 2 or 3 guitar players, 2 bass players, 2 drummers and that’s in addition to percussion!  Let us not forget the horn section and the everpresent, ubiquitous “backup” singers.  Poppa did have a brand new bag…and I for one, carry it on occaision.

Mr. Brown is my companion today.  Not the “Mr. Brown” from one of my all time favorite movies.  Not today.  Today we’re dancing to the beat of soul searching funk, we are down and dirty with the Godfather of Soul.  No morass of a Monday bogging me down!  Anyone can dance on a Monday, you just have to know who to tune into.  Who is it you want on the soundtrack of your first day of the new week? 

Be careful people.  Be careful.  There’s power in music stronger and more potent than anything known to man.   Use it wisely.  For your own benefit and the good of others.  Dance when you have to, sing if so moved and above all share when you feel good….

Monday tape(d) to the edge….

Hey! Why not open up today with a scott.  How fun, how funny, how spontaneous and utterly obnoxious is Jack Black?!  This scene perfectly illustrates the poster boy for scottian males. LOL   His character is full of life, energy and an instinct to immediately cause conflict and commotion; sucking the life and air out of everyone and everything within 10 feet.  Damn!  To be a scott for a day….

Honestly, putting on a scottian suit and going all day like that?  I can tell you from experience, it’s exhausting!  Maybe I could sit back and line up dozens of movie clips of scottian people doing scottian things and live that carefree,  carnivorous life virtually.  Guess you’re right.  Not the same.

It’s Monday.  Don’t have a Monday tape this morning.  In fact, earlier I was deep in thought as to what would happen if Monday’s were eliminated.  Remove Monday from the weekly calender.  It sure would mess things up…  The Monday morning commute?  What would happen if people didn’t oversleep because there was no first day (Monday) after the weekend (of partying, staying up and out too late).  There would be no traffic jams.  No people on the road when they shouldn’t be because it’s not Monday.

The whole social interaction thing is also affected.  I mean there’s the dilemma of the first conversation(s) upon arriving at work.  “How was your weekend Bob? You said it!  Tough to get going this morning.  Mondays suck man.”  And what about all the songs written like Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down, Monday, Monday or one of my all time favs Stormy Monday

Eliminate Mondays and think of the possibilities…