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Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge. Welcome to the first 2020 Edition of Six Sentence Stories. What a year this will be! Are you Six ready? Many of you are familiar with the rules of this writing challenge. For those of you not familiar, they are written for your convenience below. 6 sentences. No more. No less. Share your story, poem, memoir or excerpt from a current work in progress by linking it via the Inlinkz mechanism below, and be prepared to go on a reading journey that will take you to amazing places; introduce you to amazing people. Doors open early tonight and stay open until next Tuesday night. Read you soon!

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“The world was more than a place. Life was more than an event. It was all one thing, and that thing was: story.”Luis Alberto Urrea

Meet Me At the Edge.

This, my first post of Year 2015. Pink Floyd shall speak their words and they shall be mine. For today. The first day.

I’ll see everyone here, at the Edge, later and again, for the first time and maybe the last. I’ll see you here for all that can be, might and will be. The Edge is the place of possibility, the frontier of dreams.

Post Script: What you see up there? 2 paragraphs and a vid? That was my New Year’s Post at 9:20 am this morning. Until I decided, “naah – too easy, selfish…” So I’m back. In the spirit of full disclosure (‘cuz that’s what I decided 5 minutes ago, that this year was gonna be about) I’m going to tell you everything about me at this very moment and what I plan to do after I hit the Publish button.

…. it’s beautiful today. Bright sunshine (to allow for full disclosure). The high temps should reach mid to upper 40’s. I walked earlier today. It was quiet, peaceful. Nice start.

Just got out of the shower.  I started thinking about what I should do first. I don’t want to hole up in the apt. As a clark, this is very tempting. I could read, write, watch a movie…No-o-o! The world isn’t inside, it’s out there!

Btw, I’m not sitting on the bed writing like I always do. No sir. I’m standing up, bending over slightly. The laptop sits in front of me on a drafting table. I face the large, red curtained window, sun streaming in. (you know, to shine on full disclosure).

What to wear today. Same old same old? Of course not! This is 2015! My mind is made up. I will wear my gray, 100% cotton, Size 5, Union Bay, cargo pants. (they feel like nylon to me).

Unmentionables – courtesy of Candies. Both pieces black w/white lace. (you’re sharing details of your intimates?! are you mad? whadya mean commitment to full disclosure? wtf!)

Maintenant, what to wear on mes pieds? Easy. Black, Madden Girl Motorrr boots with ever soft lavender plaid lining. Yes. They’re a 12 eyelet, zipper up the back pair of “combat” boots. What else for this clarklike female to wear out into the werld on this first afternoon of 2015?!

After I slip black socks over my Essie painted toenails in Macks (a very lovely shade of red) , I shall lace up the boots and choose my shirt and sweater. The color scheme today seems to have manifested in tones of grey/black. A splash of color is in order. Nothing garish. Subtle is the word of the day. 1st layer (there are often layers, even with full disclosure) will be a white v neck, 3/4 sleeve cotton shirt over which I will wear a 50% angora, 50% lambs wool, peach colored sweater. Toasty soft.

I will leave the confines of these 4 walls wearing my black, full length woolen Forecaster of Boston, coat. Simple, straight lines, it has a velvet collar and 2 side pockets. I can’t won’t wear clothing that does not contain pockets. Pockets hold not only hands when they’re cold (or self conscious) but any number of useful things. Or found things. Like seashells. (in the spirit of full disclosure, I would often stuff my pockets with treasures of sea glass, shells and such when once I walked upon beaches.)

On the hands? Fingerless gloves of course. It’s about dexeterity. Life is about dexterity.

Time to hit the Publish button. Time to leave. It is about here but for this Girlie? This year it’s about Out There. See you next time we meet at the Edge.