Forever Young. It’s a 6.

“Bu-u-t mo—o-m! I really, really want to go! “

“Your father and I aren’t too keen on letting you go into the city to see a major rock concert – you’re only 10 years old; it’s no place for a kid.”

“But, Mom, I wouldn’t be goin’ by myself, your sister’s going to take me and she’s an adult!”

Caught in the middle of youth’s persuasion, too far past the red light to stop, I played the almost impartial mediator, “ya know, there’s a famous theory espousing the benefits of music on the developing mind of a child; on top of that, he’d be gaining first hand, educational insight into an aspect of today’s youth culture, (*smiling*) besides Sis, his friends would think he was really cool. Don’t worry, you know I wouldn’t let anything happen to him.” 

–  We often never know life’s defining moments until the finger of retrospect taps us on the shoulder pointing to the moments of how we came to be. –

[Editor’s note: music video contains language that may be offensive to some.]

Wait! Me! Pick Me, Girlie!!

But what do I do? What do I write? You’d think I’d never done this before. Ya know, write a post. At my blog. Yeah, that’s right. I have a blog. It’s called GirlieOnTheEdge and I have been for oh, so very long…

So what’s been happening? A lot! That much I’ve garnered from my whirlwhind scans of the ‘net and the FB. I’ve stopped occaisionally to read but very little. Why? What an excellent question! I offer no excuses for I do not believe in them. I do, however, accept that sometimes there are circumstances.

Are there any to support my lack of involvement in this, my other life? My irl life? Why….no. I didn’t think so. First up. Thanks to my friend, the inimitable Lizzi Lewis!

1 is the lonliest number. 2 Mondays ago, I checked my P.O.Box. There, within the dark, narrow receptacle, lay a key. The key tag said there was a package in Box 6. I was puzzled. ? And then I remembered! I eagerly opened the box and there! a shrink wrapped package that, sure’ nuff, felt like a book! and who doesn’t get excited over the prospect of receiving a book?! Thank you Lizzi for being you. For thinking of me.  For sending me Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. Just becuase 😀

1x bitten, 2x shy. Clarity and revelation. You would think this to be item number 2 when in fact, I claim by right of SBOR/BOSR (rule # escapes me now. Zoe? help?), this to be items 2 and 3. I’m grateful, most of the time, for those sunbursts of clarity as to what life really is. While I’m immensely, please don’t take it away, thankful to still be breathing, in good health (as far as I know today), thankful for knowing all of you, thankful to be aware of opportunity, I am also hypo-grateful for the revelation part. Sometimes I think the 7 4 Horsemen enjoy showing me the “here’s how it could have been, should have been, look what you’ve got now Girlie, good job. But what it is, is all that it is, and sometimes, the big reveal is not very palatable . Objectively, seeing behind the curtain is a good thing. But in all the ways we know to be more “human”, it’s a fucking bad thing. (yo, I’m a clark). And so, at the end of this little self-indulgent, sure I’ll take a little cheese with that, outburst is the knowledge that I’m not alone. That and the fact that, with a little practice, I can stem the tide of negativity (and self indulgence), swim against that tide, and find my way back to the shore of sanity. (Good thing I learned to swim at an early age, eh? lol)

4/20. No! Not anymore lol. But I could tell you of a tradition observed every Friday at noon on the quadrangle of the University of Rhode Island (when I attended). The thanks? For laptop and access to the internet! The amazing vehicle by which anything and everything to know, read, listen to and watch, is at my very fingertips! Yay!!!!!!!!

5Side Note. My wordpress doesn’t allow comments when you hover over links. It hasn’t for a long time. I miss that. Suffice it to say, I’ve often seen the triple 5’s. Mostly in the form of time. 5:55. Alot. Do I believe in the Angel stuff and numerology? Hey, I’m a clark, I can believe in anything 🙂 Who wouldn’t be thankful for that!

Six. Thanks be to/for the Cat.

7. the Wakefield Doctrine. A most helpful life tool.

8. Warm weather! Finally. A couple of weeks ago I put away all of my winter sweaters. I remember it was a Sunday. Unbelievably, the next day I had to pull one out of the box. Then another….and another! Let me tell you what – I started paying attention to the weather forecast a little more closely after that. lol  Happily I can report that today our temperatures will be darn close to 80. It appears Spring has arrived for good 🙂 The trees are rapidly budding, flowers appear to have more company….nice.

9 in the Pocket. Sorry to say, lunchtime billiards have yet to materilize but I have slowly (real slow) started back to lunchtime walks. Good to get outside in the middle of the work day.

10. I woke up. That’s always a good start to the day and always I am thankful for another opportunity. In spite of all that my mind would tell me, in spite of the battle between what is and what was and what never will be, I still have an opportunity to be better, do better, help someone else find the better.

Enjoy the day. It’s about this day. This moment. It’s about choice...

Land of the Living

Just for the record, Lizzy still rules. LOL Don’t know how I stumbled across Theresa Jeane and company but glad I did. Think I’m going through some sort of “regressive self therapy”. Is that a real thing that my brain is remembering or did I just make it up? No, nevermind. Let me tell  you what it’s all about.

For whatever reason, a couple of days weeks ago I decided to listen to one of my all time favorite cd’s from the 90’s, the Crue’s Decade of Decadence. Took me back to when I was managing a record store in Wakefield, Rhode Island. We sold a shitload of them and every night for a week the closing crew (pun intended) and I would put it on. Loud. Once 10:00pm hit and the other stores closed their doors, we’d crank it.

Got to admit, the music from that era, 80’s-90’s, filled me with much energy. Always. And so it makes sense. Now, when I’m building a new TimeLine, that I would pull from the past any/all tools that would enhance probablity for success. You know. In establishing, maintaining and otherwise getting on with a “new” life.

There’s only one tool really that does it for me. One tool that fosters, promulgates, drags and pushes me out of and into another state of mind. And that my friend is my numero uno, Dix Things of Mercibeaucoupness 2 day.

MUSIC. From music stems all my other thanksfuls today. In fact, I can be thankful all darned weekend for years to come with this one. I simply don’t know where to start. There are so many artists, musicians that have traveled with me on my life journey. Witnessed the happy times, the dark times, the lonely times, the hopeful times. They are a part of me. They are me in the sense that I can pull up a mind melody, nod my head to a riff that’s  soundless to others but blaring in my my own brain. I can lay quietly and be soothed knowing there is a resource for comfort, encouragement and humor. It can be found in the do re me……

Deaux. Michael Schenker

Trois. Iron Maiden

Quatre. Bonnie Raitt

Cinq. Metallica

Six. Beethoven

Sept. Vivaldi

Huit. Larry Carlton

Neuf. Jeff Beck

Dix. Jimi!